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Found 16 results

  1. Been in some fun talks with friends and clan mates....after submarines get up and running in the game, what class of "ship" might be next? Not talking new destroyer or cruiser lines, but what "class" of battle vehicle might be thought of? I'm gonna say blimps/dirigibles
  2. My reaction: Yay! Another British 10 point captain! (But what to put him on?) My daughter's reaction: *sees Cap holding Fishy in her bowl; makes excited little-girl noises.* My son's reaction: "He's in command?" *beat* "You're dead."
  3. We have approx 312 ships in port. This last week I scuttled all my Carriers (CV). No reason at all to have them as they were simply awful to use and had no fun factor for me at all. Was (and still is I guess) a 'collector' but who really cares. I used to have about 12 ships I enjoyed using but really, in the past several months I've little reason to go to any particular individual ship. All the buff's and nerf's seem to make all the ships just plain vanilla. The game mechanics renders most everything to be so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. Satisfaction of anything within game is so hard to achieve. Its gotten so bad I've had my 12 year daughter make up some paper 'fortune tellers' (also called a cootie catcher, chatterbox, salt cellar, whirlybird, or paku-paku) its a form of origami used in children's games) to decide which ship I'll use. This has worked out to be as fun in deciding which ship to use, to actually playing the ship. More time with daughter is always good. Now I find more enjoyment in the reading and followup information wargaming and WoWS provides, not within the game play itself. Game play is also hell at times with the human players. I've gotten 'negative' feed-back for playing to close, to far, not supplying resource I didn't even have on that particular ship etc etc. Many, do hate releasing control to others as they 'always' know what is best. I see little hope of anything changing soon. Was wondering if someone knows if its okay to turn over a WoWS account to another family member or friend?
  4. Sovereigndawg

    A Team of ME

    Yup just bots and I. this shi(p) is fun. This is PVE and never have I had more fun in PVP, You can't just make this up. 20200222_224302_PRSB109-Sovetsky-Soyuz_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  5. Kirov_Six

    Low health survival

    We won, and I was 4th on the list
  6. dEsTurbed1

    A magic milestone

    Just replied to a post and noticed that I had 15,500 battles... I can still remember the fun me and 2 friends had on our very first match in closed beta. The joy of sailing a ship for the first time.... .... That new annoying citadel ringing.... TG it changed... ...... And that new alluring, addictive sound you hear when you sink a ship... ..... The very first panic attack when your notified your last alive.. My first Kraken. My 3rd clan wars match in a shimmy, last alive vs 5 ships...and killing them all... Chasing the last 2 torpedo hits I needed for a free premium ship. In my Kamikaze R. Mostly tier 4 battle. Trying to warn the enemy team to turn and run as I torp 1 ship after another, after another. Only to find myself last alive 6 kills and 2 enemies capping my base... i set my all time 8 kill record just trying to get 2 torpedoes to hit a ship... Taking the Eddie out for the first time. Stock consumables in a tier 10 match with radar. 95k 4 kill win.... My stock Gearing maiden voyage. 4 kills and setting my all time high damage score over 206k.... being chased down by 4 ships as I'm last alive to be gunned down. ..... Sure this game isn't perfect. Sure I'm a 48% potato. But dam I love this game. Thank you to all I have had the pleasure to sail with and against. o7 dEsTurbed1. P.S. walk the plank....
  7. Kongo_Pride

    Crossing the Rubicon

    I was going to write a post about “How to Play Fubuki" (Tier VI Tech Tree Destroyer). When I tried writing, all I could come up with was, this ship is not going to provide a player an experience that is challenging or enjoyable. In fact, as a unicum, all I could come up with was this is draining, daunting, and tiresome. I realized almost immediately, that I was looking at the problem set wrong. I started to look at random play for Tier VI destroyers in general, and it is a common theme I am noticing, destroyers feel like a forlorn hope the moment you press the battle button in the current meta. I am a very strong player, and yes, I can average 60-80k damage a game in Tier VI destroyers, but I do not derive a sense of accomplishment when I do. In fact, I feel more defeated and deflated as I am forced to avoid torpedoes, radar, hydro, and worst of all, airplanes from CVs. I began a more holistic look into destroyer play past Tier V, and after a few hundred games, I have concluded that destroyer play is no longer something I enjoy, which is unfortunate because it is probably my favorite class to play or should I say…was. It was also the tether for me remaining within this community. In my opinion, Fun and Challenging Destroyer play in random battles is, broken. Wargaming crossed the Rubicon when they initiated the new Aircraft Carrier rework. Ironically, just prior to the release, I was at an all time high for game satisfaction. Mind you, this is when the bug existed that ended gun bloom when line of sight was broken, and CVs were far fewer under the RTS. It made sense (to me). Additionally, there were not four CVs in every match where I was eviscerated by rockets, my punishment for the mere mistake of queuing into a random battle at the same time they did. Some players may continue to see the CV rework as a challenge, and I whole heartedly pass the torch to them, it is now theirs to bear. I wish them good fortune in the struggles to come, starting now. Unfortunately, for me, this is well beyond challenge and into the why should I even try? The answer is surprisingly calming to me…I can be more productive with my personal time doing other things. (One of these include spending more time with my family.) The release of the CV rework felt like the player-base was subjected to Foie Gras. I have no statistics for this, no stats to back it up…other than the plethora of threads that have followed and the general discontent on all sides of the argument. The growing tension is palpable and is also a motivator for lack of enjoyment. Terms like “just dodge” did little to improve my perspective as destroyers became easy pickings for CVs. I have witnessed a single squadron of rocket planes destroy a destroyer in one go, despite their efforts to, “just dodge.” Fare thee well gaming community. I am retiring from this game, uninstalling, and have no plans to return. It has been a lot of fun and I have many fond memories, but what I no longer have, is a willingness to continue a stubborn march of depreciating returns in challenge and enjoyment, which are critical to my personal time investment, and you can take that to the bank. I will end this post by saying a quote from an old favorite, a baseball movie, For the Love of the Game with Kevin Costner, “tell them I'm through, for the love of the game", Billy Chapel. Kongo Out!
  8. The_Chiv

