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Found 19 results

  1. Question is same as the title. I have 1.1mil free XP now, not really sure what to spend it on. I did just unlock the Research Bureau, and I'm probably going to try for the Siegfried first, possibly followed by Paolo Emilio and then Ohio? With four currencies to keep track of (RB points, Free XP, Steel and Coal) that involve ships that aren't directly for sale I've got a lot to keep track of. Right now my resource priorities look something like this: Free XP: ???? Steel: Burgogne or Shikashima Coal: Carnot or Napoli (honestly this one is the hardest one to pick from, there's actually enough variety.) RB: Siegfried, always wanted it. I know it's not meta anymore, but I still want it. So I'm just looking for peoples' opinions on what's worth going for. For any and all of the currencies. I know we've got some new ships in development (like Kearsarge) that might be worth it, but I truly don't know what to do.
  2. anonym_PS6817KZGfrj

    NELSON in 2021?

    So WG is going to remove NELSON in 0.10.5. Tomorrow 0.10.2 is going to be released, and we've got about 3 months to collect FXP for NELSON. As for new or relatively new player, would that still worth the trouble of spending 375,000 FXP in 2021 to get NELSON? Or would that amount of FXP be rather used on something else? (e.g. keep saving for AGIR or another 1,000,000 FXP ship, or using for quick hull upgrades of new tech tree ships, etc.) Thoughts?
  3. So I went in-game and typed out all 112 ships I have listed in my Free XP list, listed all the Free XP on each boat, summed it all up, and I'm 810 XP different from the "Total" it gives in-game. I triple checked my numbers on every boat, and they appear to be accurate. (I did catch two I missed.) I'm summing up 112 boats of XP to be 4,787,683 and the game is saying my total available is 4,786,873. Now that's only 0.0169% off, but that's still an average of (a bit less than) 8 XP per boat, which should show up on the boats. To add insult to injury, you can't copy-paste this info out of the game, and it's not available in the public API to pull this from player account data. (I've tried both.) Yes, you can to copy it by hand out of the game. Two questions then: Is anyone else seeing this problem (ya, I know it's a lot of work, but...) What's causing this? To preemptively answer the question of "why", because I'm a stats guy. I want to see where my Free XP is coming from. I want to see the distribution of Free XP per tier, nation, etc.
  4. Herr_Reitz

    Free xP sale soon eh?

    So now I need ~ 300K xp for the MvR carrier. I know, woe is me, right? Right. There is usually a sale on the fXp conversion rates, going from 25:1 to 35:1 yes? You think we'll see one of these for the birthday celebration? (did a quick search on the forum but didn't find anything). tia fyc
  5. If I am going to do a "grind" I'd rather grind my 9 T7 cruisers thru Narai every day. I looked at my totals today for earned credits, free XP and elite commander xp after going thru the op with all 9 ships and this is a much more pleasant, and rewarding grind that the PR event. One day totals are: Credits: 7,513,872 Free XP: 95,770 Elite Commander XP: 355,048 Of course I have premium time, been flying every premium flag I have, plus the New Year Streamer cammo as well, to get these numbers but, by the end of the Narai week I will have 1 10 point captain to 19 points and another to 16 points, plus, I will have added enough free XP to have more than 1.5 million banked for Hayate when she is released. So much more rewarding...
  6. I'm trying to build FREE XP so am carrying the Papa Papa signal (additional 300% XP) and the Ouroboros signal (additional 777%) on my Alaska as seen in this screen shot of my port. But as you can see from the result screen, those benefits were not applied. Am I missing something?
  7. I predict that at the same time Friesland/Friesburgerland will become available as a free xp T9 Pan-Euro ship, the Rogue Wave reward DD, the Benham, will become a free xp ship and join her. Because it costs up to 40,000 doubloons to convert one million experience to free-xp, which is roughly (but somewhat less than), the cost of buying 750 fuel tokens from the premium shop (50k doubloons)... however with those fuel tokens you also get some useable flags, etc. so the price has to be higher. 750 fuel is still 50 short but it's not that hard to obtain 50 fuel tokens. The prices seem to have been intentionally made equivalent - as to make sure neither players who buy Benham with fuel tokens, nor, with free xp conversion, will feel cheated. Also if memory serves, free xp ships have been traditionally released in pairs; so it makes sense that they will release two free xp DDs at the same time. Even if free xp ships haven't been traditionally released in pairs, it makes sense to give players who have a bunch of free xp (or have a fat bank account) and who love DDs a choice between two radically different DDs: a pure Gunboat DD-hunter without torps, and an undergunned Shima-Clemson torpboat. This means there's one free xp DD for each of the two major DD playstyles.
  8. admiralsexybeast

    About The NTC Reward Ships

    So, I must admit that I don't really keep up with WOWs news all that well. Basically, my understanding of the NTC is that we can choose to erase progress on a number of tech trees we've already finished and in return for regrinding them, we can get rewards, of which tier 10 premium BB USS Ohio is my main focus. My question is; if I so desired, would I be able to just re-research the tech trees I erase with my free xp and still be able to get the reward ship? I really don't see why I wouldn't be able to because that means I still technically redid the required amount of tech trees, but Im not sure if it works that way? I guess I'm just at the point now where I'm getting bored with the Tier 10 BBs that I have and am willing to throw some money at the game to get something new right away. I just want a new Tier 10 BB that is going to give me good, consistent gun performance "which is why I've been waiting patiently for over a month now for the Slava to be released," but I guess that's not happening anytime soon. Also, I figure this way, I could enjoy playing something that's not common for a little bit before I start seeing several Ohio's per team per battle.
  9. Avenge_December_7

    Next Free XP Ship?

