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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone else getting "Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content" when trying to flag a post? First happened yesterday when I was in the Pet picture thread. I was able to like several posts, then the msg kept popping up. I figured I had used up my like/laugh/confused/mad click allotments for the day (is there a limit?). Anyway, I'm seeing it again today from the get-go in any thread.
  2. nastydamnanimal

    Boomers vs Try Hard

    Boomers in game: Dont initiate, reinforce or spot with ships they use that are designed just for this. Generally lackadaisical gameplay only aggressive when the tryhards, despite their passive teammates, have managed to turn the odds but not just by a little, oh no, the boomers will stay passive until the tryhards have assured them favorable odds of victory. Boomers on the forum: They own the salt mines in Canada If Anyone presents an idea that will change anything in game in the slightest they are instantly flamed. They think they are smarter than the rest of the gamer community. Yet they are past grown men that still play video games. So that in and of itself makes them equally as dumbazz as the rest of us. My message is this. Boomers tryharder.
  3. ThatsAPaladin

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    I noticed this a few days ago and was hoping it'd go away on its own, and I haven't noticed anyone else mention it. It doesn't really match the others, and i'm concerned that they've taken away out diet downvote. Can we not be trusted with a disappointed sailor? Or at least get the confused a matching hat?
  4. Hello! I'd like to make the suggestion of linking profile messages, ex- those received on the forums, to a notification tab on the game hub launcher. In context, during the recent first pirate-hunt event, there was a message sent to my profile with a request for reinforcements. I had no idea I had received this message until late September when i swung to the forums to check on the progress on the patch contest submissions. I think it would work to have a connection to the profile message system in Wargaming Game Center. I'm not on the forums, or my email often for that matter, and not otherwise privy to timely awareness to messages.
  5. Perhaps this is indicating a thread has been deleted?