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Found 11 results

  1. I'm sure that you guys watch the Mighty Jingles, but today's replay is definitely a treat for those who love naval history. The Massachusetts that was featured in this video is played by none other than Mr. James D. Hornfischer, who is a naval historian who has received awards for his naval history books like The Last of the Tin Can Sailors (about the Battle off Samar) and Neptune's Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal. To those who want to devour some more naval history, he's a good author to read: very riveting tales weaved with history and action. He's also heavily featured in this episode of History Channel's Battle 360 show since it deals with the Battle off Samar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_syMKoTsi0 XX To encourage some history discussion, what are your favorite naval history books to read? Besides Mr. Hornfischer, I also enjoyed reading World War II at Sea: A Global History by Mr. Craig Symonds. Its a great summation of naval history throughout the Second World War, starting with the Washington Naval Treaties and ending in Tokyo Bay while weaving the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean campaigns in its pages.
  2. D1xKnight

    WoWS dying?

    Recently i came across a few videos stating that WoWs is slowly dying due to complaints from the community demanding that the game has more improvements and such, so i'm investigating the reason behind this problem, since after 2015 videos for WoWS have slowly been declining in popularity and views, and that it has become irreverent now and a lost game in history, since then less and less people are coming to WOWS *Just a opinion* so is this downfall of wargaming's *ONLY* good game is caused by the people in the community? leave your comments below!
  3. Welcome to Skin Bottom Sound Hi! i am former Heinrike_Wittgenstein! who make 'Heinrike's Strike_Witches tank,crew+GUP crew skins' & 'Kancolle skins' topic at WOT. Now. i challenge to WOWS Skin!. Let's Share skins each other and Discussion about Skins. Skin in this Topic my skins Battleships Cruisers Destroyers Aircraft Carriers New Notice If you want add 'my skins' on your mod pack. sand massage to me. at Skin Bottom Sound. but, i do not allow edit my skin.
  4. My game doesn't run anymore! Does the game not work anymore for macbook?
  5. There is an issue with NVIDIA Updater intermittently crashing the game. The issue has been going on for over a year. Work around: If WoWS crashes check to see if green NVIDIA icon is in task bar. If it is right click then hit exit. I disable NVIDIA automatic update, and every time I enable it to see if it is fixed it isn't. This work around has worked for dozen of people I have played with. I sure wish WoWS would fix the intermittent issue with Gforce Experience NVIDIA Updater.
  6. BattlecruiserOperational

    Chat Ban

    So why does one get chat banned as frequently and as easily as some of my friends and I do? In a game where the average player age is in their 40s... in a game that has a built in mature language filter(which by default is enabled)... in a game which is supposedly based on team play. If you get offended by certain words, leave the filter on. If you can't handle criticism; how did you make it to 40+? If you don't want people to communicate in an online team game, why have a chat at all? I'm GROSSLY offended by the irony ;)
  7. gustavo123337

    JusT want to say THANK YOU!!!

    Hello to everyone! I have been playing the game since the closed beta, 3 years now!! WOW! I was 15 when started to play WoWs, now I'm 18 and I still play... But first, let me tell you my story... Before Wows or even War thunder, I played World of Tanks with my school friends, it was fun! And we enjoyed it a lot! Once I was reading the Wargaming Wiki and found that World Of Warships was in development (Alpha). I instantly got hyped by the game, so I looked forward to get access and give it a try... 2 months passed when WoWs team released an announcement saying that the first 2000 people to click and register (after the webpage was updated with a new article) could get access to the closed beta. OMG I went crazy when say the news! Fortunately, i was the ~#180 to register and I could get access to the closed beta. After downloading the game and having my first battle I knew I would love it. Nowadays, three years later, I have seen how the game has grown, the community growing each update. The development team getting closer to us, listening to our feedback, it was something no other game like World of Tanks or War Thunder has ever accomplished. I just want to say THANK YOU! to all the community, to the dev team, to the Comunity Contributors, for making possible such a game... (guys i'm almost crying ). If you see some mistake in my English, sorry, I'm from Argentina (Hi from down here ). Have a great day! see you in the seas...
  8. Incendiary_Tanker

    Forum Game: Useless Facts

    The game is simple, post any stupid, useless or interesting facts you know or find here! Lets see what kind of things we can dig up. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
  9. dEsTurbed1

    After 10,000 battles....

    I still hate enemy carriers.... I still hate BB AP on destroyers.... I still hate radar.... But, This game is still fun. This game still surprises me. This game still has great ships that can PLAY their sterns off. This game has allowed a 38% derp to get to 48% potato. .... Ever since closed beta, this game has been improving. Graphics, sound and interface. The wake off of the ship is so amazing... The Balance changes....ruining my tier 8 fubuki...some are good, some hard to swallow. Overall, the best thing ever has been Clan Wars. Getting 7 people together to have fun and not complain about MM.... So, War Gaming, thank you for a great game... Now stop making premium ships, my wallet begs you...
  10. 7_3_PowerStroke

    Why should I keep playing this game?

    I used to like this game. I really did. I'd recommend it to my friends and watch all the videos. I loved the level of detail and the gameplay seemed fun. But I'm struggling to keep playing it and enjoying it. My damage is terrible (32k average) and the teamplay doesn't exist. BB's camp, CV's don't spot, DD's hide behind island rather than spotting and screening for torpedoes, etc. I can't seen to get damage done, I can't get a win if someone died and willed it to me. Credit earning ingame is terrible, progression takes too long, ships seem to be optimised for one role and when that role isn't available they can't perform, loading into battle takes i kid you not 5 full minutes. ome on WG, make your servers easier to use, the list goes on and on. Someone give me a reason to stay with the game, because it seems like with every new patch it just gets worse.
  11. destawaits

    Rate the Insignia above you.

    Title says it all, but I would prefer if people list the reasons for their rating. I'll rate my sloth insignia as a 10/10 due to the synergy between the color of the background and the sloth.