    Does anyone have any ideas about what free xp ships, if any, will WG release next after Alaska and Azuma?
  10. Yeah, I know...they are all very different ships with very different play styles etc etc... But I have 750k free XP. I don't care about that right now... Between my lack of playtime, overwork, and various antidepressants I'm on, I'm not sure I should be trusted to run anything right now... I don't always mess drink beer, but when I do....errr wrong question... Anyway, if you had me on your team and and the Onion Knight pulled a code stupid, which one would you miss the least? Sigh...I need a nap..
  11. Hi I started to play WoW this year and I don't have enough free XP to buy the kron and I thought on asking people with more time on the game if it is likely to be a 35 free XP/doubloons conversion on Christmas or before the kron is taken out of the game.
  12. I had been saving up my free xp for the Alaska and I'm currently sitting on 1.2 million free xp but the recent announcement regarding the removal of the Musashi in patch 8.0 predicted for mid January I am wondering if I should go for that instead? I'm using my ~190,000 coal for the Salem when the new coupon drops on Christmas Eve. About me and my playstyle: 1) I'm a Co-Op/Operations main, I rarely play random or ranked unless there's some sort of campaign or mission that requires it. Remember, Co-Op battles tend to be faster and it's harder for battleships to get into flanking positions ... you generally end up having to engage from bow on. 2) With the exception of a few battles in the Izuschi (I know I spelled that wrong! ) I haven't played Japanese battleships since I grinded to the Kongo in CBT but I would like to eventually try the line hence the desire to get the Musashi. 3) I'm currently at Tier 8 for both of the US cruiser lines. 4) I generally don't play battleships but I love going bow on in my Richelieu and tanking tons of potential damage while scoring citadel hits. I am leaning towards getting the Musashi and then hopefully I could get the Alaska sometime towards the end of 2019 ... however I am concerned that WG could pull it from sale before then if it proves to be 'popular'. There's also a widespread belief that the Alaska could cost as much as 1,000,000 free xp.
  13. Hello, this is a direct request for WG staff / community managers regarding release of new T9 Premium ships and removal of existing ones. Can we get a confirmation on whether or not the USS Alaska will be release before or after the removal of Musashi / Kronstadt? If we cannot get information above, can we AT LEAST get information on how the Alaska will be sold before the removal of Musashi / Kronstadt? I currently have enough free XP /coal to get Musashi and Kronstadt. But I want to save them to get Alaska, then I like to use the other currency to get one of Musashi/ Kronstadt. I cannot buy either Musashi or Kronstadt right now because I don't know how / when Alaska will be sold. Since it is confirmed that both of old T9 premiums will be removed soon, I like the above information so I can make judgement on what ships I can purchase with the currencies I have. Please, WG, give us more information regarding the Alaska before you remove the Musashi / Kronstadt so we can actually make purchasing decisions in a timely manner. Thank you
  14. Is there any way to convert regular xp to free xp from outside the port or game client? Perhaps an app or in the wargaming website? Ive been stockpiling gold and xp for the next 35:1 conversion and am overseas for work with nothing more than my tablet, which cannot run ships obviously. By the time I return, it will be back to 25:1 conversion. Any help is appreciated.
  15. World of Warships developer interview with Sub_Octavian. Talking Free XP and Economy, Carriers and Submarines.
  16. Cereberus99

    Free XP ships

    I know there's been some talk about adding new ships to be bought with free XP. I was wondering if there was any truth to this or is it's all speculation and wishes. I have just gained enough to buy the Kron or Musashi and am wondering if I should hold out or just buy one of them.
  17. Remember doing the New year events for 2016-2017 that earned you Graf Spee and some tier VI tech tree ships, along with their permanent camos? Remember getting by the hundreds the New Year 2017 camo with a 200% Free XP bonus and no combat bonuses (detection, dispersion?). Have you for some ,unknown to you, reason still kept these seemingly worthless camos in your inventory? Well then, take a gander:
  18. Hey all. With 2 more tier 9 free xp ships coming out. (Alaska, Jean Bart.) What do you guys feel would be good tier 7 free xp ship? Currently the Nelson is the only ship in the market but theres a ton of other historical ships they could put in there. For me I would really love to see some of the last of the unique British cruisers. Maybe the British County Heavy class cruisers, the dido light cruiser (though this one I feel might be a over tiered for what it was.) Or the USS California! (We dont have any tier 7 us premium battleships.) Theres plenty more of ships that would fit, what do you all think?
  19. Karma. I set a "goal" when they introduced it to get mine to 300. Seemed like a good number to strive for. So now that I have gotten there I only have satisfaction from achieving the goal. You get karma for good play and good manners. It is a point system that recognizes desirable effort. Still no indication from WG on what the plans are for karma but a few things I would like to see tied to it. 1. Coal, or better yet, steel. From what I have read this "commodity" will come from clan achievements, some missions, crates. Why not as a reward for good behavior. 2. Doubloons would also be nice. 3. Even (real) supercontainers with a higher chance for ship drop, doubloons, high credit amounts or high elite/free XP amounts. Set any of these rewards on reaching target numbers. Maybe at 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 karma. Make the rewards larger at each stage. And if you implement something like this make sure those who have passed one or more of the reward levels get the cumulative rewards! Still having fun and going on three years of play. Keep it up WG!