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Found 6 results

  1. Well, the guess the ship wants to wish me a merry Christmas!
  2. Frostbow

    No fuss Fusō

    Fusō is a battleship I've only played in Operations and Co-op before. I still play her in PVE most of the time, but I felt that need to try something different last weekend. I wanted to see what we can do together in the real world. That Winter Strands camo looks good on her too.
  3. I hadn't played the Fuso in a long time so getting the opportunity to grind her again for RB points was a walk down memory lane. Sometimes it's just nostalgia or powercreeping and when you go back you realize the ship you loved isn't quite the same. The Fuso, on the other hand, still feels like a fun and powerful ship -- perhaps more so. It took my silly self a few matches to realize it has a 28 second reload. I don't recall if this was changed or I had just forgotten it always had this reload but this only adds to its firepower. And that what this ship is all about - firepower. It has by far the most consistent firepower of any ship I have played. I mean what's not to like? 12 x 14" guns in a fairly comfortable configuration. Very long range for its tier. And the accuracy - I went around blapping T8's with impunity. Sure you need to catch them broadside but its range is conducive to this type of sniping. At T6 the firepower is borderline OP. New Mexico's have arguably a better configuration with the triple turrets but the short range and poor accuracy combined with the slow speed makes it feel lacking compared to the Fuso. While the armour doesn't let you brawl per say the firepower is enough to pound the hell out of opposing ships as they close. I scored a Dev Strike against a Colorado at point blank range in one match. And that's what I liked most about the Fuso - whereas some ships are good snipers because they are terrible as the distance closes I found the Fuso to be strong at range and just as strong if not stronger as you close. The rest of the ship is workable. Speed isn't terrible and still lets you kite to a degree, the AA is passable at its tier, and the armour is trolly if you can bait shots into the belt. For example I could take on 15" armed T8 BBs with ease at range. My single gripe is its propensity for fire. I run FP and I still burned to death under all the HE spam. I've regrinded the New Mexico, Normandie, and Bayern. The Fuso seems to be far more fun, more powerful, and workable at high tiers than all of these ships in my opinion. Replaying this ship was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other grueling grinds. 13/10 good ship.
  4. warheart1992

    Meta enduring ships

    So recently I decided to make a return to Fletcher and finally complete my grind through the USN DD line, one of my favourites. What struck me was that even after loads of changes in the meta in recent years, she is still a very good and reliable ship, still capable of being a very strong torpedo boat and a decent knifefighter. From there a few other ships sprung to mind, some that with few changes have stayed relevant in the ever changing meta of the game even after years have passed; thought about hearing other opinions of ships that remain relevant after quite some time. Another example would be Atago; still a reliable ship and a safe choice for a tier VIII premium CA, with heal, accurate and strong main battery, concealment and torpedoes. From the middle tiers Fuso and Warspite spring to mind. They still are good ships regardless of various changes in how the game plays. Looking forward to hearing and finding out about other ships falling in that category .
  5. How would you rate the Tier VI Japanese battleship Fuso? Her position as a mid-tier battleship puts her up against same, higher, and lower tiered vessels in the matchmaker. WIth solid guns and decent armor protection, she can withstand enemy fire when angled properly and provide accurate mid to long range gun fire with the correct loadout. Do you have the IJN Fuso in your fleet and how would you rate her performance? "It is like a disease to think that an invincible status has been achieved after being satisfied with the past successful operations." - Isoroku Yamamoto, Imperial Japanese Navy #throwbackthursday #anchorsaweigh
  6. Will ARP mission return or will the ARP ships be sold (not sure if it was on the premium shop) again? I have read somewhere on this forum that HSF ships will end by end of year. True? Fuso is a good battleship, the newbie talking, although majority of the games were on Co-Op mode. Just the maneuvering is so slow. Maybe that is why i don't see her much on Random Battles (though I have only played with her for 5 Random Battles). She is fun to play with and will keep her on my port as my Kongo is. But don't tell Kongo, I mentioned Fuso is more fun to play with. On my Fuso, The only module I need to upgrade is the Gun Fire Control System. My Fuso has a new captain since the 8-point captain stayed at my Kongo. The upgraded equipment are Main Armaments Modification 1, Damage Control Systems Modification 1 and 2, Aiming System Modification Only using the free consumables Any tips for this newbie? I usually position her near some cruisers that are at the rear. And I usually do the diagonal thing so I can use all main guns. At times I just set her to 1/4 speed and at times at full stop while shooting from behind. Moving left and right on Fuso is difficult to she stays behind surrounded with friendly cruisers. But sometimes only 1-4 shells hits the target. Dumb question... Is the accuracy of aiming RNG dependent for Fuso? Already watched some videos. I am mostly having trouble on aiming and hitting the target though I think I got the hang of pre-aiming but still only 1-4 shells are landing on the target. Fuso gets detected a lot even if positioned on the rear.