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Found 14 results

  1. Warning Lights after Flooding

    The Red lights that flash on battleships, Well i've only noticed it on the Montana is this on all ships now? I figured it was easier to ask this here rather then get hit by torpedoes all the time Is it on cruisers and destroyers as well? i didn't see anything about it in the patch notes, just the new little alarm and icon on the ship.
  2. Flooding fix

    As of now flooding lasts 1 min and 30 sec for all ships.. this is an error. in general I know there are ships that don't follow this but we are talking about ship classes. here is a table of repairs and floor per class Flag A- Juliet Yankee Bissotwo -20% Capt A- Basics of Survivability -15% Upgrade -Damage control mod 2 -15% type of ship regular premium flood time Flag-A Capt A Upgrade Combined Destroyer 60 40 90 72 76.2 76.2 46.2 Cruiser 90 40 90 72 76.2 76.2 46.2 Battleship 120 80 90 72 76.2 76.2 46.2 Carrier 90 60 90 72 76.2 76.2 46.2 High Alert, Jack of All Trade, with adjustment I am suggesting because of flooding.. is it worth while for a destroyer to get commander skill Basics of Survivability is totally pointless.. his repair will come quicker then the flood end. all premiums except for battleship makes the flag and captain skill POINTLESS. repair will come quicker. So here is a table of a more reasonable flood times by tier and if you get premium repair it give a bonus to repair of flooding. premium repair bonus on flooding % off time of repair to flooding.. DD=55% off (40 sec) CA=33% off (60 sec) BB=10% off (80 sec) CV=33% off (60 sec) or a flat reduction of 33% off flooding time.. making it 60 sec making captain and flag skill useful. making flag reduced to 48 sec, captain skill 51 sec, and upgrade 51 sec, and combined 40sec here is a table with new look type of ship regular premium prem flood Flag-A Capt A Upgrade Combined Destroyer 60 40 40 32 34. 34 23.12 Cruiser 90 60 60 48 51 51 34.68 Battleship 120 80 80 64 68 68 46.24 Carrier 90 60 60 48 51 51 34.68 total damage according to wikis page this will reduce total amount of damage if it goes to full time.. flooding should be .5% per second. Ok what does everyone think
  3. Just wondering if the flooding bonus from this signal (+15%) applies to torpedo bombers or is it just for ship-launched torpedoes.... Thanks! <S!> War
  4. Is it true that if your ship is on fire or is flooding that you can stop your ship or come to a halt so that the fire and flooding damage will also be slowed? It only makes sense, and I would like a confirmation to this if this is a fact in the game.
  5. I have run into this several times but have not been able to consistently replicate it to determine cause. Periodically when my ship is on fire or receiving flooding damage I will activate DCP. It goes into cooldown, but none of the DoT damage or broken modules are repaired so my ship will continue to burn or flood until they expire on their own or the DCP cooldown resets and I use it again. I have died due to this bug several times and it is extremely irritating.
  6. First, let me credit the lad who did the math for me: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/73124-public-test-update-31012017/page__st__20__pid__1619748#entry1619748 ^If you have an EU account, give this guy an upvote. This post is more-or-less a repost to spread awareness on this otherwise mundane-looking change to flooding. If you somehow can't access EU forums, here's his entire post below: TL;DR, this is the important part of the post to pay attention to: What the above means is... As a tier 10 ship, you are taking 51.06% more damage per tick from flooding. The reduction in flooding time wasn't a buff, as maximum damage was adjusted independently of the length of flooding (otherwise the PT EU notes wouldn't explicitly state "maximum HP lost" seperately from the duration c). This is unlike the flags or captain skills which reduce flood and/or fire duration, which does affect the maximum damage received per flood and/or fire. (like "Basics of Survivibility" captain skill which reduces both duration and maximum damage taken by 15%) -For example, if flooding time was reduced to 5 seconds per flood, you would have your HP crashing down at a rate of 8-10% per second. There was a post that reinforces my fears made by TheSugeKnight on the same thread where his Kurfurst took 53985 damage from a single flooding within the cooldown period of a DCP. That's over half of his HP gone in under 80 seconds of flood time. For ships that have 3 torpedo launchers/single fire torpedoes or any form of flood-chaining capability (this includes IJN CVs + Saipan 2/2/0), that means catching someone on a damage control cooldown after they repair the first flooding guarantees 40-50% of their HP wiped off (depending on tier). I'd appreciate if I can reach a dev to see if this change was intentional, or if it was a typo on the PT patchnotes, because this change would mean flooding would exceed the rate-of-damage of 2 fires and approach the rate of three fires. It is very much an indirect buff to high volume (Shimakaze, Shiratsuyu) and fast-torpedo reload destroyers (Kamikaze, high tier German DDs) come to mind. Sub_Octavian, ya there?
  7. I have lots of the other signals but the Juliet Yankee Bissotwo signals (-20% to flooding time) never seem to drop for me. Anyone else have this problem of is this signal just cursed to never drop for me? I know you get them from playing CVs but I thought they might still drop in containers.
  8. Flooding Mechanics

    Just want to start by saying that I may very well be alone on this. Personally, I have no problem with the HE spam on battleships, as DOTs are one of the only options many classes have to kill them. That being said, I think the DOT effect from flooding is a little bit too strong atm. There are a lot of things that could be changed to fix it, but it is oftentimes a death sentence without a repair party given the damage torpedoes usually inflict before it initiates, and is virtually guaranteed with most ship based torpedoes. Obviously I have no experience with the new single launching mechanics they're adding, but it seems like it could be a very good way to keep a target constantly flooded as well. It's not a glaring issue at the moment, but I do think it needs to be re-balanced a little bit to have flooding occur at a similar rate as carrier based torpedoes giving the already superior damage of ship launches. Flooding I imagine was a very real threat to boats so I'm not saying nerf it to oblivion, but it seems an order of magnitude stronger and more dangerous than fires, which would be fine if the player had more control over mitigating it, seeing as it usually only takes 1 torpedo out of a whole well dodged spread to cripple a boat if DC happens to be on cool-down.
  9. I'm not talking about realism I am talking about game play, flooding is too powerful. Normally flooding is a non issue because I have a repair kit but If I have used it for fire its very deadly. For example if I am in my Izumo and take a torpedo I can expect to take roughly 55-60% of my health or 43,000-47,000 damage. To put this in perspective if I get hit by a torp and have 30k health left but I have used my repair, I'm dead and I have a 1min 45 second counter telling me how long I have left. Or if a t2 destroyer hits a yamato he can expect to do over 50,000 damage and not only this but the flooding will slow down the ship. I'm only asking to reduce the flooding time to something similar to fire, because for the most part its a non issue as you have a repair kit but if you don't you are done. here are some replays that show this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzDiqXOzDzA2YzEtMGFZeUxqME0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzDiqXOzDzA2VWdZNXhsVzJFc3c Edit: My new suggestion is that ships have sections like with fires but water tight areas with their own hp. With this you can be flooding in many areas and the more torps you take the more deadly.
  10. Why I turned Pink

    (I'm sure someone's already made a thread about this and I'm sorry for re-posting, but I really need to vent my frustration out after something stupid like this) -Load up ships -Play Kutuzov game -Two HE shells hit Tirpitz on own team as I save it from Mutsuki -HE shell causes fire -"YOU ARE TEAM KILLER!!!!!" -Me: "wat?" -Results come in -Did 80,000 damage and finished 4th on the team -Told to play 5 battles without damaging allies before teamkiller status gets removed. Basically, I think it's stupid that secondary damage mechanics like fires and flooding are still active as they are based on pure RNG. I get shafted for doing my job as a cruiser by saving an allied battleship and I am punished for it because of a mechanic entirely out of my control. It also could be manipulated by the person on fire by not using their repair with the intention of turning the friendly who damaged them pink. I am in no way accusing our battleship player of doing that, most likely he decided to let one fire burn out to save the repair for multiple, but it's still really frustrating that I am now pink because of something out of my control. Hence, I propose that friendly shells and torpedoes should have a 0% chance of causing secondary trickling effects. Thoughts?
  11. Death by Flood Fire?

    Cheers everyone! I've noticed something over the last few months and figured it was just a development that hadn't been corrected yet. When a ship takes a torp to the side and it breaches the armor, causing flooding... why is that being sunk by flooding while NOT on fire, causes the ship to burst into flames? Few days ago a lone DD crept up on me from behind an island and managed to bury one torpedo into the side of my Mex. At point blank range I erased him from the match... but I was so close to dying that there wasn't enough time for my repair party to cool down. The last two enemy ships were on the other side of the map engaging allies. leaving just me alone. I pan the camera out to pretty much watch my ship sink in a few seconds... when upon dying the Mex stops dead and explodes into flames. Lol. This confuses me. No shells or torps hit me... ally or enemy. Just death by water. I know the HMS Barham turned over and exploded in WW2 but she turned over and exploded. Our ships sit up right. Is it suppose to behave like this? Just genuinely curious is all.
  12. Was just in a battle, took a torp from a DD and was flooding. Secondaries did not fire off till I repaired it. Working as intended?
  13. Flooding

    Dear devs, please change the flooding mechanic! 2% dmg per second with a 1:40 timer is insane and will kill any ship if they had just recently used their damage control ability If you want it to do damage than please add flood compartments which will stop the entire ship from flooding!~ -add flood compartments to ships Generic compartment example DD=4 CA=8 BB=12 -add a soft damage stat that will be slowly repaired AFTER damage control ability is used. (damage control party seals the holes) the ship will passively pump out water -add a list feature which will cause ships to list exposing hull below the water line -Overpenning a shell under the water line can cause flooding Example : Fuso has 12 flood compartments and gets hit by a torpedo, dealing 15k damage. The compartment quickly floods dealing 1/12th total hp in 'soft' damage) the Fuso is now down to 37341 hp and will 57100 - 15000 (torpedo) - 4758 (soft flood damage) The Fuso activates the damage control ability which seals the compartment, and the pumps will slowly drain the water out after approximately 120 seconds the Fuso is back up to 42100 HP if it took 3 torpedoes that do 10k each in 3 different compartments the fuso would look like this 57100 - 30000 - 14274 (flooding) = 12826 Thoughts? improvements? *Edit can I get a Mod to move this over to suggestions?
  14. I don't mind them as a mechanic in and of themselves. But the way these things can be stacked on top of each other means that you can take out almost all of someone's HP with a purely automated, RNG-based mechanic if you time it right and get lucky. Did you know you can be on fire in 4 locations at once? I didn't, until today. Fun times. Maybe we could have a cap on the number of fires raging at once? 2 is a good number. That's still 40% HP if you let it go. That's the same damage as flooding, and that doesn't stack. How about increasing the protection time for the damage control party? 5 seconds of protection for everyone but battleships, that's not even enough time to insulate you from a single volley from anything. And why is the captain skill for reducing fire risk multiplicative, but the one for increasing chance of fire additive? That seems a little lopsided, especially when some ships can keep a volley in the air at all times. Sorry, if this topic has been posted before, I just need to vent. 3 matches in my AK Beta in which I try to carry my team and ultimately lose despite pulling my HP or more in damage and kills, and then I get a 300XP daily because in the fourth match I'm erased from the map in less than 3 minutes by a strike loadout Bogue set a quadruple fire and flooding me with torps.