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Found 3 results

  1. You already know. But in the event there was any remaining questions of what the low tier Pre-WWI ship experience in WoWS delivers… Super - Talks about protected cruisers in a thread on the forums yesterday. Enthusiastically brings out Varyag (1901) from the mothball fleet, and dives into low tier play! Finds two T4 CVs (1922/1924) awaiting after the 6 minute wait for enough people. Proceeds into battle. Proceeds to sink 3, and chase the hapless Red CVs while holding 2 caps Red CVs remain undeterred: Varyag does not have Tanaka and his Nambu pistol yet! ZERO AA! Vasily left his revolver in port due to a vodka hangover. Red CV Hermes, despite weathering 46 hits (20k in damage) lands 5 torps / 5 bombs / 4 rockets and sinks nimble Varyag (324k potential from all the dodges). Langley laughs in the distance, as he did not even need to partake. Super - questions why he thought playing low tier “welcome to World of CVs” was a good idea…Hits “Battle On” because what are the odds of another match like this one? 3 minutes wait reveals: another 4 CV match. Match dwindles down to 2 CVs on each side in a duel. Bravo WeeGee!!!
  2. So WG has released some documentary stuff on IJN aircraft carrier submarines before and I have seen a few threads on giving the old odd tier CVs ASW capabilities, so I thought why not combine the two? When they inevitably add IJN subs, just give their scout plane the ability to drop depth charges. Everyone can clearly see that a single scout plane for a submarine would be either useless or simply give away a subs position in WOWS' current submarine game mode, but you know WG will try and shoe horn the historical gimmick anyway. With this, not only do they get their gimmick, but it also gives a class of submarines a more effective way of ASW than the current option which has been noted to be ... difficult. Surface players will have nothing to complain about other than the limited spotting capabilities of a single scout plane that should be easily shot down if it gets too close for any extended period of time. Submarines would have to be spotted for the ASW scout plane to be able to attack it anyway. The planes would be a consumable, meaning they would be very clearly limited in number and would have a cool down period between launches and duration. The only other conceivable consumable gimmick for IJN submarines would be manned torpedoes, which seems unlikely due to the decision to not include Kamikazes on IJN CVs as well as the redundancy of already having ping guided torpedoes.
  3. Today I am going to showcase my experience in the Tier 8 Royal Navy Destroyer, the Lightning. Overall a decent ship, but my experience in it was "something different" compaired to other ships I have played.