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Found 3 results

  1. Seems to be a bad FPS rate fluctuation since last patch effecting Nvidia GTX1070 cards. I had no issues with fps running 120-200 plus FPS, now its jumping betwoeen 100 - 20 FPS and unplayable. Tried it all. Reinstalled the game, reinstalled Windows, reinstalled the Nvidia driver, even over clocked the video card to compensate. Nothing. Benching the card and other games are all fine. Running very fast on ultra settings fine. World of Warships, something is up since last patch. VERY BAD graphics issue. On my main system, running a GTX 2070, issue is not as bad, though it does drop below 120FPS at times, but jumping is not as bad as the 1070 system. Its nott he systems as they are 8 core (8 thread) and 12 core (24 thread) with 16GB and 32GB ram respectively. Both Windows 10. The GTX 2070 system is running on a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, so to have FPS issues should NOT be happening as it runs some high intense games over 300FPS plus on max settings. World of warships lately can bring it down. And the GTX1070 system, brings it to a crawl. Question is why? Was not an issue before. Benching the system, and video card and system is off the charts fantastic for any game out there. Hopefully a fix will be in the next update. IT IS NOT YOUR SYSTEM. ITS THE GAME.
  2. Ever since the last patch, whenever the camera goes below the deck level of the ship (I mean if the ship is at about eye level and I'm not looking down on it), the framerate drops significantly. This is most noticeable in port, but I have also noticed it in game as well. Is there something I can do about this or is it something that is going to be fixed in the next patch? Does anyone know?
  3. Okay the last month or so I have been having major issue with frame rate drops and it is really bad on T9 and 10 maps.Sometimes down to 20 FPS..My game play suffers really bad and at this point I am not going to play T9 or 10 as I am a drag on my team.On tier 6 and down my frame rate is even starting to drop off to below 30 sometimes. With that being said the following " is not the issue". My GPU,MY CPU or my Internet connection.Testing has showed my CPU and GPU never crack 50% even with OBS recording.My ping stays around 25ms to 35ms.Motherboard memory usage is about 30% and memory faults our zero. GPU memory runs from 40% to 60% .FSB usage and temps our all within operating parameters. I have not changed any settings as of the last 6 months except I run my own soundtracks. Now on to my thoughts about this..I am getting IO spikes to 100% at times from my Hard drive but this is sporadic but does occur during game play(have tested HD and all is good I also de-fragment every week). I am using Win7 64bit..I have been getting disconnected from WOW servers during game play at a much higher rate the past month or so..I am thinking server issues, or a bug effecting rendering in one of the last few updates..(As I was hit with the DX bug back about 5 months ago from bad coding in an update and it killed my frame rate ).. Any advice or suggestions on this issue would be most appreciated. Thanks Tim