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Found 1 result

  1. I don't know if this has ever been a discussion on, but I was wondering this as i was running around with my Nelson... Free XP ships. I think they're a blast; fun ships to have, nice premiums and of course an interesting way to grind for them. So far we have 2, one British and one American, both of them I already have and loving em. What about the other nationalities though? I'm sincerely hoping WG makes next free XP ships from different nations instead of piling up more on British or US. And yes a non BB free XP ship would be cool too. What do people here think other nation's free XP ship should be? Russian, French, Japanese, German and Italians.. (maybe pan asian free xp too?) Should free xp ships be only historical or can include some well known designs by their respective navies (not WG designed paper ship like say... hindenburg). Just curious to what people think.