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Found 2 results

  1. beowulf999

    Resources for ships

    I originally started to go for the resource containers to save coal and buy a Musashi, it is (of course) no longer available. I see that you will be able to exchange 1 million free exp for a "free" ship, thanks but I have a lot more things that I can use free exp on. Like World of Tanks, World of Warships seems to cater to the people who play 24/7 rather than the casual player. Their choice of course, but I think that more money could be made from a lot of people contributing a small amount rather than a few (maybe) contributing a large amount. Anyway, no more money will be spent on either game.
  2. I returned to WoW after an eight month absence. Since coming back, a few things (good things, it must be said) have happened, but I'm not sure why. First, I found a T5 Premium Giulio Cesare battleship in my ship roster when I came back. It just appeared, I certainly didn't buy it. Second, I received a 14 day premium status on my account three days ago (after playing about a week). Again, I didn't buy it, but it's certainly there. Third, I've been working up the US cruiser line and am close to getting the Tier 8 soon. In anticipation, last week I sold off a low level ship to clear out a slot. Two days ago, I found a Tier 4 premium French destroyer had magically appeared and I had no slots left. When I logged on today, the French destroyer was gone and it took my slot with it. I'm just playing the game and opening the odd container that comes my way (usually just flags and camo). I've seen nothing saying I've won any premium ships! So, questions: How am I getting these multiple Premium ships and account time? Some unnamed benefactor (please be a supermodel) or some unknown game reward? Also, if I get gifted a ship, shouldn't it come with a slot? I can't buy my T8 cruiser now without spending cash as all other slots are filled with reasonably decent (and upgraded) ships. So the free ship cost me. Thanks.