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Found 24 results

  1. Hola gente! Soy Augustm del clan -BN- les paso a invitar a que se sumen a nuestro canal de Youtube donde vamos a estar publicando mas activamente videos de todo tipo, manuales de ayuda para diferentes barcos, gameplays de partidas, CWs Ranked y un poco de todo. Link del canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30IxUwCN3QFbfCllR5ZfoA Les dejo un par de videos para que se vayan entreteniendo mientras y viendo el contenido! Saludosss!!!
  2. First off, I would like to say hats off to the Developers for this latest sub test. you have converted me in as much as i no longer think that subs will be a game breaker. I really enjoyed playing them. I think the current sub system if ok, but I believe it could be so much better. I believe that a sound based detection system and changes to how a sub fights under water and more importantly on the surface of the water would possibly work better. Please do not take it as my believing that the current system is bad. its actually quite good, but please allow me to offer an alternative for some of the mechanics and options. First off: I would propose that The Detection mechanics of the Submarine be tied to its sound profile. "running silent" has been a core tenant of submarine warfare for over 100 years and should be represented in this game. allow subs to control their own destiny more by allowing them to "run silent" for either an ambush, or an escape. make detection by enemy based on a two fold system of depth combined with how much noise the submarine is making. go to fast and you get detected proportionally to the speed and type of maneuvers you do at any depth. but give us a chance to disappear from DD's ASW's and hide/creep away. the "ideal" run silent would be something like 1/4 throttle with no depth change. then add "detection" to that base line depending on what and how fast the player does it. Second are the weapons systems: We already have multiple weapons systems and ammunition types in the game. I would propose that we use that in lue of the current ping system. considering that there were passive homing torpedoes as early as 1943, and considering that subs need a way to fight one another... I would propose three weapons to be available to Submarines. a faster longer range torpedo with passive homing that has a narrow cone of listening and a slow turn rate. this weapon would, like real torpedoes of the time be fired rise (or sink) to run depth and be essentially dumb fired like regular surface torpedoes. once it is a certain distance from its launch point it would go "active" and start "listening" for enemy ships. the cone it could pick up a target would be limited to a narrow arc in front with, say, a 1-2 km distance where it could hear an enemy and turn towards it. As such, it would still need to be manually lead and fired like a normal torpedo. and the sub player would be required to account for the time the torpedo would need to rise to run depth and the speed of the target/anticipation of the targets movements just like the normal torpedoes. This torpedo's advantage is that it would carry the heaviest of the payloads, and would be more effective against enemy surface ships, and virtually useless against a submerged submarine or fired from excessive depth. the "counter" to this type of torpedo would be giving DD's and light cruisers a very vague location of the sound of a sub torpedo launch within a certain distance. the second type of torpedo would be slower, but with a sharper turn radius. this would be the sub on sub weapon and would not rise to a run depth, but rather run in a straight line when fired until it pics up a target. . it would have a shorter arm distance and a wider listening area in front of it. i say sharper because the idea is for a player to still be able to out maneuver the torpedo in his sub. This torpedo would be virtually useless on surface ships being unable to catch most of them, and unable to do any real damage to them. It would have a shorter range as well making them really only suited to close sub on sub fighting. leading your target would still apply and It would be nice to have a "locked" camera with a fixed sight (think an aircraft 3rd person camera with a button actuated free look) to be able to have underwater "dogfights". what would make this the most interesting to me, would be the fact that you could turn each others torpedoes onto each other during this dogfight. The last weapon i would recommend would be the one that would be both the most situational, AND the most important to complete the package imho. Deck guns. subs need a way to finish off unsuspecting or overly brave DD's. having a full health sub get sunk by a DD with 200 health just because it was a DD seems excessive. give the sub the option to use a deck gun to finish off a crippled opponent. or fend off a low health attacker. the trade off is obvious. the sub would have to be fully surfaced to be able to use that gun. and the gun would not come pre loaded. when the sub player would surface, selecting the gun would begin its loading process for its first shot. maybe make the gun only one ammo type (probably HE), but before this notion is dismissed. please remember that Many Submarines, Especially American ones. Were given the latitude to arm themselves however they pleased, and often sported the same 5in guns that their destroyer counter parts had, just not in turrets. I'm sure that a vaguely historical basis could be used to get appropriate and equivalent surface weapons for subs to use. the gun would also have to be unloaded before you could submerge, or at a minimum become unloaded when the sub player decided to submerge. you would never be able to surface with an already loaded deck gun. The last thing piece to my puzzle is fairly straight forward. We Need a Periscope depth. where the subs 3rd person view is still underwater, but there is an option to look through the periscope. using the periscope would increase your detection dependent on whatever your base detection numbers were based on your speed somewhere between surface detection and fully submerged detection. but this periscope depth would be the only location where you as a submerged sub could get the traditional torpedo lead indicator already present in the game. That about sums it up. i know that this whole post is a huge departure from what was the test, but please do not take this as an attack on the test. as I stated before, the current system has potential. I am merely posting an opinion based on what i experienced in game and my own impressions, and thoughts i had during my play time.
  3. saintsfanx05

