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Found 5 results

  1. Can we please get rid of this gamemode? Like all I want is a goddamned toggle. Like some people come to this game because they want a "somewhat historical" experience, and besides the fact that we have to play with islands and mountains forming one off in the middle of the ocean, ships suck at this "king of the hill" style gameplay. It makes no goddamned sense, why the hell are we forced to hold an arbitrary circle in the middle of nowhere, this isn't Call of Duty ffs. Who genuinely likes this gamemode anyway? Nobody except coked-out DDs ever enjoys suffering in this miserable garbage.
  2. As my first suggestion, can't be anything else: This game is missing a "WWII / Axis Vs Allies gamemode": Teams are formed up only with ships aligned with each major "side" in WWII: Axis (Ger/JPN/Ita) - against Allies (US/UK/URSS/CN). The other nations can either be distributed, or be used to balance out teams, with France/Pan-Asia/Europe being directed to the least populated side. France was captured by Axis, thus the special status. Also can be balanced out showing the queues per tier, so players can pick up a ship on smallest side to ensure faster match. Otherwise, just place teams on each side of map, to kill each other. Only kills matters to victory, eliminating enemy team results immediate victory, or when timeout comes, wins the team that sunk more tonneage / cause damage. In this gamemode we'll never see a german ship shooting another german ship near a british ship... Flags will finally matter Was that tried before?
  3. Hey, all! As some of you may know, I take part in R/C naval wargames, and one of our game modes had me thinking whether or not we can implement it in WoWs Tiering: "Convoys" should be available for Tiers 5+. At this point, players should be familiar enough with the game to contribute to either attacking or defending convoys. Setup: Both teams spawn on opposite ends of the map alongside a small fleet of NPC convoy ships - namely Libertys from Ops. Convoy ships sail in set laps clockwise around the map, reducing the efficacy of camping. Objective: Sink all enemy convoy ships, sink all enemy combatants, or reach 1,000 points. Scoring: +1 point/3 seconds for every convoy ship alive. DDs: +30 points/enemy; -45 points/friendly CLs/CAs: +35 points/enemy; -50 points/friendly BCs/BBs: +40 points/enemy; -60 points/friendly Convoy: +60 points/enemy; -90 points/friendly Note: CVs not allowed due to their range and damage potential against convoy ships unless WG fixes the Fighter consumables. Convoy Ships: AI-controlled convoy ships have little armor, no armament, and a moderate amount of HP that scales with the tier of the combatants. They have access to the destroyer version of Damage Control Party consumable and destroyer fire and flood timers. Each convoy ship has an aura that repairs 0.5% Max HP, including themselves. Convoy ships have small detection circles, somewhere between a DD and a CL. When a convoy ship takes damage, the AI sends a chat and radio message to all allied ships and pings the minimap. Achievements: It is not possible to earn "First Blood", "Kraken Unleashed!", "Double Strike", "Confederate", or "High Caliber" by damaging or sinking convoy ships. This will prevent players from proccing Yamamoto Isoroku and William Halsey's special skills by farming convoys.
  4. Hey all. Been playing WoWs for a while but I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this idea has already been suggested and I've missed it. But would anybody be interested in a hardcore/simulation-type mode? Some of the features I've thought about that would go into such a mode would be: Lessened Graphical representation of shells - shells fired are less visible and no color difference in shell types. Players would have to adjust fire based on shell contrails and splashes. Remove torpedo markers - torps can still be spotted in the water by their wake and roster tail that's already in-game, just removed the red/white triangular indicators. Remove Ships HP bar??? -To balance this, the ships would probably have to be more durable. Or remove hp all together and base ship destruction off of damage to specific parts of the ship or overall damage. Not sure how feasible that would be. I've gone back and forth with this one. Would be kind of exciting to not know exactly how close your ship is to being destroyed. Reduced or removed signal flag effects- this one is self explanatory. Reduced map size - with all of the changes above, players may have a tendency to avoid engagements. Decreasing the map size would compensate for that and force players to engage and not hide. What are some other suggestions that you all have if any and you think this is a good idea.
  5. I have noticed that wargaming has removed many of my favorite scenario battles, but I wanted to add my scenario battle Idea.\ Mers-El-Kebir, Algeria Plot The Vichy French have failed to negotiate with the British to surrender their fleet, so the Force H opens fire. Gameplay There will be 2 teams. Each player on each team will choose their ships. Vichy French French ships: Dunkerque, Strasbourg, Province, Bretagne, Mogador, Volta, Le Terrible, Lynx, Tigre, and Commandant Teste. Commandant Teste is a seaplane tender that will be able to launch rocket planes and fighters of catapults. There will be 4 rocket planes and 5 fighter planes. The French will also get fire support from Fort Mers-El-Kebir. Commandant Teste The French must fight back and escape the harbor and evade a minefield laid down by British aircraft. The Vichy French fleet has to escape with at least 6 ships. British (Force H) Britsh ships: Ark Royal, Hood, Resolution, Valiant, Arethusa, Enterprise, Foxhound, Fearless. The British must destroy all French ships and prevent them from escaping the harbor. Leave your opinion below, and leave suggestions!