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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I looked through past posts regarding game freezes and crashes, and didn't find anything similar enough. Freezes occur at any time, in port, in loading screen for game, in game, and in after-game reports. These freezes make the game unclosable within the client, I cannot alt-tab to another application (like task manager for instance), without moving to a different desktop in windows 10. if I hit the close button, sometimes if it recovers from the freeze, it sticks at the "do you want to quit?" screen with yes or no, and no amount of clicks of either button does anything. These freezes last at least one minute, and at most, never stop (longest I've waited to close was 15 minutes). What I've done to try and find a fix, in loosely the chronological order: Updated GPU drivers check game files set graphics to lowest settings, frame capped at 75fps reset GPU overclock to 0% over stock close all background apps (malwarebytes, ccleaner, icue, spotify, etc.) close all browser applications reset CPU overclock to stock none of these have helped, unfortunately, has anyone had a similar issue, and had a fix? any other ideas? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello! I'm volutionseba, and I'm writing this here to find out if someone else it's having the same problem or it's just me: -When playing CV'S, sometimes the game "freezes" for like 0.5s to 2s (especially when spoting ships) and that makes you lose your shots or some planes in the squadron. That kind of freeze only appears when playing cv's, In any other type of ship, the game runs smoothly. If anyone had the same isue playing cv's, please let me know how to fix this cause it's really frustating sometimes! PD: I don't have a bad or old computer, and the game runs perfect at constant 76 fps on ultra (I play WoWS in medium) Thank you for your time reading captain, take care. o7
  3. Since the latest update I've been experiencing freezing in the games. It is strange as the ship suddenly stops yet the water continues flowing past it with a bow wave and all, then within .5 to 1+seconds the ship will leap forward to where it should have been had it not frozen in place. I see the same occurring to ships I'm aiming at as well. Very disruptive to play of the game.
  4. Yesterday I was playing normally, doing the new halloween mission but then the game started crashing mid match, twice. I have some mods installed, maybe that was the reason why the game crashed, then I uninstalled EVERYTHING. have 0 things installed. But now I can't join the game because the game didn't want to pass the "login screen". I already try the "safe mode" but even in that mode the game didn't proceed. Any ideas why this happen to me?
  5. There is an issue with NVIDIA Updater intermittently crashing the game. The issue has been going on for over a year. Work around: If WoWS crashes check to see if green NVIDIA icon is in task bar. If it is right click then hit exit. I disable NVIDIA automatic update, and every time I enable it to see if it is fixed it isn't. This work around has worked for dozen of people I have played with. I sure wish WoWS would fix the intermittent issue with Gforce Experience NVIDIA Updater.