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Found 11 results

  1. Mizzerys_Fate


    @Ahskanceis it possible to get a simple slider for FPS both in a match and in port. I'm tired of using a mod or trying to edit a configuration file, being an old guy I'm afraid of messing it up. 75 in a match results in a much smoother game for me, while a buddy likes 144 to match his monitor. In port, 30 seems to make transitions faster. There are already a ton of graphic adjustments, but I think this would be a good quality of life fix for all.
  2. I have this issue that has happened to me on 2 different computers, where the FPS will go from a solid 74-76 to the 40s-50s often in game. The drops happen in game at random times, and can last 5 seconds to the end of the game. On my laptop, it started last year after an update earlier in the year. I thought maybe it was just the pc getting older. I just upgraded to my new desktop, Intel I5-11600 Geforce RTX 3060 and 16 GB Ram, and there was no FPS drops for the first few days, and then it came back. It does not matter what I do, I have researched and tried different things. My temps are always good, I have dropped the graphics to lowest settings, re-installed the game, and nothing has helped. Came on here to see if anyone has had any similar problems.
  3. so after this week's update, I used aslain mod and I noticed the fps limit is not working. usually, I set it to 40 due to laptop performance/ lag. So I went online, used the tutorial, went to the bin folder. there are 2 folders in it, and I went into both o them, change the engine-config XML in the res and res-mod folders, change the maxfps from 75 to 40, saved the data. But even after that, it still goes up to ~60. I even tried the clean version disabling the mod, and the problem persist. I checked all 4 XMLs and the 40 fps is still there. Any idea??
  4. frankfletcher_1

    Stuck at less than 25 FPS

    So, I changed my monitor for one a few inches larger. Suddenly my FPS goes from around 35-40 down to around 17-20. I turn down all my settings as low as they go or off (except for animate small objects), which brings it back up to 20-25. Can someone please explain how to increase it? I have no idea what any Nvidia or RTX or graphics card means, all I know is that it says "Optiplex 3050" on the front of a Dell Windows 10.
  5. I know that some of you may have been experiencing FPS drops when playing World of Warships (WoWS) as explained here. However the FPS drop is not all a Wargaming fault alone, however the situation is amplified in playing WoWS. I have done a study in looking into this subject. What I have found is that the client system can be the major part of the problem caused by Microsoft Windows 10. I configured my system now to be a gaming system and not a general everything system that Microsoft has given me for a Windows 10 system. If anyone has a problem on the procedures in getting your system FPS game optimized, then everything can be rolled back and is reversible to their original settings. Take screen-shot captures of your settings if you are uncomfortable in any of the steps. Note: Do not delete or un-install the Microsoft Xbox Application!!! To start you will need to get the FRAPS software to record you FPS responses in their logs. Noted below is the free software web site. This will measure where you are for a bases starting point. To give an example for FPS measurement, here are my before and after FPS benchmarks FRAPS Benchmark report Before Minimum Maximum Average 21 63 26.254 After Minimum Maximum Average 72 75 73.315 A 36% increase in average FPS To start I did the following: 1. Un-install any software (Games) that you don't play anymore 2. MSConfig changes 3. Turn off useless Windows Services 4. Turn off Windows privacy feedback settings in the control panel 5. Turn off Xbox settings settings in the control panel 6. Change Power Options advance settings for the processor in the control panel 7. Turn off Remote access in the control panel 8. Modify the Windows registry Un-install any software (Games) that you don't play anymore This could be a personal preference and you could skip this step. There could be processes running in the background such as updating services for those games. If you don't play them, then get rid of them. You don't want these processes sucking up your computer resources. You can either un-install the software in the Windows control panel or use a program like the CCleaner software which will be listed below. MS Config UPDATE: The procedure listed below for MSconfig in changing the core settings, is for debug purpose only. It does nothing in helping change the client FPS. Please disregard and skip this procedure The system has to read the system settings when Windows is booting up. Now Microsoft has given you just enough settings to get you going as a Windows user. To open the MS Config program press the Windows Key and “r” key to open the RUN window. Then type msconfig to open the program. Your system will now have to be rebooted after these changes. Microsoft Services to turn off Turn off Windows 10 privacy settings I went through all these settings in the control panel and turned them off Turn off Xbox settings Now what I am reporting here maybe controversial, however if you don't use the Xbox programs on your PC, turn the Xbox programs off. Otherwise skip this change if you use the Xbox features. About 30% to 40% of FPS loss is attributed to the Xbox GameDVR software. The Xbox GameDVR is the worst offender in sucking up FPS resources. Below is what I did to turn off the Xbox Features Change Power Options advance settings for the processor Another section that was changed is the power management for the processor. Since I run a desktop system I changed the setting as shown below. If you have a laptop, you want to research this setting more. Turn off Remote access This setting is used by anyone using remote access into your system such as tech support or if you need to get a file remotely hopefully by a VPN. I don't use this feature, so I turned this off. If you need it again for such a case in future, you can turn it back on. Go to the section in the control panel to change as shown below. Modify the registry Skip this section if you are unsure of this process. To open the Regedit program press the Windows Key and “r” key to open the RUN window. Then type regedit to open the program. The screen will open like below We need to change GameDVR setting in the registry. Go to this entry first. Go to this entry second Optimize software Free to use optimization software. Of course you can get more software features from these developing companies if you pay for them. However, the free software works just as well. As I said in adjusting these settings, gaming with WoWS is richer to me. The Audio is better, the Video crisp in details and the game does not frustrate me as it did before these changes. Try them and let me know if you have questions, disagree, or if the steps helped you in WoWS performance. Again all of these settings can be rollback to you original settings if you encounter problems. UPDATE: One of the items I forgot to mentioned is always have your videos drivers updated too!
  6. Seems to be a bad FPS rate fluctuation since last patch effecting Nvidia GTX1070 cards. I had no issues with fps running 120-200 plus FPS, now its jumping betwoeen 100 - 20 FPS and unplayable. Tried it all. Reinstalled the game, reinstalled Windows, reinstalled the Nvidia driver, even over clocked the video card to compensate. Nothing. Benching the card and other games are all fine. Running very fast on ultra settings fine. World of Warships, something is up since last patch. VERY BAD graphics issue. On my main system, running a GTX 2070, issue is not as bad, though it does drop below 120FPS at times, but jumping is not as bad as the 1070 system. Its nott he systems as they are 8 core (8 thread) and 12 core (24 thread) with 16GB and 32GB ram respectively. Both Windows 10. The GTX 2070 system is running on a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, so to have FPS issues should NOT be happening as it runs some high intense games over 300FPS plus on max settings. World of warships lately can bring it down. And the GTX1070 system, brings it to a crawl. Question is why? Was not an issue before. Benching the system, and video card and system is off the charts fantastic for any game out there. Hopefully a fix will be in the next update. IT IS NOT YOUR SYSTEM. ITS THE GAME.
  7. I'm sharing a website that "seems" that checks the connection status from your site to World of Warships. Check your Ping to World of Warships Ping Test I hope that Technical Support validate this website, because I found it very useful. From now on, I will check the status before play and will not break my head thinking what is going wrong. I bet that the internet connection will vary from country to country, city to city... as I wrote "seems" that check your local connection to the remote server of WOW. I would like to suggest to WOW that give the chance to select different servers, as other on line games does. So, you can see that which server is overloaded and which is not. Just a tought... I have no idea if the game select always the same server or looks for better alternatives.
  8. MakersMike

