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Found 3 results

  1. armydude

    FPS Drop

    Whenever my ship comes under attack either from planes, torpedoes, or ships, my FPS drops drastically from 70ish to 20ish causing the game to become unplayable. Is there anything in the settings that I can adjust to reduce this problem? All drivers are up to date. System Model: Dell G3 3590 Processor: i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz RAM: 16GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q Design Thanks.
  2. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    FPS DROP 1070GTX and RTX2070

    Since last update the issue has gotten worse re FPS drops. Went from 144-148FPS down to 5FPS during a battle and when firing guns. This on a 4GHz system, with a 1070 GTX 8GB video card with 16GB ram. NOT over clocked, default Nvidia settings for card, running at 2560x1080 on a acer predator curved 35" gsync monitor. This was never an issue a few updates ago. YES, game was re-installed, Windows 10 re-installed, Nvidia drivers updated, you name it, I done it. Name it and I read it. LOTS of people having same issues. It is NOT a CPU issue or a GPU issue as the gPU runs at top speed and so does the GPU during gameplay using MSI Afterburner OSD. When game is loading, GPU is pushing almost 700FPS. In game its capped to 144FPS using the config change that limits FPS. Let me be clear. This does NOT happen in any other game I have tried - I own over 600 games, over 100 VR games. The GTX 1070 G1 Gaming OC is a fast card. It used to keep 144FPS no matter what in World of Warships even during the most intense battles. NOW, that was my upstairs gaming PC. Now for my $6000 Gaming Rig with 49" curved gsync/freesync gaming monitor, Aorus RTX 2070 Extreme 8GB video card, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU, and 32GB Ram, with tempered glass case, liquid cooled, and Aorus gaming MB, M.2 drive, and SDD drives. It laughs at all benchmarks, gets UFO status on user benches, and laughs at Cinebench and draws that picture in less than 30 seconds if not less. NOT overclocked by any means, has ample power with platinum certified 1000w clean PSU, and crazy FPS in most games. Enter Warships. If you ever wanted to see a GPU go from 200 plus FPS down to about 10FPS when there is a battle, then this is it. Something is wrong with the client big time with nvidia cards. Its either the drivers, directX, windows 10 update, or Wargaming client and warships game. Most games I have on extreme or ultra settings as computer just laughs at them and has almost 0 effect on FPS. BUT, even setting the graphics to LOW in World of warships, and reducing the display to even a paltry 1920x1080 square in the middle of the monitor for testing purposes, the game cannot keep even a 100FPS and drops down to 25-30 when guns fire. Game loading, FPS goes into the thousands. Graphic performance, the CPU where it has 12 cores/24 threads, and running to its max 4300Mhz turbo, cpu barely uses 5% cpu power while gaming, and GPU while running top speed, not being taxed much either, but something is making the FPS drop when stuff is drawn on screen. I can fully understand IF this was on one system or something with an old 660 video card or something (of which I have one, and it doesnt drop FPS - actually the GTX600 runs the game no issues without FPS drops of any kind) Go figure. So WHAT is causing it? I changed gaming mode, stoped services, disabled HPET, enabled HPET, changed windows timer resolution down to 0.5ms (which gives a hell of a boost in many programs), disabled Gaming DVR, xbox stuff, you name it. Clean installed, driver versions, driver clean, audio changes, updated system drivers, updated Windows 10, you name it. I am at a loss, so I turn to Wargaming for an answer. My connection is a 1.5Gbit Fiber. I run CAT8 in the house from the Fibe modem/router, speeds are as fast as the computer Nic can handle both ways 950Mbits/s up and down. latency to server which is over 3500km away from me is 33ms ping... nothing is interfering with network activity either. With this connection I can download my entire steam gaming library, watch a movie, have 14 devices running, two TVs on netflix, and my network will still be 30-35ms while gaming... Tests and benches all say everything is running as it should be. So what the hell is causing high end cards to drop FPS with this game? World of Tanks does not have this issue. Seems to only be World of Warships at this time. Any comments and ideas are welcome. This is driving me batty. I mean windows 10 loads like a on/off switch on both of these systems as both are gaming systems. one from 2016, and the other 2019. The later runs anything in HTC Vive VR with no slowdowns, constant FPS no matter what. So it has to be World of Warships.
  3. I've been having some of the most dumbest things happen to this game now. First off, I now can play in 10-11 fps or even lower when I used to play 25+ prior to this "update" Secondly, I spent about 3 hours trying to find a solution to this, AND updated my drivers (apparently my graphics driver wasn't updated to recent) and yet I STILL have gotten NO change in FPS WHATSOEVER. I've basically given up at this point, as I'm 101% sure that the new "update" is the source of the problem.