    Auto Pilot

    ok, the new autopilot is horrendous, it's gotten me killed in CVs over and over again because it doesn't want to go where I want instead of going behind or between islands it wants to go in a circle round it or if I want to take a 90-degree angle turn it wants to go in a big [edited]circle revealing to the whole world where I am. this system is worse than the last. anyone else having this problem?
  4. Hello Warships, Playing ships without the human element to man the battle stations is getting boring. Can you not add in sailors moving around on the decks of our warships or manning the AA guns and turrets. I do believe this would make it more exciting to drive the warships, rather than them looking like robots on the sea. Also, are you thinking of adding bigger and more colorful explosions when ships sink? Some oil slicks with fire on them would also add to the realism. Just my post Christmas wish list!! Cheers, Jones
  5. Why do all squadrons fly directly over a target as they drop ordnance? AA is already really effective, to the point where 8 aircraft will be reduced to 2 aircraft in the span of one bombing/torpedoing run, just because the entire squadron is exposed to AA fire the whole time. Carrier gameplay would be great if: Custom formations were allowed. Generating the ability to attack with all bombers at the same time. Or maybe attack from multiple directions simultaneously like in an Anvil formation. Complexity and the requisite skills goes up as a result creating more dynamic gameplay as opposed to what's available right now. Of course with the current MM these carrier players would dominate, so carriers would have to be limited to 1 or 2 per team depending on their resulting potency. Also the number of planes in a squadron could be reduced, AA could be rebalanced, etc... I can't be the first one to suggest this, nor the only one who thinks this way. But based on the fact that I don't really see CV's playing at tiers 8 and 10 makes me think that people get bored of the same un-intensive, low-skill gameplay that CV play currently gives.
  6. As between the 2 systems below, is one noticeably superior? Are both sufficient? 1) 2.8 GHz Pentium processor; 4 G ram. 2) 3.4 GHz i5 processor; 8 G memory; Obviously, 8G is more than 4. But as between the processors, is one noticeably better? Computer 1) has other features I like, but I don't want to be at a systematic disadvantage for WOWS (I bring my own deficiencies). Thanks geeks, lol. Update:. Last Question. I have another computer option. If I knew what these things meant, I wouldn't be asking: Intel Core i-7 2600 (4 cores, 8 threads). Gtx 1050ti 16 GB ram (DDR 3) 500 GB Western Caviar Blue HDD Stock Motherboard 80 PLUS GOLD Power supply.
  7. Well, I think everyone with a Mass and everyone who doesn't have a Mass will be queuing for this if she is released in that iteration. She seems to take this type of gameplay to the next level. I don't know if the Engine Boost is needed though; maybe toning it down a bit duration or extra speed wise, especially if you consider how many cruisers and DDs can get caught up by Georgia. As with all CC content, take it with a grain of salt, it's WiP content.
  8. Jumarka

