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Found 15 results

  1. A very seasoned former clanmate of mine advised me, a long time ago, not to set out to get a Gearing because it wouldn't be worth the time and effort. This person told me "There are no bad ships, just ships you haven't learned to exploit." This guy was not snide or condescending to fellow clanmates or a user of phrases like "git gud" (whatever that means). ....So now that I might have brought this topic back to life, lemme know what you think about it.
  2. WuYixiang

    Greetings from ROCS Te Yang!

    Hello, fellow forumites! I'm currently away from my captain's cabin because, well, I'm halfway around the world. Of course, I had to take advantage of a (somewhat) local museum: ROCS Te Yang. DDG-925, ROCS Te Yang, was commissioned by the United States Navy as DD-837 USS Sarsfield in 1945. After a stint in Vietnam (her only Battle Star), she was decommissioned and sold to the Republic of China Navy in 1977, where she served until 2005. ROCS Te Yang is the Republic of China's first (and as far as I know, only) museum ship, and with admissions being 50NTD ($1.59US), I highly recommend a visit. She's just a wealth of Cold War tech, showcasing weapons like ASROC and Mark 32 torpedo tubes. Unfortunately, the approach to the ship was covered with trees, and this was the best angle I could get of her profile. 5"/38 Mk. 12 DP gun (1 fore, 1 aft) 8-cell ASROC launcher Triple Mk. 33 533mm Torpedo Tubes (1 port, 1 starboard) Triple Hsiung Feng I (雄風一型) Anti-Ship Missile Launcher 16 CR-201 Disruption Rocket launcher (2 port, 2 starboard) View of the ROC flag from the helicopter pad overlooking the after 5"/38. Depth Charge Rack And finally, a challenge from ROCS Te Yang. Who wants to help me out?
  3. At 10:25 mark. That was a T10 plane against Gearing's long ranged AA (and maybe a bit of medium range) and Bismarck's. If you check the cloud pattern, you'll see that the flak that caused this to happen appeared right in front of those planes, that didn't have time to dodge. THIS is why flak is hard to balance, because even if a single flak gets in front of a squad, they're gone, no matter the tier. And THIS is why you want to go in pairs, because even if the other player doesn't have good AA, the flak mechanic changes when 2 AA zones overlap, making it so it's possible to create those "undodgeable" flaks, I remember around in 0.8.2 that my 12 TBs got annnihilated by a flak wall from a Grozovoi and Shimakaze...yes...you heard it right, Shimakaze. THIS probably also showns that DFAA is working as intended but since I never used it I can't talk much about it. Just a random rant since most anti-CV still think that AA is useless and can't use it to defend other players and think that "flak is pure RNG", well, guess what? Citadelling some ships are pretty much RNG, think of those flak walls as "Citadels against planes", add to the fact that there are also a chance to "citadel" because the enemy CV didn't want to dodge (or couldn't because of big squad).
  4. I just got my Gearing. Now comes the hardest part. How to Build it. My Captain skills are (PT), (LS), (SE), (CE), (RPF or Radio Location), (AR) and my final three points will be either in BFT or Torpedo Acceleration (TA) depending upon my Gearing upgrades. Now, my upgrades I currently have are MA1, Def. AA, blank, blank, concealment, blank. I am debating between: Aiming Systems Mod 1 OR AA Mod 1 for the first blank, Propulsion Mod 2 OR Steering Gear Mod 2 for the second blank Main Battery, AA guns or Torps for the third blank. I would like your advice and reason for choosing. P.S. I have a great dislike for CV's (mainly coming from my Shima).
  5. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    I swear the gearing is the worst piece of crapat tier 10. This ship has not seen a stat buff from the launch of the game and has seen plenty of hidden nerfs. For example when she first existed her smoke was terrifying because radar wasn't a thing yet and detection when firing inside of smoke had not been implemented. The USN dds could also stealth fire and in my opinion this is why their gun velocity is the equivalent of shooting mortars from your ship. I know people complained and complained that the shimma sucked and it got a buff, her guns hit quite hard now in fact the gearing can hardly 1 v 1 a shimma. What can the gearing 1 v 1 you ask? Shimma's (somewhat) , Yuyang (You hardly win this) and that's it. Any other DD will absolutely destroy you such as Haragumo or Khaba or Groz.. or even daring... yeah don't even bother you are [edited]. Even more confusing the fletcher is a MUCH smaller target, she turns better, she has better AA (For some reason?) and is also stealthier unless you run the gearings legendary mod but in that case fletcher has more DPM than the gearing because of her torps. So instead of buffing the Gearings torps to be better than fletchers what did they do? They simply give you the option to run tier 9 torps on a tier 10 ship... I don't understand this logic, when you go up a tier things are supposed to get better. I really love USN DDs and have visited many museum ships (Fletcher) (Gearing) which is a shame because I want to be able to play them in the game but I honestly feel so frustrated basically handicapping myself by not playing any other DD.. Please WG Gearing needs help really bad and if anyone really dares to say this ship is perfectly balanced I want you to go play her for 20-30 games and then give me your honest opinion on if she is as strong as the rest of the tier 10 dds. Thanks for hearing out my angry rant about a ship I love that I wish was more enjoyable to play.
  6. Was wondering how the community feels about RL as a Captain's skill in T8-10 USN dds. I initially had my Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing captains with RL after watching some videos and reading some posts. I agree that it helps with situational awareness, but I am now questioning if it is worth the cost. 4 points is a LOT when you only have 17-19 to distribute. I recently dropped RL for TAE in my Gearing (plus a few other tweaks) making her a torp first, guns second dd. I am doing much better in Random these days. I'm thinking of dropping RL in my Fletcher to pick up DE and PM, making her a better guns first, torps second boat. My Benson still has RL, not sure what to do with her captain yet. My focus is on Random play first, with Clan second. I really appreciate having that Radio Locator info, but it hurts to give up so many points for information. Please let me know what you think.
