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Found 16 results

  1. Stun_Crazy


    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/top-news-0109/ free tokens on news article just scrool down and click the button
  2. So, as title, Steam is giving for free their Starter pack for WoWs. Might be worth picking it up if you got a Steam account as it doesn't seem to need you to be a newbie. Even if you got Ishizuchi it's 1k free dubs so there's that. And welp, can't really argue with free. https://store.steampowered.com/app/844890/World_of_Warships__Exclusive_Starter_Pack/ Oh and before I forget. This DLC is not compatible with an account created outside of Steam.
  3. 2016: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/arpeggio-blue-steel-debut/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/seriouslylastchance/ Early 2020: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/return-of-the-fleet-of-fog/ Late 2020: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/arpeggio-fleet-of-fog-flagships/
  4. Herr_Reitz

    Just a reminder about Deanna Troy

    Rumor has it there is a location on the internet where, for the next 24 hours, you can obtain something new for absolutely no cost. Call it a troy ounce. I cannot confirm nor deny the truth to such a rumor. Still... might want to look... Deanna you know.
  5. RNG has smiled on me a bit this year. I've accrued four premium ships thus far wIthout spending any money on them. Thanks to WG's release of the RU cruiser split, I now have the premium versions of Moskva and Kirov in my port. Also thanks to @Hapa_Fodder for his contests every week. Last week I won the Scharnhorst in his "Tier VII Trouble" contest. I routinely enter to get the cammo and had a pleasant surprise this week. Since I already had Scharnhorst I turned the 9500 doubloons and a coupon around for Ochakov. Free stuff is great, WG, please continue! Special thanks to @Ducky_shot for his competition earlier this year offering a Makarov. Timing was perfect for me to win the only T6 premium I didn't have in port. Kudos to all you individuals who have the time and resources to give to the community! (BTW, I've watched your stream on occasion and I've yet to see you sink!) Now the only thing left is to pull a ship from a daily container...
  6. I started playing WOWS again after a while and I was surprised to see a USS KIDD in my port along with a personal assignment to get a texas. I only need to earn 25k base xp for the texas but I got a kidd for free. Does Wargaming have a returning player gift program?
  7. " any players who have already reached the final level in their Service Record by the time that Update 0.9.1 is released will receive 15,000 Coal , 4 days of Premium Account , a supercontainer, and nine daily containers (with five More Resources containers among them), as well as upgrades, expendable camouflage patterns, and economic and special signals. "
  8. UraraShiraishi

    wows summer sale

    apparently wot summer sale just started (https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/special-offers/summer-sales-first-offers/) and seeing how there was one last year for wows (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/103520-summer-sale-2018-finished/) when do you expect the summer sale this year for wows to begin? and what are you expecting/hoping for? i think i just want some cheap doubs and maybe an arizona 50% off
  9. Aghostinthetank

    FYI Free Azuma Draw on FB

    Just an FYI for those with Facebook, the official World of Warships page is giving away a free Azuma. All one has to do is submit a picture of their favourite Japanese ship in the comments of the post along with their username and region.
  10. Thank-you, World of Warships for a great time at Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts. Admission was Free (save $25.00) if you pre-registered with WoW, though apparently even WoW was not aware of this. Overhearing the clerk advise a new visitor of the complimentary free admission, while perusing the geedunk in the gift shop after I paid, I asked if their was a discount in conjunction with the WoW event, and she happily refunded me after showing my pre-registration. I was very pleasantly surprised, but have to say that I told several fellow attendees about this throughout the day, of the 6-7 , all but 1 were unaware, having paid the full admission. I am certainly not complaining, just a missed opportunity to enhance the event's positive karma and probably attendance as well. Battleship Cove is fascinating and well worth two full days if you are a museum hound. The February date meant we had no crowds and superb opportunity to linger over interesting items though you needed to have dressed warmly, unless staying in the mess area with the PC's and the snack bar. Warm weather is more comfortable but I preferred the unencumbered access. In addition, WoW was freely offering $100 discount cards for new players, or new accounts, this included some free lower tier ships, doubloons, etc. I will be handing out a couple to hope to bring more players. Special thanks to event volunteer Joshua for his good and thoughtful gaming advice. Thanks again Wow for a great time!
  11. Falcor93

    Invite codes

    I have a couple invite codes from loot boy for tanks and ships. M22 locust -Tanks Tetrarch -Tanks Albany and 2m Credits -Ships If anyone has a marblehead code I'll swap em ^_^
  12. I want to make a suggestion, and I know this is a strange request. I would find it interesting that there would be a scenario. where players have to fend off raiders controlled by ether AI or players while defending a convoy. This event would be a special event and would be only available for a short time so that way it would not be a regular thing and would not detract from the sale of gold doubloons. Players defending receive nothing for sinking the ships they are defending. for ever ship that makes it to port or destination they could receive gold doubloons, coal, steal, or even extra credits. or even the possibility of a super container. if the attackers are controlled by players they will get the same rewards by sinking the convoy ships. (player warships don't give any prizes). I know the Halloween mode is coming up. It might be too late for this year but perhaps next year. this event would not be a every day event but only available for a short time.
  13. Quick question - multiple flags provide different credit value for additional XP based on the flag. If two flags are mounted that provide additional XP for a Commander, example: The Hydra Flag provides +150% of the battle experience and Leviathan Flag gives +100% from the battle. If the Commander XP was 2,300 for a battle - is that 150% x 2,300 = 3,450 then + 100% of 2,300 or 3,450 / or is it calculated as 250% of 2,300 which equals 5,750?
  14. Sorteo de Teamspeak. Link para entrar: https://wn.nr/K2EDzU Solo hasta el 17 septiembre 2018 ¡Espero que estés teniendo un gran día, estés donde estés en el mundo! :) quería darles a conocer el último mega-regalo: Premios: 1 ST PREMIO ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop 2 x XG27VQ Gaming Displays Fusion 500 Auriculares Strix Flare Keyboard Gladius II Mouse Fobbard Alfombrilla De Raton 2 ND PREMIO ASUS ROG Phone PG258Q Gaming Display Fusion 500 Auriculares Strix Flare Keyboard Gladius II Mouse Fobbard Alfombrilla de ratón PREMIO 3 RD x4 Auriculares Fusion 500 5 TH PREMIO x4 II ratón Gladius 4 TH PREMIO x4 Strix Resplandor del teclado 6 TH PREMIO x4 Cojín de ratón de la funda ¡TODOS PUEDEN GANAR Y OBTENDRÁN ALGÚN PREMIO ¡ENTRE AHORA PARA SU OPORTUNIDAD DE GANAR! https://wn.nr/K2EDzUBUENA SUERTE
  15. Not seeing a lot of talk on this contest so consider it a PSA: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/doody/ Squat down, take a seat and read up on the contest at the above link. Sure, reminding all of you diminishes my odds of winning a ship but hey, it's the right thing to do. Amazingly, it is ANY TYPE OF BATTLE so yup, five coops gets her done.
  16. So I logged in to my account after about 2 days, and suddenly, a bunch of commanders just got recruited. Apparently, I just got 4 premium ships: Atlanta, Prinz Eugen, Tirptz, Texas and Leningrad. Three of them were rentals, Expiring in 9 days, but The Texas appears to be mine. In addition to that, i have over 80K free Xp than before. The explanation Ive heard so far is that this is for clan wars, but my account is level 14 so i cant even participate! Ive never made any purchases in world of warships. Does anyone have an explanation?