    Guess that ship

    See the constant back and forth between cv and non-cv players has really turned these forums into a rather gloomy place. Let's change that. The idea is simple. I will show 2 after action screenshots. The names and ship icons have been blacked out and hidden. From what you see can you guess the ship. rules. 1. one guess per person. 2. NO anti or pro agenda nonsense. 3. Blacked out sections exceed the required amounts in order to confuse. Lets start. GUESS THAT SHIP!
  9. Just for fun, I've decided to use the HP equations that WG uses for different classes and extrapolate that for modern warships. I'm using the following formulas (courtesy of @Lert) which gives generally accurate results for ship HP except for some outliers. Battleship HP Formula: (1.1812 X tonnage*) + 10837 Cruiser HP Formula: (1.8631 X tonnage*) + 9859.4 Destroyer HP Formula: (4.4907 X tonnage*) + 3435.5 Aircraft Carrier HP Formula: (0.7311 X tonnage*) + 28253 USS Gerald R. Ford: Aircraft carrier, 100,000 tons, 101,363 HP (almost as much as Grosser Kurfurst despite much greater displacement) USS Port Royal: Cruiser, 9,600 tons, 27,745 HP (about as much as an Atlanta) USS Zumwalt: Destroyer, 14,564 tons, 68,838 HP (kek) And just to throw in a Russian surface combatant. Pyotr Velikiy: Cruiser, 28,000 tons, 62,026 HP (still not as much as Zumwalt ) EDIT: As a bonus, here's the HP formula for submarines, based on the Halloween event. Submarine HP formula: 2.7656 x tonnage + 5837.7 Ohio-class SSBN/SSGN: 18,750 metric tons, 57,693 HP.
  10. Lots of words being flung around on the forums. Threats of quitting, sky is falling (which it is ), etc. And no, this isn't intended to be a super serious poll.
  11. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    devstriking as entertainment

    Be sure to discover this new, and epic streamer, @Knavbot with his entertaining devstriking fun and engaging gameplay. Whether you are on the recieving, or dealing end, devstrikes are a special part of WOWS, which often provoke strong feelings of delight and dismay, in equal measure, but also, of adrenaline. This is the go2channel, to find out more about them. https://www.twitch.tv/mr_balance
  12. I love tier 7. I play in it a lot. For me its the tier i have the most ships in that feel effective even when tiered into T9 matches (although you gotta be super cautious) I play the crap out of my Scharnhorst. This poll will keep peoples names private so no one has to worry about liking the lower tiers and being judged or shamed for it publicly. We don't need that. So which tier is your favorite guys?
  13. dEsTurbed1

    After 10,000 battles....

    I still hate enemy carriers.... I still hate BB AP on destroyers.... I still hate radar.... But, This game is still fun. This game still surprises me. This game still has great ships that can PLAY their sterns off. This game has allowed a 38% derp to get to 48% potato. .... Ever since closed beta, this game has been improving. Graphics, sound and interface. The wake off of the ship is so amazing... The Balance changes....ruining my tier 8 fubuki...some are good, some hard to swallow. Overall, the best thing ever has been Clan Wars. Getting 7 people together to have fun and not complain about MM.... So, War Gaming, thank you for a great game... Now stop making premium ships, my wallet begs you...
  14. LowSpeed_US

    Maverick builds for fun

    As the title suggests. Give me your ideas on builds that are not normal. Let's see what we can come up with.
  15. It seems like Yesterday (ok, not really) when a friend of mine called and told me, hey, World of Warships is finally in open beta! Huzzah! It was July 1, 2015, a day which shall live in, well, in my mind as the start of something very fun. A look through my archive found this lovely screenshot (no, I didn't know about printscreen yet) of my first day with USS Erie. Good times. Yes, I had a different user name back then ... the PAX MARBLEHEAD contest persuaded me that having a username that stared with 'e' might not be a good idea. Anyway, three years and thousands of battles later, I'm still having a good time, and the game (and ships) are better than ever. (So are my screenshot skills, for that matter) So, cheers to 3 years of fun and games, and thanks, WG for being such gracious hosts. Here's hoping that the coming years bring plenty more battling and fun! :)
  16. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Kagafoo fun.

    My best match of the weekend. Oh, except it's Monday already?