  7. First things first, I will admit the gearing is definitely not a bad ship. The introduction of the Daring and the Grozovoi buff are the reason I'm writing this. Defensive AA was supposed to be the US destroyer gimmick and I find my self hardly using it because giving up speed boost is such a trade for a consumable that you may use only once every 3 or so games. There are other ships with speed boost and defensive AA so why can't the USN DDs who are supposed to be the AA DDs have speed boost and defensive AA at the same time? I see no reason why not, it would allow them to still have an advantage over the Daring and other DDs and give the USN line something unique that I could actually use without sacrificing my acceleration and speed that the gearing desperately needs.
  8. The Gearing is being forgotten and outclassed. Its current abilities are the long smoke duration, low detectability with the legendary upgrade, short fuse AP, and long range torpedoes. However, its base health pool is one of the lowest among the destroyers, the player is forced to choose between defensive fire and speed boost, it is slow relative to other destroyers. The Grozovoi has a base health that is 1500 points higher than the Gearing and, it has a repair party, smoke, defensive fire and speed boost all of which the player can have at the same time. Not only does this ship have these bonuses, it has shells with a very high velocity and low detectability. Its understandable that the Khabarovsk has a repair party being a long range gun boat but, the player loses the smoke screen. The Gearing is simply out classed by its gun capabilities and health pool. The Yeuyang faces a similar situation as the Gearing, it is also outclassed because its armament cannot compete with that of the Harugumo, Khabarovsk, or Grozovoi. The Yeuyang cannot use torpedoes against destroyers so its guns are its only defense. The age of the American destroyer line is showing, it simply does not have the health or regeneration capabilities to effectively combat other destroyers. Not mention, why force Gearing players to choose between Speed boost and defensive fire when CVs aren't frequently played? A Gearing player will more likely choose to have speed boost rather defensive fire because the ship is already so slow. This decision to have what was once a unique ability to the American Destroyer line is basically not beneficial because the ship is outgunned and out ran by so many ships. Many active World of Warships players I know don't care to even grind the line. Gearing needs a buff. - [5D4] sait
  9. Having trouble getting hits on the Des Moines and Worcester in my T8-10 USN dds, especially when they are paired up with another radar cruiser. The 9.9 km radar range is beyond the 9.2 km Benson torps and just a little below the 10.5 km range of the Fletcher/Gearing torps. I throw out torps at max range, but they don't hit very often unless the cruiser driver gets cocky. I've tried baiting them into firing off their radar by firing my guns at about 9.5 km and kiting away, but that only works if they are by themselves. Other than spotting them and calling down fire, I don't seem to be able to hurt them much. Any ideas/tricks/suggestions?
  11. I must be calculating something wrong. I have torp accelleration on my Gearing and the new Mark 16 Mod 1 torps. The reload time is supposedly 81.1 seconds, when I mouse over them when the ship is in port. But in action, I release them and the reload clocks says 120 seconds! That's slower than the stock model torps! I don't get it. I must be missing something; can someone help me understand. Thanks in advance.
  12. So with all the posts lately on dd play with radar, here is what we started doing playing in a division of 3 Shimas and the next battle a division of 2 Gearings. We don't take the cap, we CLEAR the cap, and trust me, when you see a spread like below, you do clear the cap. We can take the cap almost always after clearing it. In this case, we hit the dd with 1 torp and he left in a hurry. We took the cap and moved on to the next one. We stay together and were able to kill a gearing with the guns of 2 shimas. Here is the initial clearing spread and the battle results of all 3 shimas. Nothing quite like seeing 45 torps spread out through the entire cap. It is a beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful sight to behold. We do the same thing in the Gearing with 13 or 10 mile torps: Wanted to show the dd players this because in my opinion, there is a way to play with radar in the game. You just have to know, at all times, where the radar ships are and don't get over aggressive with your dd at battle start. Both the Shima battle and the Gearing battle we won, I wasn;t killed in the first one, but was at the end of the 2nd one due to my own stupidity and over confidence. In this Gearing battle, the other team lemming trained and that made us drool on our keyboards.....we stayed 10-12 miles back (outside of the radar range) with the 13 mile torps and just shot spreads of torps at the enemy.....I had 12 torp hits and my division member had 5 hits. Only 2 kills this battle between us but flooding damage galore. With the 10 mile torps, you have to be extra careful you don't get too close to those pesky radar rats. Bottom line guys: Know the radar and the ranges.....and division up with your clan mates in dd's. It is one helluva lot of fun and you can wreak total havoc once you get the hang of your strategy against the radar. Communication within the division is KEY! Sooooooooooooooooooo......division up with clan mates using the same dd's and let the torps FLY and the guns shoot straight! Too many of the dd players are dying too quickly because they are over aggressive at battle start!
  13. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Samuel L Gravely