    Coming back

    Well, after letting the game rest for some time I have come back. And I feel, should have waited for the relesase of subs A few battles in, and every thing that chased me out of the game is still present: Radar still goes trought solid rock. Fire chance and damage continue to be some major [edited] Ships sniping you from inside smoke screens with perfect aim. Ships sitting in the smoke screen while their AAA wipe out planes. NO GERMAN SHIP FOR COAL Thera are things I like: CVs rework, MM balance, all the containers collection on the arsenal and the new autopilot, I think I am going to stay a little longer to see if the introduction of subs forces WG to make other changes (nice to see that you apparently cant Sonar Ping ships trought islands)
  9. Big’s Suggestions to Wargaming Developers Subject: Submarines and surface ship reactions to submarines. I’ve been a play tester on multiple parts of the game and want to continue seeing World of Warships thrive over the course of the years. I offered various suggestions to the RTS version of the carrier gameplay, as well as the rework 8.0+ carrier gameplay, and want to add to the list of suggestions to the submarine gameplay in the future. These are suggestions, not decrees or slated in stone comments. Please take them for what they are, and please be constructive in commenting on the subject and in response to these suggestions. 1. Submarine detection gameplay a. Currently, as per the work in progress gameplay, submarines are detected at various intervals by a series of “rings”. These rings indicate the approximate location of a submarine in the nearby area. As a surface ship enters the ring, the ring shrinks in size, and shifts to a new location, continuing this process until it centers above the submerged sub location. b. Outside of this, submarines are incredibly hard to detect when submerged, but relatively easy to spot when surfaced, both features I believe should stay in the game. However, this “ring” is a rather simple concept for what could be boiled down to a more, “skill based” concept. c. I would change the ring to become a “ping” system. Essentially a passive ability that all ships are equipped with, including submarines. This passive ability would work like the Radio Location skill, however it would only point towards a submarine when a submarine enters a certain distance to the ship. d. In a submarine, When “located” or “pinged” a submarine would receive a “pinged!” icon similar to that of the “located” warning. e. If in a surface ship, when you have “pinged” a enemy submarine, you should be warned that you have detected a submarine in the nearby area via a visual “Sub Detected!” warning sign, and a audio commentary, “Submarine on scope!” f. As a surface ship, a simple bar will appear on the screen, much like the visual representation of “Radio Location”. Where it indicates a slightly opaque bar with the word “Sub detected” in the center. This bar will track the center location of the enemy submarine model. As the surface ship gets closer to the enemy submarine, the bar will change colors from (white) “meaning far away” to (yellow) “close to you” to (red) “right below us!”. 2. In regard to depth charges. This should become a consumable that is usable by any surface ship equipped with it. a. Depth charging would act similar to how torpedoes are deployed in the game, by selection the X button, you switch to a depth charge view facing rearward of the ship. By taping the X button again, you can switch from a “narrow” deploy zone or a “wide” deploy zone. Mouse 1 to throw the depth charges. b. It should be noted that the number of depthcharges thrown is the same regardless if you choose a tight or wide spread. A wide spread allows a higher chance to hit the submarine, where as a tight spread has a higher chance to sink one if the player is confident they are able to strike the sub with a tight spread. c. Once the depth charges are thrown, the depth charges will begin launching for X seconds until the area is saturated. After that a cooldown timer of X seconds begins which will leave a surface ship unable to deploy more depth charges until the timer is completed. d. When depth charging is activated, the surface ship and submarine player will both visually see depth charges jettied from the sides and rear of the ship. e. Depending on the distance to the depth charge, a sub marine will take X amount of damage when they explode. f. Depth charges do not damage against surface ship, only submarines. If a surface ship is struck by depth charges, hits will count as “shattered” hits and have 0% fire chance, similar to how torpedoes striking objects while unarmed do no damage and break. g. If a submarine is hit, an auditory “thump” will be heard by the submarine and surface ship. h. A Surface ship should get an additional auditory notice of a successful hit by a voice line stating, “Depth charges hit the target!” i. A submarine that is hit by a depth charge will have a high chance of flooding. In the case of a submarine flooding, the submarine will visually have air bubbles erupting out of it from all sides, flashing red flood lights will pulse to visually indicate to close and far ships that the submarine is flooding. The submarine player will receive the same flooding screen animation as they do on a surface ship. In addition, if the submarine is submerged, a bubble trail will fizzle on the water surface to indicate the submarine’s location and that it is flooding underwater. 