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Found 1 result

  1. More and more DD players are charging into the caps and then they get blasted before the slower CA and BBs can get into a position or even effective range to support properly. For example last nite on Shattered a Fletcher, Khab and Gearing were all sunk in under 5 minutes. Even the other team asked us wth happened! Of course we lost but unfortunately this is not some isolated case. This happens repeatedly and more so at the higher tiers then in the lower tiers though im not sure why this is the case. This kind of behavior throws the whole battle out of balance. Your team Loses its scouts Loses its prime source of torpedo launchers Loses some cap capability but more importantly 35% of your team is gone and now your team is at a very serious disadvantage I am not sure how this problem can be addressed but from the top of my head there are 2 things that can be done: Since DDs have such a huge impact on a team’s chance to win either: Increase the rewards for DD drivers to stay alive longer possibly getting XP for battle longevity. I probably scout, cap then torp and shoot if I have too and it is very situational but scouting is a priority and hopefully my team takes the advantage of my spotting to sink enemy shipd but more importantly I figure the longer I live the better chance my team has to win. It doesn’t always go that way but it works most of the time. This actually is really demanding and can be a lot of work and requires a lot of patience. What is clear the rewards that you get at the end of all this effort quite frankly even on a winning team sucks ape nuts! Finally Reduce the number of DD per battle to a hard cap of 3 to lessen their impact. While the first option is possible, the 2nd clearly isn’t so I rather propose something to even it all out Increase the number of Consumable slots Give all Ships Smoke DDs get 3, CAs 2 and BBs 1 Give all ships Hydro DDs get 1, CAs get 3 and BBs 1 Give all Ships speed boosts DDs get 3, CAs 2 and BBs 1 At least teams that lose all their DDs due to suicide can at least now have a fighting chance to either defend themselves or take offensive action. I am really fed up that a large bunch of lazy DD drivers can affect the game so badly because they need to rush their double XP for the day or they don’t like the map or team match up.