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Found 3 results

  1. Jolly_Rodgered

    New Bonus Code

    Modus2SantaPirate Not sure what you get but if it's free it's for me. Good luck captains!
  2. I've only been playing (steadily) for a couple of weeks so please forgive me if this has been rehashed to death already. Didn't find anything in the forums. I got the free Twitch/Prime Azura Lane captain, Littorio, but she's only for Italian ships. So I took my level 1 Italian cruiser and dedicated my resources to get up to a Level IV - Giussano. Entering my first battle and... crap... that's not English! Do the captains speak the language of their fleet (i.e. USA - English, Italy - Italian, Spain - Spanish, etc)? To me, this would make playing other nations difficult. Is there a way to change to voice on the captains to English? I seem to remember reading something about it in regards to Ashley Violet and her manly voice, but can't seem to find that post again. Thanks for any response/feedback.
  3. AtlanticRim

    PSA: Pin-up Gift Codes

    These codes are from accumulating views on the Pin-up video! Remember to use and share them! 3 Special Signals: ALLFORONEANDONEFORALL 3 Special Signals and an Anniversary Container: INUNIONTHEREISSTRENGTH 3 Special Signals and a Premium Anniversary Container: TBA at one million views