    Samuel L Gravely was the 1st African American (Black) captain with a sea going command in the US navy, in 1961. He commanded a ship many who play tier 10 in World of Warships, will know well, the Gearing, USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD-717). Gravely began his seagoing career in 1942 as the only black officer onboard the submarine chaser PC 1624. Following his first command, of the Gearing, this gentleman commanded several other warships during the Vietnam War, including USS Falgout (DE-324) (an Edsall class dd), and USS Taussig (an Allen Sumner class dd). In 1971 he was the first African American to reach the rank of rear Admiral. I will not copy paste the vast amounts of information about this person from Wikipedia, but instead, offer links for fellow forumites to explore, whether to learn of, rediscover or refresh memories. Obviously, those among you who have followed my recent posts, are aware I have been causing trouble on related issues. I apologise most insincerely. But I hope this topic will remain on the rails, good natured and helpful to all those who visit the forum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_L._Gravely_Jr.#World_War_II_and_Korean_War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Theodore_E._Chandler_(DD-717) and the Arleigh Burke destroyer that was commissioned in 2002, named in honour of Admiral Gravely. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Gravely I make no suggestion with this topic, stating a summary of the facts, ...but I encourage readers to draw their own conclusions. For my other post of today, regarding the 1st ever female captain in the USN with a seagoing command :
  14. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh


    The only thing I dislike about it is slow and big turning radius. Otherwise nice torp-gun boat. Had to spend 5k doubloon on camo to not lose credits though lol.
  15. I have taken the following - 1. PM 2. TA, LS 3. SE 4. CE What are the best skills to take for the rest 7 points? AFT+BFT or RL+BFT/DE ?