3. Ships that have Hydroacoustic will work as they currently do in game against submarines both submerged and surfaced. A Ship that activates its Hydroacoustic ability will visually see a submarine that is surfaced, but will see only a outline of the submarine when it is submerged which requires the player to have to determine orientation of the submarine to its current location in order to ascertain if it is moving towards it, away from it, or side to side of the hydroacoustic user. a. When a hydroacoustic system is over, the ship will have the normal passive “ping!” ability like any other ship. 4. Battleships and carriers will differentiate from any other ship in the game regarding submarine gameplay. Battleships unfortunately didn’t get much in the way of anti-submarine warfare during WW2. However that isn’t to say they didn’t have anything at all. My suggestion is that a battleship gets a alternative catapult plane called, “sub hunter”. When launched, the submarine hunter will automatically take off, and start flying low circles around the approximate area of the submarine. It will then drop anti-submarine bombs in the area for x amount of seconds before returning to the battleship. 5. Carriers had a lot of abilities to attack submarines, but to make things balanced, carriers should be given another type of squadron. It would be called the “sub hunter” squadron. This could compose of a wing size of X and they are armed with anti-submarine bombs. These bombs are dropped much like that of the Royal Navy Level Bombers. They saturate a small, precise area when dropped. The bombs however shatter against any surfaced ship, and produce 0% fire chance. However, against a submarine, they do a marginal amount of damage per bomb with a high flood/fire chance. This way, the bombs are kept to anti-submarine only and cannot be used for other purposes. This also forces the carrier player to either actively hunt the submarine, or not. A choice that they will have to make during the game. 6. There is a lot of commotion about the speed at which submarines travel in game, specifically underwater. I believe this is something that will be tweaked overtime to create balance between surface ship and submarine gameplay, but my initial suggestions are as follows. a. Submarines should travel slowly whenever at periscope depth. b. A submarine can lose the "Ping!" of a enemy ship if it is traveling at 1/2 speed or less. c. A submarine should get a special consumable called, "silent running", which allows a submarine to temporarily move at full speed without being detected by a "ping!" from a surface ship. This would last for 10-15s tops. d. A submarine could be given access to a engine boost ability, but only when it is on the surface. 7. Submarine versus submarine warfare is going to be a tricky element to tackle, which i believe Wargaming will solve. Initial thoughts on this are as follows. a. Submarines can engage eachother with torpedoes or with their main battery guns when surfaced. b. When on the surface, submarines can be struck by normal torpedoes and torpedoes fired from submarines on the surface. c. Submarines that are submerged can be struck by deep water torpedoes, or by torpedoes fired from submarines at submerged levels. Torpedoes fired by subs at this submerged depth cannot hit surface ships of any kind in order to maintain balance. d. A additional depth called, "deep dive" should be added, which allows a submarine to evade deep water and normal torpedoes, along with depth charges or sub hunter bombs, but consumes oxygen supplies at double the rate while remaining at this depth. E. When submerged, a sub has a limited oxygen supply timer. This gradually counts down to zero, where upon reaching zero, a submarine is forced to surface to regenerate oxygen and reset its timer. It would remain on the surface the same length of time it can stay underwater. I.e. if it has a 2min oxygen tank, to refill, it must remain on the surface for 2 mins.
  10. Gosto de gravar algumas partidas em meu canal, mas sem tanto recurso nem pretensão de fazer tutoriais elaborados. Apenas gameplays. Vou começar um tópico para quem também gosta publicar as suas aqui!
  11. regopark

