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Found 1 result

  1. xXSpotted_HyenaXx

    My Normandie Review.

    Good morning, captains! I just wanted to drop my review based on my own personal experiences regarding Normandie, but first, a little history for those interested (if not, scroll down :)] The Normandie was to be the lead ship among four other sisters (One, Bearn, to be completed as an aircraft carrier) of super dreadnought battleships and the first ship to be fitted with quadruple gun batteries. Of course, this honor went to the Dunkerque class in the end. Normandie and her siblings were ordered in 1912-1913, and while sister ships were completed enough to be launched, the project was ultimately cancelled due to the first world war and the shifting production requirements that resulted. The post war french economy saw these hulls eventually broken up and scrapped, though several proposals to complete them were brought up. The majority of the guns to be used on the Normandie's were re purposed for use by the army in the end. The reason, or so I have read, for Normandie's unique quadruple turret design was that at the time, the French shipyards were unable to build or service warships much larger than the ones they already had. So the solution they came up with was to just put more guns per turret, hence Normandie's rather compact size. This placed it (at least in France's eyes) on par with other dreadnoughts of the era. Another novel feature if you will, was Normandie's propulsion system. A hybrid of both triple expansion steam engines and steam turbines to save on fuel and increase it's operational range. There is quite a bit more information on this ship concerning real life specs, but I'd rather just keep the history brief. Gameplay In the game, Normandie can be a -very- strong dreadnought if played correctly. I personally have found that, if you're comfortable with playing ships like Fuso, then you will have no trouble with Normandie. Pros: 12 Gun Broadside: Normandie's 12 gun 340mm broadside can delete most cruisers in her tier with a single salvo, and even give intrepid destroyers pause if you can hit them. Some lighter armored battleships and battlecruisers will take heavy damage from Normandie's salvos as well. However, I've found that the New Mexicos, Colorados, Queen 'Liz (Warspite) and Bayerns are tough to punch through with the smallish caliber guns. Speed: With a little artistic magic on the part of Wargaming, Normandie has a top speed of 29.5 knots similar to that of Dunkerque. (The real life version projected to only 20-21 knots). With this speed, Normandie can stay with and provide better support for capping destroyers and cruisers. This also means, that Normandie can chase down most other battleships it will encounter making escape all but impossible for the red team. Vice versa, should the tables be turned, Normandie will have the get up and go to ensure you live to regroup with your teammates. Armor: While not a floating fortress like the New Mexico, Arizona or Warspite, if angled correctly Normandie can soak up shots from most other battleships with a caliber of lower than 15' main batteries. It also seems to possess -decent- torpedo protection in it's tier. Secondary Guns: With 18x1 139mm guns and 6x2 90 mm guns, Normandie's secondary battery compliment in my opinion is top notch. Couple this with a defensive minded captain, and you will be able to deliver a barrage of defensive fire that will no doubt claim more than one destroyer sunk at 7.5km out. It can also prove a menace to enemy cruisers and battleships as fires will be started quite often. Dispersion: Normandie's gun dispersion is -very- good. Aside from a few crazy rounds fired by a gunner who's still a bit hungover from the cheap liquor he has stashed in his bunk from the night before, it can be expected that the majority of Normandie's rounds will fall exactly where you want them, and in great numbers. Cons: Gun handling: For those just coming off of building a captain from Dunkerque, you will find that Normandie easily out turns her turrets, and while Normandie can deliver a twelve gun broadside. The key word here is, -broadside-. Normandie, like her counterpart from Japan, Fuso, must be nearly broadside to use all of her gun batteries. An enemy captain with a wary eye will take full advantage of your compromised positioning with devastating effects if caught like this, something to keep in mind when engaging. Anti Aircraft: Normandie's Anti Aircraft is absolutely terrible. The only thing a lone Normandie can even hope to shoot down is another ship's spotter plane, and even then it takes it a bit. Don't expect to scare even the most novice of CV commanders away. Thats all I've got for now.