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Found 3 results

  1. This set of new ships just announced is infuriating, for many reasons. First I want to discuss the BB. This is the new French BB. What is the issue with it? Well...ahem...Gascogne and Champagne come to mind. What do these three ships have in common? None of them existed. A little paper is okay, but that is 3 tier 8 French premium BBs that are fakes. How many do we really need? Second is the USS Austin. It is a CL at tier X with worse guns than any other US tier X cruiser, and lacks both smoke and radar. It is junk. Sure, when you hit the main battery reload booster, it becomes terrifying for a few seconds, but it only gets one charge. No matter what resource or price they put on it, it's too much. Finally there is the big turd in the punch bowl, X Immelmann. It's a paper German CV with skip bombers, a technology used by the allies, but to my knowledge never by the Germans. Also it is the 3rd German Premium/Special ship CV in the game. Why are the Germans getting so much CV love??? WG is ignoring the nation that revolutionized CV warfare, the Imperial Japanese Navy, who only have one premium CV in the game and are being very eglected on the CV front. So I want to take a moment to talk about Japanese CVs and what we could have in the game. Alt tech tree line: VI Zuiho, VIII Hiryu, X Taiho Possible premiums: VI Shoho, VI Hiyo, VI Junyo, VIII Akagi, VIII Soryu, VIII Zuikaku, VIII Unryu, VIII Katsuragi, X Shinano That is the most infuriating part. Paper ships tend to be OP which the Richthofen is, and Immelmann could very well also be, yet every one of the Japanese ships listed above were built, yet we are waiting still for all of them, when SEA is the server CVs are most popular on, and is also the home server of Japan. I don't get what WG is thinking. This is pouring salt on an open wound.
  2. Charlemagne, tier X French BB secondaries stats differs from what you see in this image above and I unfortunately skipped AA stats when working on this but I can describe AA being below average to worst when comparing her to the rest of her t10 BB counterparts she has an average amount of AA mountings but they are only medium range ones Hull Health: 98,000 Armour much like Alsace and Republique, hull is mostly 32mm with turtleback(not as good as the german BBs) and other layering protections for its citadel, in short will resist much AP bombs and AP rounds seeking its main belt but its a field day for HE shells. Mobility Speed: 31 kts Rudder shift: 19 sec Turn radius: 1020 m Concealment Surface: 17.8 km Air: 14.2 km Main Battery 5 x 3 406 mm/50 Schneider, same guns on the WiP Champagne Distance: 25.02 km Sigma: 1.8 Max Dispersion: 248 m Reload: 30 sec 180° turn time: 30 sec HE Damage: 6,100 Initial velocity: 850 m/s Mass: 1085 kg Penetration: 68 mm Fire chance: 49 % AP Damage: 12,100 Initial velocity: 850 m/s Mass: 900 kg Ricochet angle: 45º - 60º Secondary 11 x 2 139mm/50 Mle 1934. 11 but I see only 8 of them? to help with the imagination referr back to picture: 1 is mounted centerline on the flat raised piece of superstructure between X turret and funnel and 1 on each side of C turret. Distance: 8 km Sigma: 1.0 Dispersion: 183 m Damage: 2,000 Reload: 7 sec Initial velocity: 840 m/s Type: HE Penetration: 23 mm Fire chance: 10 % Consumables Damage Control Party(slot 1) Active time: 5 sec Cooldown time: 40 sec Repair Party (slot 2) Charges: 4 Active time: 28 sec Cooldown time: 80 sec HP/s: 0.5 % Engine Boost(slot 3) Charges: 3 Active time: 180 sec Cooldown time: 120 Maximum speed: +20 %
  3. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    Well, those of us that have love her..despite her faults... I'm gonna summon @Sventex since he has more games in her, and has posted videos on her. Now, she does many things well, and I have had some killer games in her. If you are top Tier, you can pass out the pain: BUT since I've gotten her, lots of other ships have been added to the game. The Mutsu, all the RN BBs, and now her French cousins... The meta has changed a ton to I think, so is it time for a wee buff? My thoughts, and ideas: Armor: Yeah, I know she is a battlecruiser, not a true BB. Great, but getting overmatched by all the red BBs suck. Yes, you can kite, use cover etc, but that only goes so far. Several people have brought up the fact that the Stasbourg had better side armor..which would help, but if you get get broadside to a red BB, you get what you get... What about her nose? They did it for the Moskva....this would reward captains that angle to the bigger gunned BBs, and not get citadeled right through yer nose... Another idea would be spaced armor like the CAs...that would help with all the HE damage. Yeah, I know more work...but that would help I think... AA: Of all the times I had a bad game in her, I think a CV has been behind it about 50% of the time. Everyone and their mom knows her AA sucks, and you get used as a punching bag for planes. Not fun. Fictional refit in the USA? Loose a couple secondary turrets for more AA guns? Maneuverability: She has good speed as is...but what about speed boost? It would help you get out of trouble if you bite off more than you can chew... (I do this a ton, LOL) Guns: Sometimes, you seem to be slinging citadels left and right, then next salvo goes haywire. Now, I know they are not gonna buff her sigma... BUT what about the reload booster that her big sister is gonna get? If that not, a ROF buff? Nothing crazy, but with the smaller guns and "special" sigma, maybe this is needed? Stealth: It sucks, LOL. Now, I know they go by the height of her mast, etc, but again, this could be a fictional refit, and you wouldn't get out spotted by...everything other than the Fuso... Now, I'm not saying do all this...she would be OP AF. But maybe one of these? Thoughts?