    WoW Legends

    I just acquired Legends on my PS4, and I like it. I do really like the PC version and have put in (or wasted, whichever) enough money on the game for ships and supplies, so I am in no way prepared to toss out the PC version. But my main reason for writing this is as eager as I am to play Legends, there are certain things that need improvement, in my opinion. The first is the mini-map. It is located in the upper left corner of the screen, is semi-transparent, and very difficult to see. Unless I haven't discovered it yet, there are no settings for this map as in the PC version. I think the map should be made non-transparent, a little bigger and relocated to the lower right of the screen. But, that's my opinion. The next is the after-battle screen. The Personal Score comes up only. There is no Detailed Report as in the PC version. I feel this does need to be added as it tells you what ships you sank or damaged, and how. Now, this game, unlike other PS4 games, has no ability to make changes to the viewing screen, e.g. the gamma, which will lighten or darken the playing screen. Right now the playing screen is very light, and unless I go into my TV settings and adjust them, it will stay that way. The only screen segment in the game's settings is for those who are colorblind. Others elements need to be added as well to the game. These seem to be the only "complaints" I have about Legends. I played it for four days without even touching the PC version! If I find anymore things to report I will make another post.
  12. You know when i first heard of the impending CV rework this last fall after I had pretty much switched all of my gaming to WOWS instead of about 50/50 with WOT, something in the back of my mind was prompting me to be concerned that somehow WG would find a way to take this superior game and trash it the same way that had happened to World of Tanks. Between the artillery rework, the matchmaking changes, and the introduction of more abundant totally OP premiums and nerfing of the light tank class, to go along with the already prevalent meta of giant guns hiding in bushes all game; for me at least, the finer art of armored breakthru took a backseat to standoff weapons that just sat and waited to punish any kind of offense. Of course unicums and good players will say that offense is still possible in that game, but it stopped being fun to me outside of Frontline mode. But surely WG would have no reason to spoil the excellent WOWS with a completely balanced gameplay whereas the smallest and most lightly armored ships could still have a major influence in the fighting, where the overwhelming power of CV's was offset by a higher degree of difficulty therefore ensuring a limited amount of people have access to it, allowing Cruiser's and BB's to still be the primary focus of the game. After all this game was somewhat more complicated and complex than WOT, so people tended to be more knowledgeable at mid tiers as far as tactics, and save for a few cv's, the majority of premiums were capable but not ridiculously OP as in WOT.. So to make a long story short, now any arcade player can can ruin gameplay for dd's, force teams into ridiculous lemming balls that are afraid to advance anywhere near caps often enough, and produce more 15 to 3 routings than I have ever seen before. Battleships seem way more eager to just sit back and "snipe" all game, turning many more matches into stagnant half TD like matches from WOT. So here is the point where people will people will call me a whiner, say dd's should spend the entire game effectively dodging CV attacks if they are good' and that my stats shouldn't allow me to have an opinion worth anything. And you know what; you are right. Yeah..i am an average player , but a player that can effectively help a decent team and have fun doing it. But not good enough to save moron teams that seem to be all i encounter these days. And with even occasionally being on the winning side of a 15-3 rout, the game is not as fun as it was, IMO. And I can't understand why this company now wants to negatively alter gameplay with 4 CV's in about 2/3's the games now, many of them Graf Zepps and Saipans... So you're right, the game is what it is now, have fun with it, I'm gonna check out what this MK11 is all about ...later
  13. Folks, love the job you did on announcing "So in So: is using Radar or Sonar. That helps the folks around them, when used correctly. BUT PLEASE!! CHANGE THAT STUPID CURSE FUNTION TO " So and So" Torpedo Launch. By the time you type that you launched, you end up dead or near dead. Or attach it to the Torp Launch upon actual launch. Save us time and maybe our ships. The most annoying thing is to listen to the juvenile constant use of that idiot button. Just MY OPINION so if you are one of the people who love that button, keep it to yourself. I want the Developers to hear what I've been hearing from players on its use and I've been playing 3 years. One small add on: consider changing the COOP Division size to at least 4. I got 3 Vet buddies that would like to play but they want to get the basics down BEFORE they consider joining a Clan. I just joined one and it's a different mindset than just shooting BOTs. You have to figure out how exactly to help the group in base/battle tactics. Newbies will take some training and the "Training Room" isn't good because there's no ship progression. COOP is against BOTs, not people, so there's no harm/no foul in it.
  14. Spiderlife77

    Torpedo aiming alert

    Do I understand it right that now there’s no warning when a DD is aiming her torps to your ship? Maybe I’m wrong, but before, in 7.12 when a DD was aiming by torp's launcher to your ship and your captain had the skill: “Priority Target” then you saw a warning (yellow circle with a number inside). For example, if you’d run a BBs and DD just spotted you, then you’d got a warning “detected”, but if she started aiming at your ship by torps/guns (and your captain had “Priority Target” skill), then you got “Priority Target” warning - yellow circle with number 1 inside. Was this option removed?
  15. bootysoup

