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Found 2 results

  1. This set of new ships just announced is infuriating, for many reasons. First I want to discuss the BB. This is the new French BB. What is the issue with it? Well...ahem...Gascogne and Champagne come to mind. What do these three ships have in common? None of them existed. A little paper is okay, but that is 3 tier 8 French premium BBs that are fakes. How many do we really need? Second is the USS Austin. It is a CL at tier X with worse guns than any other US tier X cruiser, and lacks both smoke and radar. It is junk. Sure, when you hit the main battery reload booster, it becomes terrifying for a few seconds, but it only gets one charge. No matter what resource or price they put on it, it's too much. Finally there is the big turd in the punch bowl, X Immelmann. It's a paper German CV with skip bombers, a technology used by the allies, but to my knowledge never by the Germans. Also it is the 3rd German Premium/Special ship CV in the game. Why are the Germans getting so much CV love??? WG is ignoring the nation that revolutionized CV warfare, the Imperial Japanese Navy, who only have one premium CV in the game and are being very eglected on the CV front. So I want to take a moment to talk about Japanese CVs and what we could have in the game. Alt tech tree line: VI Zuiho, VIII Hiryu, X Taiho Possible premiums: VI Shoho, VI Hiyo, VI Junyo, VIII Akagi, VIII Soryu, VIII Zuikaku, VIII Unryu, VIII Katsuragi, X Shinano That is the most infuriating part. Paper ships tend to be OP which the Richthofen is, and Immelmann could very well also be, yet every one of the Japanese ships listed above were built, yet we are waiting still for all of them, when SEA is the server CVs are most popular on, and is also the home server of Japan. I don't get what WG is thinking. This is pouring salt on an open wound.
  2. As many of you already know, the Vampire II has been announced as an upcoming special ship for the Commonwealth. Unlike the Belfast 43 or the promised West Virgina 44, this is a new historical ship that shares it's name with another lower tier premium ship that was its real life predecessor. That Wargaming has decided to release two ships that had the same name is a big deal, because it opens the door for other such situations to potentially happen. Some possibilities are: X Lexington II - Essex class aircraft carrier that still exists as a museum ship in Texas. X Ark Royal II - Audacious class aircraft carrier. VII St. Louis II - Sister ship to VII Helena VII Phoenix II (also Admiral Belgrano) - Sister ship to VII Boise (Nueve de Julio) sunk during the Falklands war. VIII Chikuma II - Siter ship to VIII Tone, which could very easily be implemented with a different air squadron from Tone. I am sure there are others that I am forgetting about, but this is a good starting point for this discussion. What successor ships would the rest of you like to see in the game?