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Found 15 results

  1. BillT

    Twitch Fixation

    Today's "Penny Arcade" comic reminded me of WG's strategy of promoting Twitch through "Twitch drops" and "Discord drops". https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2022/10/26/who-watches-the-overwatchers OK, I get it -- the strategy is to build more of a WOWS community outside of the actual game, to attract new players and keep existing players more interested in the game. But on its face, it does seem bizarre that they want to reward us for NOT playing the game. :-)
  2. I would love to contribute some humor to the mix so. I am thinking if you guys see any NEWS that is funny, humorous, or down right stupid then this is the place for it. You guys set the moral guidelines. Of course the purpose is to make the Moderators/community laugh, not to ban your post. So let me start with this one I found today. Its probably old news but it gave me a smile, Being a parent is well under rewarded job but when you mess up, well it ends up on the internet. Enjoy ! https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/little-boy-accidentally-wears-salacious-tee-school-moms-apology-goes-viral-234013520.html. CHeers!
  3. As the title says, I started a game and this happened, I made it into a video cause why not. https://youtu.be/jYdG07dcWLU https://replayswows.com/replay/139471#teams 20210831_102711_PASB509-Missouri_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  4. As per the title... Flambass having fun with a poor Cv.... Well, I think it was quite funny, but.....ymmv
  5. Yo WG, this is NOT what blown up means in English.
  6. while that amuses me, it does little to appease the intesne infuriation i am experiencing as i yoyo in an infinite loop between 6.4 and 5.1. for the life of me i cant get out of ranked 5 and its really getting annoying.
  7. AngryMermaid


    I have noticed that the names and faces generated on my newly acquired Friesland are different that the ones on my Viribus Unitis. Perhaps the Swedebotes will also be different. ALSO: WG: pls let us hand-pick names and faces like in WoT
  8. This mutant Smolensk thing is a monster in unicum hands.
  9. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    The WoWS Experience #1

    a low effort video i made at least i had fun while making this video
  10. Now, I know what most will think; probably a prank to get a quick laugh. But sometimes crazy events actually happen in real life. Coca Cola and Pepsi in general were big competitors in the Soviet Union as well, with Pepsi having an almost complete monopoly at that time. Their competition is even nicknamed "Cola wars" This is how Pepsi in 1989 found itself being a significant naval power (17 submarines, 1 frigate, 1 destroyer, 1 cruiser). Granted, they were obsolete; the subs were of the diesel electric variety, not nuclear ones, but Pepsi got the whole package for the bargain price of 3 billion dollars. Sadly I was unable to find the exact types. However, based on timing, a Sverdlov class cruiser, Aleksandr Nevsky and Whiskey Class submarines could fit the bill. Of course, this fleet was never really used, it was merely a valuable source of scrap with which a by then failing USSR closed a big deal with Pepsi. Still, found out literally out of nowhere, thought it's a pretty interesting and funny story. The head of Pepsi at the time, Donald M. Kendall even said to President Bush (Senior) that Anyway, with the introduction done, here's the original digitised article: https://www.nytimes.com/1989/05/10/opinion/foreign-affairs-soviets-buy-american.html And a meme pic I found: SS "Fizzy", flagship of the glorious Pepsian fleet .
  11. we were talking about the starship troopers movie, then we got this lol
  12. Capt_Ahab1776

    Easter Egg in the game

    Was playing some late night T3 in my Campbeltown. This game was loaded with DD's. Anyways one of my teammates blew up a enemy DD behind a island. I had just turned the bend and seen the DD just hanging in mid air burning. I was like, "That's something you don't see every day" So I had to whip out my in game cell phone and snap a picture. A unique way to go, instead of sinking, just float upwards and burn lol.