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Found 7 results

  1. It came down to the clock ticking out, and their last DDs got away from our last DD with just over 100hp to spare. This match shared below was not it however, this match was the last one I played just now. This type of match is all too common. Thanks for coming to my TED talk!
  2. chessblaster

    An Attempt at CV Balance

    A perhaps doomed notion from the start given how WG reacts to player feedback, but this is a serious attempt at ideas to bring carriers into line with the rest of surface ships in game. I add that these are opinions based on my own experiences in game and as such welcome other peoples input on the matter. To preface there will be a few topics not addressed in this post namely: 1. Ship AA, this is a suggestion of changes to CVs and their Squadrons not to the AA of all ships. That is a topic for another post. 2. Return to RTS, all suggestions here will remain within the confines of the 8.0 update and beyond as it is wholly unrealistic to expect WG to undo such a radical change in game mechanics of a class. Let's begin this in a (relative) order of immediate problems: Squadron Regeneration: This is quite possibly the worst offender (besides spotting) of destroying any attempt at balancing this class. No matter what tweaks are made to plane health or damage output cannot overcome the fact that planes come back after dying. This creates a negative loop of players feeling helpless when they shoot down airplanes and it feels as though nothing is accomplished by it, when the carrier is replacing a lost aircraft every minute. So the most radical idea on this post shall be the removal of the plane regeneration mechanic. Being able to know that an Aircraft Carrier has 20 torpedo bombers total, and only 20, will be a monumental change in both the attitudes of the carrier player and those they are attacking, with each aircraft shot down actually contributing to removing the CVs striking capabilities from the game. Carriers will do less early strikes and instead focus on scouting caps and preserving squadrons for meaningful attack runs that impact the game state. For balancing purposes WG can look into adding aircraft to certain squadrons to account for the lack of regeneration, or to increasing HP of squadrons themselves. Spotting: This won't be nearly as long since WG has announced it is testing out changes to carrier spotting mechanics. This is more of an endorsment of the Radio Spotter concept, that requires that aircraft be within a set distance of allied ships in order to spot a hostile ship. I would only add that there should be difference distances required based on the ship class with dds having to be the closest with far more leeway being given to BBs. Fighters: As little interaction as the currently is between surface ships and aircraft carriers; there is arguably less between the carriers themselves. Fighter squadrons when not upgraded are used mostly as spotter craft since they do not stop most attack runs, either because the squadrons attack from too far away (skip bombs) are too fast to lock on (Hakuryu, Immelman, Richtoven,), or actively have mechanics that render fighters nigh on useless (Nakimov). Simply put fighters need to be more dangerous on baseline with an increase of radius of around 20% (the increase that the 2 commander skills combined grant) and a reduction of lock on time of about 40% (half of what the commander skill Lightning Reflexes grants). Skills such as interceptors and increased fighter consumables per squadrons should remain the same but the fighters as a baseline should be far more dangerous to attacking aircraft. Normalization of Mechanics: CVs should detonate, I don't like the detonation mechanic but it is in the game and so long as it is everyone should suffer equally, no exceptions. The fire mechanics of cvs are inexplicably odd, only lasting a few seconds with a damage control party that is on autopilot and has a 1 minute action timer. To simply this needs to be rendered as a BB fire system with a BB damage control party. There is now the ability to map buttons on the equipment list so there is no reason that a carrier player cant use DCP while using their aircraft. These are my current suggestions to WG and while I did start this article by saying this is perhaps doomed from the beginning. I enjoy this game enough to post this and try.
  3. Chad_Slava_Enjoyer

    Small Poll On The State Of Subs

    I wanted to know public opinion on subs at the moment.
  4. More and more DD players are charging into the caps and then they get blasted before the slower CA and BBs can get into a position or even effective range to support properly. For example last nite on Shattered a Fletcher, Khab and Gearing were all sunk in under 5 minutes. Even the other team asked us wth happened! Of course we lost but unfortunately this is not some isolated case. This happens repeatedly and more so at the higher tiers then in the lower tiers though im not sure why this is the case. This kind of behavior throws the whole battle out of balance. Your team Loses its scouts Loses its prime source of torpedo launchers Loses some cap capability but more importantly 35% of your team is gone and now your team is at a very serious disadvantage I am not sure how this problem can be addressed but from the top of my head there are 2 things that can be done: Since DDs have such a huge impact on a team’s chance to win either: Increase the rewards for DD drivers to stay alive longer possibly getting XP for battle longevity. I probably scout, cap then torp and shoot if I have too and it is very situational but scouting is a priority and hopefully my team takes the advantage of my spotting to sink enemy shipd but more importantly I figure the longer I live the better chance my team has to win. It doesn’t always go that way but it works most of the time. This actually is really demanding and can be a lot of work and requires a lot of patience. What is clear the rewards that you get at the end of all this effort quite frankly even on a winning team sucks ape nuts! Finally Reduce the number of DD per battle to a hard cap of 3 to lessen their impact. While the first option is possible, the 2nd clearly isn’t so I rather propose something to even it all out Increase the number of Consumable slots Give all Ships Smoke DDs get 3, CAs 2 and BBs 1 Give all ships Hydro DDs get 1, CAs get 3 and BBs 1 Give all Ships speed boosts DDs get 3, CAs 2 and BBs 1 At least teams that lose all their DDs due to suicide can at least now have a fighting chance to either defend themselves or take offensive action. I am really fed up that a large bunch of lazy DD drivers can affect the game so badly because they need to rush their double XP for the day or they don’t like the map or team match up.
  5. SK66_2019

