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Found 4 results

  1. Map borders are annoying, they feel artificial and constricting yet are a necessity... I really despise map border so this got me thinking, how can we have functional boundless map? My answer is this, let's have a dynamic "gravity center" calculated in a 2D plot average distribution of ship "tonnage" (or just maybe ship numbers). Measured from the "gravity center" there is an "Action Radius" of X km, ships must remain within that radius when playing, going outside the "Action Radius" (+X km from gravity center) will land ships inside the "Warning Zone" (some sort of performance penalty can be applied to ships within the warning zone) if ships go further away or don't return in time within the Action Radius, they are considered disengaged from combat... they are expelled from battle (considered sunk), and for them the battle is considered a Defeat even if their team wins. My idea is using this system in Open boundless maps, Ocean-like. So fleets can move freely without being constricted by the map, yet all the players must remain within reasonable distance of each other or risk being left out of the battle. This would also help getting rid of bots/afks as they would be surely left out once the Battle starts flowing and moving. More importantly, this could shift the meta from one of map control to one more resembling fleet action, where fighting as a cohesive unit would give the advantage. Game play probably would be a lot more dynamic as there'll always be open flanks to exploit. I think this could be a major shift in how the game is played with just only very minor tweaks required to implement the new mode.
  2. In all current random battle game modes, standard battle, epicenter and so on, there are cap circles to fight over. Why not a straight up battle mode with no capture points and where points are simply added to your team's points by the number of ships your team has? Say 2 points every 10 seconds for the number of ships left alive. No bonus points for kills, no starting points, just straight up points for being alive. To win you have the most points when time runs out. first to reach 1000 points or you kill all of the enemies. What this would do is free up gameplay to simply brawl the other team regardless of map location. The most important aspect would be to stay alive and eliminate the enemy as soon as possible while not having to worry about anything else. To me, something like this might make maps like Ocean much more enjoyable although it would work well for any map. Just a thought.
  3. Count_of_Kaloki

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    I think there should be a battle of the Atlantic Game mode. Where 4 Destroyers will have to protect 9-12 supply Ships and there will be 4-5 subs ( maybe less). To win the Destroyers will have to bring 1/2 of the supply ships to the other side of the map. For the submarines to win the have to kill more than 1/2 of the ships (Destroyers don't count), If the subs kill more than 1/2 of the fleet the game does not end they can keep sinking more ships until they get killed or the remaining ships make it to the other side of the map. The subs will spawn ahead of the convoy, and they will get 2 chances to attack the convoy. I am thinking that the convoy will be quick so that the subs will need to surface to keep up but if they do they will get shot at by the supply ships and Destroyers. The convoy will go around a very large island and the small subs will take a short cut through little islands and end up in front of the convoy and deal 1 more major strike. The subs can still follow the convoy but they will need to surface. I am thinking it will be with tier IV ships because the first subs come in at tier IV. Perhaps every supply ship you sink or successfully sink or protect you have a chance to win coal,steel,and oil. This is just a suggestion and nothing is set in stone all the numbers and maps and all the details are subject to change. If you like the idea or have any suggestions for the game mode leave a comment,Thank You!
  4. A new map that has like the Halloween filfth , the map "starts shrinking" till a point they have to be no farther than 13 km away from the enemy and whoever it's out of the zone gets damaged slowly Kinda like fortnite fog whoever watched videos or played it Forcing team and enemy to engage and not be sitting at the back/max range or out of range relaxed while others carry the team out