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Found 1 result

  1. SoothingWhaleSongEU

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    So this theory posted on this reddit thread has rapidly gained a lot of interest and lots of confirmation. So. SCIENCE! Before opening any Santa's Mega Gifts: Did you already own *ANY* of these ships: Duca d'Aosta, Yūdachi, Vanguard or Ochakov? Likewise before opening any Santa's Big Gifts: Did you already own *ANY* of these ships Admiral Makarov, California or Orkan The theory is if you get a ship then it will choose one of these 3 or 4 ships (depending on the gift). I *believe* this ship should appear from that gift container.* BUT if you already have it then you will instead get a super container (with I believe the super container animation)* with a ship you don't already have from the far longer 107 ship list. So in my case I already have Duca d'Aosta (from a Santa Gift from last year... oddly enough...) so it's possible for me to get *any* ship from the full list if I buy a Mega Gift Container and get lucky. But I should be unsurprised if I end up with Yūdachi, Vanguard or Ochakov (which I don't have) However as I don't have Makarov, California or Orkan, then by the short list rule the first ship I get must be one of them if I open a Big gift and get a ship. After getting at least one I can again get any ship on the list. This is obviously clearer if you open the containers one at a time but also full results are also interesting. So if you've opened Mega or Big gifts this year and you got at least one ship: Did it follow this rule? Please tell us. Do we have anyone who doesn't have any ship from the relevant short list who gets another ship first? Please tell us what you got. Edit: *A note on the gift crate vs supercontainer animation. As any unowned shortlisted ship could *also* come out of a super container if they're a ship that the player doesn't own so I'm less sure how important the animation is. It's more I don't expect *any* other ship to come directly out of a gift container animation aside the 3 or 4 from the shortlist than never expecting any from the short list to come from the super container.. Edit 2: Likewise short listed ships were specifically mentioned in previous years 2016 Christmas Box 2017 Christmas Box. But not from 2018 Loot Box. Edit 3. I've posted a clone with a poll on this topic on my native EU server, for any interested.