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Found 5 results

  1. So I noticed something notable about Friesland's 40mm/70 1948 Bofors guns: the mid range aura is 283.5 DPS. Note that there are only 6x1 of these single guns on the ship. Compare this to the Baltimore B, which has 12x4 40mm Bofors, which is in total 48 Bofors guns: 325.5 DPS. Those 48 guns do 42 more DPS than x6 of Friesland's Single 40mm guns? I mean, "Hit Probability" does affect the difference in DPS if I remember reading about how new AA works, and Baltimore has 90% to Friesland's 100%. Heck, even Des Moines is at 90% at 416.5 DPS but since Friesland has that 100%, if it had 12x1 of it's guns, wouldn't it mean it would have better AA than a Des Moines?! Wrapping my head around how this new AA works makes less and less sense the more I look at it. Like at face value, it almost seems that a 40mm/70 1948 is worth like x8 bofors guns instead of ~x2.5 (since it has twice the RoF than a standard bofors plus it was radar guided), when the twin 76.2mm gun, that was noted for being as effective as x2 quad bofors mounts, is marginally more effective than a single quad mount, all because of "Hit Probability". The biggest thing that I think is the most ridiculous, is that if you mount AAGM2 (+15% DPS), have BFT (+10% DPS) and the AA flag (+5% DPS), you can have a grand total of 368.55 DPS! That's about the same DPS as a Baltimore B with BFT at 358.1! The Friesland can have as good of AA as a Baltimore. It's kind of sad that a ship like the Baltimore that has 48 40mm AA guns on it is somehow the equivalent of a much smaller ASW Destroyer that has just 6 AA guns on it. In short, this new AA system is so wonky when it comes to how ship classes are balanced around it the more you look at it.
  2. I'm sure many are pretty excited about Friesland being up for grabs tomorrow as the first Free XP DD. I'm also sure many are scouring Youtube for footage of the ship's performance in order to have an informed decision. Most of it will be extolling the traits and capabilities of the ship, which certainly make her interesting.Since the ship will cost 1 million Free XP I want to know how much fun I can have. Instead, here is a video from Aerroon, an EU CC, that showcases some of the frustrations that might come with the ship. Keep in mind that this is before some changes to Friesland; she got 360 degree turrets, better gun angles too. The AA is still a mystery on how it will turn out with the new system. Still, I find alot of value in this replay since it can give me a rough estimate on some of the potential issues I could face, as someone that 99% will buy the ship tomorrow. If TL;DW, Aerroon basically shows how many opportunities he could have to potentially carry if he had torpedoes. Hope you find some value too and hopefully makes you reach a decision, for or against the ship.
  3. Friesland: Fries Land: welcome to what my clan has to put up with on a daily basis from me lol
  4. I predict that at the same time Friesland/Friesburgerland will become available as a free xp T9 Pan-Euro ship, the Rogue Wave reward DD, the Benham, will become a free xp ship and join her. Because it costs up to 40,000 doubloons to convert one million experience to free-xp, which is roughly (but somewhat less than), the cost of buying 750 fuel tokens from the premium shop (50k doubloons)... however with those fuel tokens you also get some useable flags, etc. so the price has to be higher. 750 fuel is still 50 short but it's not that hard to obtain 50 fuel tokens. The prices seem to have been intentionally made equivalent - as to make sure neither players who buy Benham with fuel tokens, nor, with free xp conversion, will feel cheated. Also if memory serves, free xp ships have been traditionally released in pairs; so it makes sense that they will release two free xp DDs at the same time. Even if free xp ships haven't been traditionally released in pairs, it makes sense to give players who have a bunch of free xp (or have a fat bank account) and who love DDs a choice between two radically different DDs: a pure Gunboat DD-hunter without torps, and an undergunned Shima-Clemson torpboat. This means there's one free xp DD for each of the two major DD playstyles.
  5. Friesland looks fantastic. A string DD with guns only no torps? Strong AA? This is a very unique ship that can be strong in the right hands. And can easily be dominated when in the wrong position. It brings a unique ship experience to the game. We need more like this. Please WG don't give her torps and keep her rather strong traits as it *adjusted after testing*