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Found 3 results

  1. Frostbow

    What is a Gascogne?

    The last time I played the Gascogne was more than 6 months ago. That was a good battle (I think), but not that memorable enough for me compared to this one. While we had the caps, the red team (or what was left of it) was still hell bent on snatching victory from the jaws of defeat—destroying our own CV in the process. Staying alive still works. Got to sink a submarine and the enemy Lexington too. Link: https://youtu.be/1BVP0zaQVTA I'm revisiting Tier VIII premium battleships in my port, and this is the 5th ship that I've played so far. Gascogne feels like a Tier VIII version of the Republique: 2 turrets, front and back, with 4 main guns each, and just like her Tier X sister, can burn quite easily.
  2. Hello! I was trying to search builds for some premium BBs. My first question is regarding Gascogne (1/1.000.000 players use it). I have a Massachusetts with secondarie build (captain 14 yet) and i am making Tirpitz the same. This one is farily easy, but i dont reduce the fire time neither the chance to ship get fire. I know Gascogne cant do the same as germans and USN. How may i build her? Commander and upgrade slots Usually on BBs like Massa, Tirpitz, i use: 1 - Priority target 2 - Manual Fire control 3- Expert marksman 4- Basic fire training 5- Superintendent 6- Advanced fire triaining I know for Amagi, Ignis, Ragnarok i cant build secondaries... And even further, on French premium line it is like a 3rd branch... I have: Ignis Purgatio/Ragnarok, Gascogne, Alabama, Massa, Tirpitz, Kii, Georgia, Champagne.
  3. Gascogne is currently the single weakest French battleship of all tiers, even when including tech tree battleships. While most of the French BB's kill/match is in the 0.8x range, Gascogne, as a premium ship, has kill/match at 0.73 in the NA server. This is so underwhelming. Tier 8 premium battleships can have a kill/match at 0.88 or so like the Lenin, 20.5% more than the Gascogne. Even if the main gun reload of Gascogne is drastically reduced from 28 seconds to 23 seconds, she will still not be as strong. So maybe a moderate buff to both main guns and secondary guns, Wargaming?