    Big FPS Drop?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing a large drop in FPS in the last few days. I don't have a great system, but with low settings, I've always gotten around 45-55 FPS which is doable. Now all of the sudden I'm getting 20, sometimes lower. If no one else is experiencing this, then I'll have to figure out what is causing it. Any suggestions are appreciated. The only thing I've changed recently is I installed the Nanogram crosshair from the modstation. I don't imagine that would affect it. FPS is low all of the time, not just in zoom. It's a Del laptop i7 500 gig with the crappy intel integrated graphics. Plenty of memory available, 250 gigs. Windows 10. Just did a big update, but it was happening before update and continued after the update. Thanks.
  9. game lags so bad, it freezes mid match and when it unfreezes, the map is stuck in the last spot. When using a CV, the game freezes in place while still showing the score and what ships have been sunk. Can still launch planes but can't control them nor the ship. WGCheck report no longer works as it will not make a report and a clean reboot only stops it for a short time. This has been happening for months now
  10. I've been having some of the most dumbest things happen to this game now. First off, I now can play in 10-11 fps or even lower when I used to play 25+ prior to this "update" Secondly, I spent about 3 hours trying to find a solution to this, AND updated my drivers (apparently my graphics driver wasn't updated to recent) and yet I STILL have gotten NO change in FPS WHATSOEVER. I've basically given up at this point, as I'm 101% sure that the new "update" is the source of the problem.
  11. Hi. I started playing recently and I dont know why but I can't get very high fps or graphics. I have linked a screenshot of my specs. From what I read on here I would've thought that it should be enough but even with every graphics settings at the bare minimum, I barely get 40 fps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers