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Found 12 results

  1. We are a casual clan but still play semi-competitively. We got into Storm league in Clan Battles. We use and require you to have Discord. Other than that we don't have any skill requirements or play time requirements. We have clan events a couple times a week while Clan Battles are not happening so we keep up are skills and just to hang out. Mostly we are looking for friendly people that are fairly active and want to hang out and division with other friendly guys. We have all the port bonuses except the last Steel bonus which we are getting close on. If you are interested send me, Admiral_Andy a message here or on the game.
  2. DarkkSkyrow

    Seeking a casual Clan to Join

    Hello i am a casual player seeking to join a clan of Mature (20-25+ age) players to play and grow with, i don't mind clan battles or random ques, so long as its all for fun. I do have Discord and use it frequently. I use and only have US ships (up to tire 6) but will probably use others later down the line. I am more on the causal side when it comes to battles but i don't mind competitive play every now and then. Again looking for a clan, just to hangout, chat, play randoms and the occasional clan battle ( if any) and not be stuck playing this game by myself lol. i am not all that new to the game but there is always more to learn. :)
  3. Golden_Gopher

    BB22 USS Minnesota Recruiting

    BB22 is looking to add to our roster! We have slots open for Captains who desire to be in Clan Battles, enjoying playing in a Division and making new friends. We are a relaxed but energetic group. Must use Discord for communication during battles, friendly, respectful, positive personalities will make you a good fit with our membership. We have a well established base with most bonuses at maximum or within one or two steps - if you need more information please reach out to me or any of my Deputy Commanders
  4. do you have what it takes to be: friendly helpful polite and willing to spread a positive atmosphere in World of Warships? then maybe you are the one we look for. Join the Naval Alliance [N-A] North America Server! and become part of something positive Because there is already too much Salt! Join [N-A] Naval Alliance
  5. Millennimeme

    [SPRDS] Spoon Lords

    Welcome to the Spoon Lords! The Spoon Lords are just a chill laid back group of gamers that just like to chill and play some WoWs. The average tier boats in our clan is about 5-7 with some people having higher. So we made a clan just so it would be a little bit easier to level up and so we have a group of people that we could play with anytime we are on. Most of us are 18+ years old but our clan doesn't have a age requirement we just ask that you be mature. We are a new clan looking for more and more active players! At the moment we have 2 upgrades for almost every facility and this is why we are looking for more active players. Even though it's not much at the moment as a clan and a community we can grow and become a top tier clan. Requirements to join : 1. Be mature 2. Be active 3. Just don't be a a** What We offer : 1. We offer a Chill environment for people of all skill levels 2. Boost in XP with upgrades in our building 3. Just a overall better experience playing Wows Extra Information : If you are not active you will be kicked after 14 days of inactivity unless a officer is notified ( we are flexible everyone has a real life ) If you want in the clan you can either look us up, message either LaxBr0s or Atlas104 on WoWs or Join our Discord and Message one of the Admins ( https://discord.gg/CsZBzQb ) Even if you don't end of joining I appreciate you giving us the time of day and Good luck to you see you out on the open sea!
  6. Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy "Another flotilla needs our help!" Who we are: We are a up and coming clan with a focus on casual gameplay. We enjoy anime, manga, Fallout, plus many other videogames. We also like learning about history and other things. We definitely don't have the best players in the game, but we are always looking to improve. Maybe you would like to join us and sit back, relax and enjoy hanging out with us. What can we do for you?: A place to relax, chat about common interests if you wish, just a place to hang out. A clan to gain the benefits of the naval facility, without a real requirement. Hopefully be able to provide a setting in order to make friends. Our current naval base features are(will update as more are unlocked/upgraded): Shipbuilding Yard 3 Research Center 2 Design Bureau 2 Academy 2 Dry Dock 3 What does PGMN expect from you? We expect you to be civilized. So, do not disrespect other people in the clan, and on the Discord server. Be mature. As stated above, be respectful. Ability to use Discord(Not required, but preferred.). Also to be able to read, write, and/or speak in English. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of knowing more than one language. Always trying to improve your gameplay, on any game no matter what it is. Interacting with everyone on the Discord(If you are using it, again not required.). Try to make some new friends! Requirements: We don't require anything much, just that you interact with everyone. Contribute to the overall amount of oil for us to improve our clan's naval base to assist not only you, but the clan as a whole. Be willing to talk with everyone and be friendly. As long as you are respectful and genuine, then you are welcome. Our Plans for the Future: We aren't a clan about taking this game too seriously. So, we're not going to be super competitive. However, if we get enough people, then perhaps we will participate in Clan Battles. Are you Interested in joining us? Click our Discord link below and join Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy today! https://discord.gg/YhTCVHc
  7. Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for casual and competitive players that are active. We typically will run an alpha (Typhoon CB S2) and/or beta team every evening of clan battles. Basic criteria for admission: Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information about our recruitment process. Fair winds and a following sea!
  8. Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for active and competitive players. Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information.
  9. one4nukes

    Bunny looking for members!

    Bunny is a causal clan, but we do partake in clan battles for those whom seek it! Bunny is also mostly an anime fan clan, but isn't required for you to join. Clan battle wise we are at Storm 2 (31) We have all upgrades as well! Any player is welcomed! All we ask for is to join the discord to keep updated, to form easier divisions, and random giveaways! If you have interest please let me know!
  10. Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for active and competitive players. Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information.
  11. underworld93

    AO Recruitment

    We are Armored OutLaws, one of the oldest and active clans in the Wargaming community. Currently recruiting active players seeking a friendly, competitive and mature group for clan battle and tournament play. Tier 10 ships and a 50% win rate are preferred and a MIC is required.
  12. Welcome to KnightWatch Academy! We are a clan dedicated to helping newer players learn the ropes and providing a community to both veteran and new players to improve their captaining skills. We only have one requirement that is to be active at least once a week. If you are interested you can apply in game most of the core members are pretty active and are available to answer any questions! You don’t have to join the clan to become part of the community we do welcome players from other clans without any commitments other than to be mature and appropriate on our Discord Channel. To get onto our Discord Channel use this link: https://discord.gg/Hy9bZUA We also have a Facebook page for news about World of Warships as well as tips and tricks for the game at: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights