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Found 5 results

  1. The flooding mechanic is terrible. Instead of pulling your speed towards 0, it instead cripples your engine. This makes no sense, as all the influx of water would do would be to slow you down until you could get it fixed. Multiple times now, I have been killed because either my ship is drifting from behind an island or out of smoke, simply due to my flooding. It is very frustrating, and I can see no reason why the mechanic was implemented in this way. Who thought this was a good idea?
  2. With the global flood nerf, plus the huge nerf of flooding chance on aerial torpedoes, it feels like causing flooding is very rare and if you do they will most likely have DCP ready, but if they don't, you only get like 20k damage maximum. Even with DDs I imagine flooding doesn't do much for them. To make flooding a viable damage source again for planes, the flood chance on torpedoes needs to be increased. Either that or the way flooding works can be brought back to closer to what it was before so that if you do get it, it does a lot. Now that flooding is basically the same as fires, it seems kinda unfair that Midway can start many fires to get damage over time but Hakuryu cannot cause the floods it can do it's damage over time on. (No I am not asking for a Midway nerf, I am talking about a Hakuryu buff. Midway is perfectly fine right now)
  3. The nerfs to the flood chances of aerial torpedoes combined with the global flooding change has eliminated a huge source of damage for carriers. Carriers that cannot set tons of fires like Hakuryu for example have to rely on alpha damage alone, baiting DCP and trying to set up perma floods was a smart tactic that could get you high damage if used right, but now it's been extinguished. Not sure what should be done about this, but CVs need a reliable damage over time source that doesn't just work for the US ones.
  4. Can't quite figure this dev strike out. Had two torp salvos at fairly close range, only one of which ended up being my kill. Only thing I can think of is that somehow the ticker was still going as the ship was flooding to death? Seems like it went for quite awhile. See the screenshots below:
  5. The Red lights that flash on battleships, Well i've only noticed it on the Montana is this on all ships now? I figured it was easier to ask this here rather then get hit by torpedoes all the time Is it on cruisers and destroyers as well? i didn't see anything about it in the patch notes, just the new little alarm and icon on the ship.