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Found 2 results

  1. magnus392

    Submarines Survey

    Starting a little poll, I don't know if it will stay up but hey, here's to trying. I get that they are here to stay, but playing against them is about as fun as having a frontal lobotomy. The "GIT GUD!" elitist can go away. WG likes to talk about their numbers and spreadsheets etc, well lets show them how we feel. Furthermore since I know the dumpsterfire known as Subs are here to stay, I strongly advocate for them to get their own game mode/scenarios. Their ability to "shotgun" inside of your ASB range and their spotting range is disgusting. Their ability to open water hunt you with near impunity is infuriating, and bluntly, they are not generally fun to play against. The proposed changes are not enough as shown by some pretty embarrassing YouTube footage, coupled with the extremely exploitable immunity zones that Subs can exploit is very disturbing. Yes, I use some inflammatory phraseology, but seriously... WarGaming has made all of these grand proclamations of being more transparent, vowing to listen to it's player base and YES they have made some strides in transparency. What I have seen and perceived ZERO movement on is listening to their player base. Locked threads about AA, the CC Disaster, the NDA's on test ships and closed testing of ships in development come to mind. Now we have T11 (Superships), still broken AA with no real CV counterplay and now Subs with the near exact problem of laughable counterplay, removal of achievement rewards, economy rework, commander reeeeee-work, and perceived tone deafness. That is before we talk about Super CVs!?!?! I don't intend for this to digress into a slogfest and am genuinely interested in legitimate feedback from the player base.
  2. Just logged out of a frustrating play session after 13 games. Across those 13 games, I averaged just a hair shy of 100k in damage and 1.25 kills per game. I realize that these are not necessarily mind-blowing numbers, but my win rate for the session is 38%. Just 5 wins tonight. I'm left wondering if anyone can tell me how much better I need to play in order to carry a couple more games each session. My overall win rate is a bit over 54% but lately I can't even get to 48% and it is really damaging my interest in playing. I have even been spending time playing other games, just to try to get a bit of a mental 'reset' on WoWS and still I come back to the same frustrating thing. What the heck is one supposed to do?