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Found 1 result

  1. 1) for us dd main captains, smoke is life. If we chose to use that consumable to help you, it is a big deal. 2) If we use smoke to conceal you, it means that we think that your important to securing the cap, the flank, or whatever the objective is...so much so that we're willing to risk our lives to keep you alive 3) If you see us steaming towards you, please slow down. We are fast, but some of you are fast too. I hate having to burn a speed boost in order to give you smoke 4) Speaking of 3, if you have a dd near and you're getting hammered, please ask for smoke. We get focused on killing other dds and we're not always paying attention to you 5) When we set smoke, PLEASE go into it. So many of you just sail through it like it is nothing 6) Once you're in smoke, STOP FIRING! The smoke is there for you to hide and heal. If you're firing inside smoke, some of the red team can still see you 7) I know that it is tempting to camp in smoke and fire away once you've got your health back. It can work, at least for a little while. Please be aware that one of our favorite tactics as dd drivers is to spam torps into smoke. Heal, take a few shots inside smoke, and then beet feet to the closest hard cover. I just played a bunch of division games with two BB drivers. I was their screen, AND when they go spotted, their guardian. In the real world, the role of the dd is to screen the fleet. Moral of this story, if your a BB driver division up with a dd driver if you can. If not, help your dds as they contest the caps. They will be more likely to help you later in the battle. Ask for their help if you need it. Not all DD drivers will respond, but some of us will if we can. We want to win and keeping you "Heavys" alive as long as we can makes it more likely that we can.