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Found 3 results

  1. It seems that since the last couple of updates that the game load time has significantly increased. This is measured from pushing the PLAY button on Game Center to a ship appearing (being finally ready to outfit/play) in the PORT tab. This in spite of the non-animated splash screen recently implemented by WG to reduce this time. Has anyone else experienced this? Is WG aware of this as an issue? Is it an issue? If so, is there a fix being worked on?
  2. Hi NA forum! I’m having some issues with launching the game. I play on a 13.5 in. early 2015 Mac laptop. This occurred randomly one day well after 8.11’s installation. Beforehand, the game was running fine. I kept getting this error message below. So I created a ticket, sent it to WG, and was told to uninstall and reinstall from a Mac beta wrapper for the WG gamecenter. I followed these steps in addition to updating to the latest OS Catalina and clearing up memory. I tried again from the same wrapper WG provided and got the same error message. I understand my laptop isn’t the most ideal platform to run WoWs; however, it was running fine before this. Thoughts? Much appreciated, Merry Christmas!
  3. LowSpeed_US

    Wargaming.net Game Center

    Hello all, Background: With the recent major update of the game (0.8.0). I thought I could alter the old install file (WoWSLauncher.cfg) to switch back and forth between my EU & NA accounts. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible. After trying many variations, to internet searches, and the forum. I wasn't able to reset to my previous clean install of the patch (0.8.0) NA client. Also, I was using the older launcher not the Game Center at the time. So here is the question: Could I install two different instances (of different regions) to run within the same Game Center? If so, how? How could I delete/alter the current instance (shows as "World of Warships (3) Europe") to an NA version? Looking forward to any assistance. Regards, LowSpeed_US