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Found 3 results

  1. By all accounts, I should love her. She's fast, has good guns, that lovely American smoke, and even a heal and DF to boot. However, ever since I got her I simply haven't been able to make her work. My games always go the same way. I start out by doing what a DD is supposed to do: Smoke up in the objective and cap. However, whenever I do that, there's ALWAYS a Radar cruiser or three (or five) that drives me away with their mere presence and that my team refuses to kill despite me constantly marking them for death. If I fire at anything, I get spotted and the entire enemy team focuses me down like hounds on a fox. Even with my heal I still take too much damage, and even if there isn't a Radar cruiser someone will still spot me by proxy or with Hydro and the result will be the same. My question to the rest of you is this: How do I break this cycle and actually have good games in my Kidd? If I can't cap, get close enough to spot, or shoot from smoke, how do I contribute to the match and still do good damage? This isn't a problem I have with any other DD, not even my Fletcher, so I have no idea what to do. Thanks in advance to the people who decide to give helpful advice instead of trying to defend broken Radar cruisers and not prioritizing them in a match. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  2. With this last game.. I've had it.. We need an MMR Ranking system that's hidden..... The sheer amount of bad players lately is just mind blowing.. Last game in my Giulio Cesare.. Two Brothers.. starting at the bottom of the map, going left.. 3 cruisers, and a BB with the CV starting nearly right next to me.. what happens? 1 cruiser yolo's into A and dies broadsiding 3 BB a Cruiser, and a DD.. CV sends 1 wave of fighters and then proceeds to focus the other side of the map farthest away from him... The 1 BB with me veers off to the left edge of the map and gets maybe 2 volleys off... and the cruiser turns around and leaves me.. I'm stuck fighting 2 BB's, 1 cruiser, and a DD... alone... Which I do for a good 10 minutes or more.. bloodying them up real bad in the process.. Then in the Chat I hear "Why the %$#$ did the cruisers abandon the right flank" only to find the same situation there.. 1 BB going up against half the enemy.. alone... the rest of my team? Camping the choke point in the middle at our base.. literally doing nothing.. 3 cruisers push up the middle for no reason, 1 of them torps the other in the back, and they all end up dieing... This is how every game has gone for the last TWO WEEKS... I then decide.. well.. maybe its just a flood of new players into tier 5.. Lets try my tier 9.... HAHAHA... yea fat chance.... Every game in my tier 9 has gone like this.... I'm face tanking 2 tier X's, multiple tier 9 BB's and cruisers.. in my tier 9 German BB.. for a good 10 minutes again.. not only face tanking in a miraculous way literally 3x my HP pool, but also giving the 2 tier X's focusing me a seriuos run for their money... What does the 3 BB's, and 2 Cruisers behind me do? Yup.. cruisers veer off to the right abandoning the entire flank, while the 3 BB's behind me including our 2 tier X's decide to go have a marry fking stroll through the forests off behind 2 islands bakc to back that they can't even shoot around or over.... meanwhile the whole 5-6 minutes this takes them to finally get into firing range.. I'm nearly dead.. having chunked 2 of their cruisers to near death, nearly killing a tier X BB face tanking me by myself, and face tanking half their team... ------------------------- For over 2 damn weeks every single... game has been like this.. The sheer amount of pure cancerous stupid on my team that I have been bludgeoned with repeatedly with every game has made me seriously consider uninstalling this game.. I really don't want too because I think I'm somewhat of a natural at the game.. I play maybe a few times a week at best, sometimes going weeks between play sessions, if not months, and yet I still win or at least.. used to win a vast majority of my games, and while I can't hold up my 65+% w/r anymore, giving the fact I can still hold my own do 70-100k damage a game normally, and can 8/10 times win my side of the map even outnumbered 2 to 1, and can take on ships 2 tiers higher than me and win 9/10 times, tells me I'm pretty damn gooda t this game... but its not enough... 3 games ago I won against 2 BBs 2 tiers higher than me.. both at over half health, then I proceed to 1 shot a cruiser at full health at 25km, and brawled with a DD.. it was a monster game.. 150k damage in 7 minutes in that situation, and what do I find for my reward? My ENTIRE TEAM is dead.. as usual... despite me going against half their team essentially alone.. my team outnumbered them 2 to 1 and lost so miraculously hard I see their whole team at over 75% hp left on ALL THEIR SHIPS.. 1v10 Every... damn... day... I get games like this 9/10 times... for 2 weeks... I'm done.. this is just rediculous... I'd get bad games now and again.. yes.. I'd get bad teammates every game. yes... but never to this level... never have I had such a monster loss where half my team is dead in the first 6 minutes and there isn't jack I can do to win... not enough magic out of my rear is going to pull a victory with the teams I've been getting.. and I've gotten pretty good and pulling wins from sure losses... ----------------------------- With an MMR system.. I wouldn't be seeing crap like this nearly as much.. yes the population of WoWs is a bit low sometimes, and yes sometimes it'll have to choose people way higher skill level, oh well.. at least it won't ALWAYS be a complete mixed bag where you're W/R comes down to who has the lesser of the idiots on their team... Everyone will be closer to their own skill level more often..
  3. ...when I'm doing good or in a good/strong ship, something wouldn't always go wrong to throw the match or my performance in it. I mean, it seems that every time I'm doing well and having fun, or plan to at least, the meta changes slightly in a flash and all the sudden there is a flood of my counters, AND constant bottom-tiering. When both decide to be nice, but something in WoWS is still against me, I'll get perfect set-ups(even the rest of the team are in perfect ships for defeating the enemy team's line-up) TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, AND UTTERLY RUINED BY TOMATO TEAMS SO BAD, THEY CAN'T KILL spotted 100 HP DDs, and THEY SHOW BROADSIDE IN EVERYTHING, meanwhile COMPLETELY MISSING THE OPEN BROADSIDE OF EQUALLY TOMATO ENEMIES AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, UNTIL THE TOMATO ENEMIES STOP MISSING OR FINALLY ANGLE. OH, DO I SOUND LIKE I'M ANGRY? THAT'S BECAUSE I AM! Oh, and that's not all, actually. Sometimes there will be clusters of enemy ships stopped or going very slow at one place or another, but instead of feasting and farming torpedo hits on said clusters of enemy ships(no radar in them, by the way), my allied DDs will be deleted because they were so inept that that they were brought down to EXTREMELY LOW health by(OF ALL THINGS) A MUTSUKI FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Sigh. I am so glad when these battles are over, but then when I jump into another ship for another battle, back I am into a match with floods of my counters and I am bottom tier. Oh, and there are MUCH better(read: higher-tier) ships on both my team and the enemy team, but my team's top-tier ships of my class are gone within minutes of the opening of the match, while the only thing gone from the enemy team's top tier ships of my class is any trace of doubt or fear as they farm damage, medals, and Devastating Strikes off my team. I do my best, but it's just not enough. The enemy team's ships are too powerful,their captains are just as undefeatable, and what damage they don't manage to deal to me my counters do. Inevitably, I go down too, and it's a loss by steamroll for my team. If this kind of crap were uncommon, I'd be fine with it, and just dismiss it as a fluke, but it is quite common for me. Also, when I am doing reasonably well against one or two enemy ships that would only be much of a threat if I was on low hp, in come allied torps, aimed miles away from where the enemy ships are, to deliver me as a boxed, gift-wrapped, and set under the tree easy kill for the enemy ships. Does anyone else see this kind of thing happen a lot?(or at all?) If so, please tell me in the poll. Honestly, I try to ignore it and have fun anyway, but constant defeats are anything but fun for me. - Regards, Legoboy0401