    UI lag is unbearable

    I know their has been heavy focus on the CV rework and rightfully so. But the patches have introduced incredible UI lag and the occasional crash. Training room is laggy as baggones.
  16. Against all reason, I went ahead and got HMS Exeter. Against expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. Even after the balancing nerf, her 8" guns are very nice indeed. I highly recommend taking the Aiming System upgrade. After two matches, bottom-tiered in both and running CE skill, she's quite effective operating at the edge of her concealment. The 8" guns did very nicely against 2 Helenas and a Myoko. British cruiser smoke would have been nice, but not a huge impediment.


    tried to log in, says I have to update, but I cant find where I do that.... can someone point me to it, thanks....
  18. GrayPanther2018

    Random vs Co Op gameplay

    In reading the thread about rewards in Random vs Co Op there seemed to be a side discussion on difficulty levels, which gave me the question. Aside from the obvious, how does gameplay differ? I know that the bots are much more aggressive and already know where you are even though they are programed to pretend they don't until you are officially spotted. And it would seem that the bots would be more uniform in "skill" than in random players due to the differing levels of human player skills. Although I have perhaps noticed variations in bot performance? Also it seems the bots can do two things at once (aiming and firing guns while aiming and launching torpedoes very quickly) better than myself anyway. I am a rather new player, but am one of those people who tend to read the manuals. I play mostly at Tier V and Co Op so I can annoy, at worst, only half the players per battle. I thought this might be a useful topic for others as well as myself, not a one is better than the other discussion but how best to play in each game type. Thank you, everyone for your replies and information.
  19. _BFLF_HockeyDude17

    Death By....Nothing??

    Anyone else been having problems with their ships getting instantly destroyed by an enemy bot without even a single visible shell hit? It's happened to me twice in two weeks. #RageTime
  20. So Ive basically been playing warships since release, and frankly, Ive never enjoyed or played a game more in my life. Ive got a lot of time and money invested in my account, and Im always striving to improve and get better each day. First off, Im by no means an "excellent" player. I have I guess been competent enough to keep my overall stats in the green on warships today, but Im far from a unicum nor am I trying to become one. Basically, I should soon have my w/r at 52%, but Im ultimately wanting to get it up to over 53% "preferably 54% before I will be content." My damage average should also be pushing 57k "which is the best in my clan", but I really want to get it at or over 60k before I will be content with it. That being said, my w/r at t10 is quite atrocious and I typically don't play my 10s unless Im in divs with my clan mates, which greatly increases chances of better games. When playing solo, I tend to stay between t5-t8 where my win rate is much better, which has gotten me from 50%to 52% and bumped my dmg average up by about 20k over the last year. However, Ive been noticing a trend. It seems I can get a lot of pretty good games Monday through Thursday night. Some times Ive even had 10 plus game wining streaks. On the weekends however, I tend to get a decent amount of losing streaks. It also seems the quality of gameplay and players really goes down the toilet Friday through sunday regardless of what tier or type of ship I play. These streaks are very frustrating as they ruin all the work I put in doctoring stats during the week. That being said, would it be a good idea to keep weekend playing to a minimum while Im trying to stat boost? If so that would suck since my job often sees to me not having play time during the week, but if it works, Im open to trying it. Any advice is appreciated!
  21. IcyThor

