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Found 3 results

  1. Peter_Greenhalgh

    fairness of penalty for torps

    I am in high disagreement with your penalties issued for accidental friendly damage with torpedoes. several times now I have been penalized for some idiot running across my torp run why should I be responsible for someone not paying attention. at the very least reduce the penalty for occasional offenses.
  2. And yet again, I run into friendly torps... Yes, clearly my fault since I was focused on the two battleships in front of me.... with that stupid sun glare in my face (yeah, THAT map). Potential Damage is the max damage of every shell and torpedo fired at you. You can max this out by going YOLO and beating torpedo soup and dodging a lot of shells before taking a dunk. As I'm trying to rack up that 3 Million in 'Potential Damage'... I'm thinking... WAIT A MINUTE !! We are leaving out a whole bunch of Potential Damage here. Seems Friendly Fire doesn't count. ... So how can we get that number in there?
  3. CaptDavid


    My most humble apologies to anyone I may have fired on in game aka friendly fire sometimes in the heat of battle fire and smoke I may have fired guns and or torpedoes and hit my own team players it was not intended sorry.