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Found 1 result

  1. Le’ France Navy Cruiser Émile Bertin 0.7.7 Quick Summary: Not using WASD hack and yours dead (personal experiences). This review is aiming for new players and "on top" of my previous review here My play style: to get a win with many awards as possible, mainly scoring citadel hits. If I cant win, at least the game's result is acceptable. No pressure, just having fun! Cost: 1 500 000 credits, 17500 ship experiences to research PROs AB-X turret layout allows two-thirds of her firepower to be deployed even when bow-on. The fastest Tier V cruiser with a top speed of 39 knots. CONs The ship is virtually un-armour. Reload time of main battery is NOW 13 seconds (12 sec before 0.7.7). Torp’s range is SHORTEN to 6KM (9KM before 0.7.7) Only one torpedo launcher of 3 on each side Anti-aircraft capabilities of the ship are very limited. REVIEW Upon WG “neft” the Emile Bertin, her play style changed. EB can no longer safe from 10KM away. Previously, with 9KM torp, you can fire your torp to area denial (intended to stop a capping going to happen) or forcing your opponent turning in a direction you want and still have decent range to WASD out or turn and run, with 0.7.7, you cant. Your torp is now for self-defence, close combat or late nice ambush. Detection range on the EB is horrible at 12.6 km. If you are in a game with CV player, be extremely careful, CV player at the back will “spot” you for their team; combined this with the 6.6km air detectability and if you are rushing ahead without a plan or no support, you will be the first one to get focus fires. You stay with the fleet to combine your AA, don’t over extend and you are defendless. If you stay with the fleet, less likely you going to get focus fires because everyone going to shoot at everyone, or shoot at the target that they can shoot. Thus you play as support role, always WASD hack, and turn when “detected”, expected that someone already shooting at you. Make it hard to hit you. So now, you need to use the map and whatever available to help reduced your detection range while maintain a comfortable distant so that you can connect your shots. Island hoping, not island hiding. Island will also help blocking shots from enemy and provide perfect ambush. Fire damage farming First off, you need to learn other nation ships characteristic and especially their hit point (HP). For example, USN BB are slow, and above average HP, and their detection are massive. They probably first ship I would HE first on sight. The reason is that after that I can HE other ships, wait till that BB use the repair and put out the fire, I re focus and HE again. But keep in mind that you still need cover to continue to rain fire, if you are detected, get ready to WASD like crazy. Once you got the BB on fire, shoot at other ship and repeat. Now, other game mechanic – when ship on fire and show broadside or just angle, or running away, switch to AP. HE if the ship you are stalking are at an angle. In binocular view, how many fire are there on the ship? Ship can get 4 fires: front, 2 on super structure, and 1 at the aft; and the more fire on the ship, the more damage you gain. You need to scan the map and plan ahead. Which ship you can kill off first, your positioning, which ships are next and are you still un-detected. After your shot, are you detected? Do you have to stop fire and re-position. The ship you stalking are slow or fast? Can you still HE and farm fire damage? How to Kill It The Emile Bertin is a potentially dangerous opponent. In the hands of an expert player, using speed and agility, she can get to point quickly, fight and then turn and run away before the rest of the fleet get there • In Destroyers: be extremely caution when engaging the Emile Bertin at close range. She can easily bring at least three x3 guns turrets and a x3 torps tube. In addition, her speed will make her a very frustrating target to strike with torpedoes. If she gives you her broadside at ranges of less than 10km, fire AP from her first gun turret to get to her citadels and if EB get within 6.5km, expect torp and WASD hack. Keep her spotted for the team •With Cruisers: be aware of her very large detection radius. Any opportunity you get to fire AP into her soft armour should be taken care of her. Be aware of and respect her torpedo armament (6km range/60 knots/very comfortable fire arc torp too) and don't take her 152mm turret lightly; and they have high chance of starting a fire. •For Battleships: keep the distance away from 6km, once you're inside the range torpedoes will likely be in the water. Stick with AP rounds no matter what aspect she gives you. At medium to close ranges, they will obliterate the poor armour of this fragile cruiser. •Lastly Carriers: should treat her similarly to any cruiser. If you are playing low tier CV, use the auto cross-drop. If you are playing high tier CV, manual drop slight in front calculate her high speed. Keep her spotted for ally ships to focus fire/and or ping her on the map and she will be sunk first. If you playing IJN CV, cross drop torp. If you play USN CV, after striking her, you should keep dive bomb squad close to her so that she can be spot and dealt with. It is important to kill this cruiser first for the team. If you see a EB in your game, everyone should focus her first when opportunity given. If you leave her alone, she can be devastating in late game to yours allies. Overall Impressions She can fend off dd (faster than dd + hydroacoustic), frustrated dd with her speed and area denial capacity, sometime if aim and time correctly, the Emile Bertin can multiple time in-capacitated the dd engine and steering. She can citadels t4/t5 – i sometime citadel a careless capt driving a t6 (Pepsicola), or chunking off large amount of HP before going down (bb/cruiser). She can keep distant and HE spam with the help of capt skills and signals to deal high fire damage over time. I also equip the torp signal to obtain more flooding chance as well. This is now because I can torp in close range and most likely all 3 torps going to hit. Suggestion to WG Torp range should be 8KM. With 6KM range I felt like EB is at the disadvantage. Her armour not withstand long enough for new players to actually charging to get within range. Evidence here, even with a Kaiser at 7.8KM away from me, I am dead before I can even get within range and all my torp missed (I want to test the torp, it not comfortable when facing bb). Even with the intention of testing the torp, I have to wait till the end of the game and making sure the team is getting the win without me; while with 9km or at the suggested 8KM I can comfortable lunch my torp and have little time left to perform other tasks. Recommended Captain Skills 1st Skill: Preventative Maintenance should be one of the first skills you grab 2nd Skill: I strongly recommend Adrenaline Rush over Expert Markman. More damage done, more XP rewarded. 3rd Skill: Demolition Expert is probably your best choice. Low tier increasing the fire chance of your HE shells from 12% to 14%. 4th Skill: Concealment Expert is the best option, because of her torp range had shorten, she need to be stealthier. She need to use islands to further reduce her detection down or to set up an ambush For me, I go with the following set up 5th Skill: Investing in Expert Marksman – 2 pts. I preferred EM as I am dodging, wiggling, dancing so that I do not show my profile a lot. Regardless of armour angling, AP shells still damage you, so the best captain is to minimize the damage as much as possible and return damage high enough to scare off your enemy. 6th Skills: IFHE – 4 pts But for new player: Please consider with your own play style if CE or IFHE is more comfortable. If you want to play the EB, test it out first. I find that without IFHE, I am doing OK in every game I play. I can damage bb with AP knowing that I am going to die anyway thus I make the most out of every engagement as possible. I personally do not feel the differences of the short torp range (only from time to time frustrated but no big deal) as i can always find other ways to use my torp.