    Ring of Fire

    I have been playing the T7 CV Ranger this week and I sometimes acquire Potential Damage which creates a scoring update on something called The Ring of Fire. I can't find any info about it other than it requires 7,400,000 Potential Damage points. When I tried playing my T5 CL Omaha to acquire more Potential Damage points it did not create a scoring update. Can anyone tell me what the full criteria are for this "mission" and when it ends? Icy
  22. Los destructores.... Podrán usar cargas de profundidad? Mientras volvía a casa en el metro y pensando en todo lo que podría cambiar en el juego con la inclusión de los submarinos en World of Warships. Me motive a hacer este articulo con referente a lo que mas molestias en esa época traía a un submarino, las cargas de profundidad que mayormente eran equipadas en los destructores. En este Articulo veremos cada detalle sobre en que consistía las cargas de profundidad, historia y mas, acompáñenme: Origen: Su termino se remonta muchos años a primeros inicios de la Primera Guerra Mundial, el temor causado por los submarinos impedía que los Cruceros de batalla y Dreadnought operaran con facilidad a lo cual los mantenía siempre cerca de sus costas y aveces siempre cerca de los astilleros. Se les encomendó a los destructores limpiar las zonas tanto de minas marinas y de submarinos, pero los destructores podían encargarse de las minas, no obstante no de los submarinos ya que solo tenían dos opciones embestirlo o a artillería principal hundirlo, de todas formas ambos métodos eran difíciles de realizar. Fue cuando el Almirante John Jellicoe explico y dio idea de que una cantidad de explosivos detonados a cierta profundidad podían tanto dañar y incapacitar a un submarino que lo obligarían a salir a la superficie. A lo cual la primera carga de profundidad fue terminada el 20 de julio de 1915 y puesta aprueba días después a lo cual resulto muy efectiva ya que daño a un submarino U Alemán y con el tiempo se volvieron el mayor miedo de los submarinos, ya que si les hacia daños severos podrían hundirse muriendo toda su tripulación. Diseño y Funcionamiento: El diseño de las cargas de profundidad, fue a inicios de forma cilíndrica y aveces en forma de una bomba de tipo huevo, llenados primeramente de algodón de pólvora hasta 1942 con el explosivo Torpex que era mas potente y peligroso. Mientras se uso el algodón de pólvora se usaban mechas para poder activarlas, las de Trilita Fundida estallaban ya a cierta profundidad con un detonador y con ligeras explosiones en cadena, estas podían pesar y causar una explosión de 50 kilos hasta 200 kilos. Las Torpex solo variaba en el poder de detonación a excepción de sus detonadores que lo hacia detonar a una profundidad determinada luego se modifico el diseño de los detonadores. Detonadores: Los detonadores variaron de acuerdo a los años, estos fueron los modelos y su funciónes: - Detonador de mecha: Elaborado principalmente de pólvora fue el primer detonador implementado en las iniciales cargas de profundidad en Francia, el largo de la mecha determinaba la distancia y el tiempo de detonación. - Detonador Hidrostática: Fue el primer detonador automático que detonaba a cierta profundidad gracias a la hidrostática, que se configuraba antes de echarla al agua. Fue diseñado por Giraud. - Detonador de Flotador: Cilindro semiesférico atado a un flotador que cuando era lanzado colgaba de el por una cuerda metálica que determinaba su profundidad, era difícil detectarlo para los submarinos ya que podía ser dejado días flotando y a su vez también explotar encima del submarino, pero no se aplico tanto este método ya que aquellos que no explotaban podían explotar en un submarino aliado o la cuerda metálica podría soltarse y volver la carga de profundidad una mina marina errante - Detonador Paso de Agua: Se uso mas en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, su funcionamiento era como un detector que al sentir que una cantidad de agua lleno uno de sus orificios explotaba. - Detonador magnético: Explotaba dependiendo de la profundidad y del campo magnético de la Tierra. Explotaba si detectaba o algo alteraba el magnetismo del detonador como la presencia de un metal, sea un submarino. Barcos que lo usaban y lanzamiento: Los barcos mas capacitados para poder enfrentarse a un submarino eran los destructores, ya que a su maniobrabilidad y armas de pequeño calibre, podían ser muy útiles cazándolos, por esa razón se les implemento a ellos mas que a los cruceros las cargas de profundidad. Existe cuatro formas de lanzar las cargas de profundidad las cuales son: Las Tolvas: Están ubicadas tanto en las partes laterales y/o la frontal de la popa del destructor, estas cargas tenían un aspecto de cilindro para facilitar su desplazamiento y lanzamiento par dar caza al submarino. Morteros: Los morteros empleaban cargas de profundidad de un tamaño un poco mas pequeños que los de las tolvas, esto permitía lanzaros mas lejos que a diferencia de los de las tolvas que tenían que acercarse o estar encima del submarino. El Erizo: El Erizo es como un mortero pero que lanza varias cargas de profundidad, pero a diferencia usaba cargas de un tamaño mas pequeño y parecidos a una granada de mano o conocida como Stielhandgranate M24 usado por el ejercito alemán en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Era uno de los mas mortíferos de todos los lanza cargas, ya que podía lanzar 24 cargas de profundidad medianos que podrían dañar severamente a los submarinos. Cargas de aviones: Usadas con similitud que la de los bombarderos, estos eran llevados por aviones que se acercaban a unos metros al mar y lo lanzaban para dar caza a los submarinos con un detonador de hidrostática. Pero no se emplearon mucho ya que dependía de aviones y arriesgar mucho a un portaaviones para cazar a un submarino no estaba muy bien aceptado. Con estos datos podemos ya saber que es una carga de profundidad y como eran usadas, veamos como seria su posible en el juego, en los acontecimientos históricos, cine y anime se muestra el uso de estas armas. Gameplay Si se llegase a introducir los submarinos y las cargas de profundidad implementadas, seria tanto de uso de Tolvas y Morteros a los cuales aria tanto que los destructores se acercaran a lanzarlas a cierta distancia o por encima del submarino, esto puede cambiar mucho el metagame y a su vez tambien traer muchas modificaciones al rol del destructor. En la Historia: -Batalla de Jutlandia: 31 de Mayo 1916 - 1 de Junio de 1916 -Protección de Convoy desde Estados Unidos a Inglaterra y Rusia: 1939 - 1945 -Batalla del Atlántico: 3 de Septiembre de 1939 - 8 de Mayo de 1945 -Caza de los U-Boot: 1940 - 1945 -Submarino Japones detectado en Pearl Harbor: 06:53 horas del 7 de Diciembre 1941 En el cine: -Tora! Tora! Tora!: Avistan a un submarino japones cerca de Pearl Harbor e inician a atacarlo. -U-571 -El ultimo UBoot -El Espia Negro -Lobos de mar En el Anime: -Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -High School of the Fleet: Aqui no usan cargas de profundidad como tal, sino un dragaminas que obliga al submarino a emerger por daños en su estructura. Si la prueba hecha con submarinos durante el evento de Halloween es muy bien recibida por los jugadores, no habrá duda que en máximo de un año tendríamos a los primeros submarinos en el juego. Eso es todo por ahora, mas información y datos históricos pronto. :3 Informa - UsagiGumi Megpoid
  23. Jumarka