    CV-DD interaction

    i'm just really sad at wg's response to the DD-CV interaction issue (rocket planes, getting half healthed by one salvo Etc.), they just say "get good. " Now I'm a big fan of Zoup, and i saw his video on the topic, but when i had this one match where i was getting constantly harassed by rockets, and almost died without even getting to the enemy fleet, that just made me sad about the current state of the game. With RU bias, and the Nerf that killed Italian cruisers, it's just hard to play without getting angry. - a rant from a very angry player.
  6. Scrolling through the forums over the last few weeks and months(and years for that matter) I have noticed that players of every type of ship come to the forums with complaints about balance and various reasons why other ship types are overpowered compared to theirs. Just a small sampling of complaints I've seen in the last week: DDs - "CVs are a cancer, I'm constantly spotted" and "too much radar, those cruisers make it impossible for me to do X" CAs/CLs - : "World of BBs" and "I'm a tier 7 cruiser in a match with several tier 9 BBs, how do you expect me to compete?" BBs - "World of torpedoes, it's too much" and "fast-firing HE cruisers are OP, I'm always on fire" CVs - 'AA is overpowered, I'm getting deplaned too fast" and "Ack the high tier CVs are useless, i can't do anything" So, philosophically speaking, if players of every ship type have complaints about being underpowered and other types being overpowered - might we actually have something close to balance? Discuss! (I don't actually believe we have perfect balance and the game certainly has issues, but the question is a legit one)
  7. Rank Battle Issues – No One Wants to Talk About Rank Battles is advertised as the Best Players and Best Boats battle it out to see who is “Top Dog”. Well Can anyone honestly say that's what is happening this season? Lets review the issues and the facts. Issues - 1 “Rental Ship”. Why its bad. In order to get a tier 10 Battleship, I had to grind my BB up to level 10. That means I know the strength and weakness of not only my but the other ships class/nationalities and their characteristics. Those that don't are a terrible disadvantage. It got so bad teams were regularly counting who had the most rentals, as it generally resulted in a loss. 2 Match Maker(MM) is out of control. I run a large fleet and have a variety of top tier ships and top tier commanders. In its zeal to make every game balanced even in ranked, it makes decision based on players ability(win percentages, total battles played, etc), ships ability(upgrades, consumables, and Commander skill points allocated). Thru the ability of rating each ship mathematically and the power of averaging, the MM Algorithm can theoretically balances the teams out. In Practical Use/Application not so much. Ranks is not Random Battles(where WoWs can place house Botz in here or there and get away with it).This can be proven by running a simple test of 10 matches. Run the same ship with a 10 pnt commander vs. a 19 pnt commander and notice the quality of team mates you are paired up with. You want to win don't run high level commander. MM will neutralize your advantages in the name of Fairness. 3 Game Balance. CVs are out of control. Since the Great CV Nerf of v8.x all in the name of FPS, the balance is off the scales. The primary reason the lack of Fleet Fighter Cap Role, which is a Design Error and a game flaw of Moronic Proportions. After all why do CVs carry fighters? For Rockets … LOL. 4 Game Balance . DDs When I read the Ships overview for DDs, it say one of there roles is to smoke the fleet. Why smoke has been Nerfed to the point where its virtually ineffective. No point in smoking the BBs and CAs for the most part are not much better. 5 Economics at Tier 10 in Ranks and Random are Broke. If you score 1,400 plus on a winning team how the hell do you loose 60k in credits in a ranked match. I know what I am seeing as I have 2.3k Ranked Battles and over 13k Random Battles under my belt. BTW the patch I wear indicates that I have been around since the Beta version of World of Warships. In short I know what I am seeing.