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Found 1 result

  1. To all Macintosh players of World of Warships: Since the release of 7.4, there has been a tendency for the game the crash in the first 2 matches you play. The game slows down and finally stops working within 30 seconds of the start of the match. Sometimes the computer locks up and a hard reboot is required to restart the computer and get the game running. The problem seems to clear up after 1-2 crashes. It seems it takes the Mac hardware those crashes to "adjust" to running the WOWS software. The problem only periodically surfaced in versions prior to 7.8. Now it is regular enough that Mac players should follow the following precautions while playing WOWS: 1. For the first 1-2 matches, DO NOT PLAY a ship higher than Tier 3. Do not add any flags or camo to those ships. Play ONLY CO-OP so that you will not throw a ranked, scenario, or other type of higher end match. The game will most likely shut down those 1-2 matches you play and you will likely get pinked for going AFK. 2. After the 2 matches, the game and computer stabilizes so you do not have additional crashes. You can do normal play after that at least up to Tier 7-8. If the player shuts down WOWS and tries to play it again at a later time, the defect appears again and you have to play the first 2 co-op matches again to allow the program to settle down to a more normal state. 3. As a precaution, play at Tier 5 or less until Code Weavers of Minnesota, USA can update the Mac Wrapper. They are already probably doing this for the submarines and the new class of CV gaming. These defect may induced a faster modification. Tier 5 ad below uses slower ships, smaller maps, and fewer resources like radar and sonar thus making the program less demanding on the Mac.