    Tired of this.

    So I was in my Cesare in a T5/6/7 battle. And this happens, notice were are the BBs are heading and were the DD is. WERE ARE THE CRUISERS GOING? To hide behind some islands and do NOTHING. We lost a DD that had to face 2 enemy DDs without cruiser support. The smoke that you see in this picture hides 2 red DDs and I am going reverse, waiting for the torpedo wall that its to come. HAD those 3 guys move just a little forward we could have moped up the side. Instead we lost the match. This is the Cruiser gameplay that makes me want to sit in the back and snipe like a moron. Rant over.
  24. anonym_NIWq62weaeXo

    HMS Warspite Review & Gameplay

    Hi folks As WG EU kindly gave me access to the Warspite for a few days I thought I'd share my experiences of the ship with you. I know a fair bit has already been written and said about how poor the ship is, but its not all bad news. And remember, this is a premium ship and therefore supposed to be not quite as good in some aspects as the regular ones you have to unlock. If it was super, everyone would accuse WG of playing the pay-to-win card ;) In its favour: + it makes good money + it turns very well, almost like a cruiser + it has very hard hitting guns + its good at dodging torpedoes with practice + secondary armament and AA is decent + it looks great! Not so hot: - top speed is nothing exciting - gun range is lacking a little - turret traverse rate is very slow - possible armour issues on the citadel So its probably not going to appeal to everyone, depending on what you are looking for. Know what you are getting for your money, and think of it as more of a heavy cruiser than a battleship, and you won't be too disappointed. More details, examples and gameplay in the video below.