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Found 7 results

  1. The_Potato_Smasher

    The Weekly Review: Fletcher

    Before I begin, I would like to make a quick disclaimer about this. No one provided this ship for me actually to playtest or the like. I ground through the ship and unlocked her modules and upgrades the same as most other people have. This review is a combination of my personal playthrough and her actual baseline statistics. I once again extend my courtesies to @0_STAR_0 for the photography and @LittleWhiteMouse for the Turning Radius Graphic. Now then, let's get down to business. Fletcher Fletcher Fletcher, my darling~ So yeah, about not doing reviews regularly… It turns out I’m just not giving myself the time to actually do the review, as I keep playing the game instead of actually sitting and typing things out. So I’ve decided to do just that, actually write a review. This week, the review will be on Fletcher. This is a ship I have very fond memories of through and through. Between the combination of rapid-firing guns for close quarters duels, fast reloading and hard-hitting torpedoes, and small size and good concealment, I found her to be vastly more efficient in combat than the Gearing that follows her, as much as some people will disagree with me on that. This is the one ship that has found a place as being special in the game..by being totally normal. She’s the one Destroyer at Tier IX that doesn’t have any gimmicks like a Hydroacoustic Search or a Main Battery Reload Booster consumable. She’s just a regular old Destroyer, through and through. She’s got guts and guns, she’s got torpedoes, she’s got Engine Boost, and she’s got smoke; what more could you ask for? ( Okay, yes, she has Defensive AA Fire, but you usually run Engine Boost because it’s better ) Well, that’s enough of that. Let’s actually get down into the meat of it. Build This is your good old build that I would recommend for Fletcher, as it is how I played her, and it’s the most effective build for her, given her outstanding torpedo armament. A gun build is viable, but it’s better saved for her sister ship, the Black. Armor Destroyer armor is easy to write for. Fletcher has 19mm plating all around with 13mm superstructure plating. HP Pool: 13,900 Base, 17,100 Upgraded, 20,250 w/ SE Upgraded Torpedo Reduction: 0% Base Fire Reduction Coefficient: 43.3 percent Armor values: 13mm-19mm Fletcher is nothing special when it comes to her armor. She has a roughly average HP pool of 17,100 hitpoints when fully upgraded and 20,250 hitpoints with Survivability Expert. Now, this doesn’t sound like much of a problem, and it really isn’t if you play this ship right. The real problems start when you run into much heavier and meatier gunships like Kitakaze, Mogador, Udaloi, and Tashkent, all of which have more hitpoints and/or some way to mitigate damage dealt, with Mogador having her unique French Saturation and the Udaloi and Tashkent both having a Repair Party consumable. In addition, only a few ships have equal or fewer hitpoints than the Fletcher, with only the Yugumo, Benham, Ostergotland, and ZF-6 having fewer hitpoints, and even the Ostergotland has a Repair Party. The Black, her sister ship, shares her hull and thus her HP values, and all other Tier IX Destroyers have more hitpoints, with even the relatively squishy Friesland having 500 extra hit points over the Fletcher. All of this means that any trades taken in the Fletcher must be measured carefully and cautiously, especially if you run into the megachonkers at Tier IX ( yes, even the Felix Schultz, that thing has some mean AP ) Verdict: It’s enough for her, but she needs more hitpoints or some other buff to remain competitive against her peers. Armaments Your good ol’ American 127mm Destroyer Guns. I love these things Layout: AB-P-XY ( Three centerline turrets with two superfiring turrets ) Range: 11.8km stock, 12.9km upgraded Reload: 3.34 seconds base / 17.96 RPM Turret Traverse Speed: 34 degrees per second Ammunition HE Shell: 1,800 Alpha, 21mm HE Penetration, 5.0% Fire Chance, 792 m/s velocity AP Shell: 2,100 Alpha, 8mm Overmatch, 21mm Threshold, 0.010 second Fuse, 792 m/s velocity Sigma: 2.0 Dispersion: Standard Destroyer Fletcher's guns are, again, nothing extraordinary compared to her peers. She doesn’t have boosted HE Penetration like the Z-46 or the Kitakaze, nor has she improved AP shells like Jutland or the ZF-6. Her base DPM of 162k HE and 189k AP is respectable, but when something like Kitakaze has 192k base HE DPM, things don’t really look as promising as they could. Compounding this problem are the rather mediocre ballistics of American 127mm guns, which start relatively fast, with a decent muzzle velocity of 792 meters per second, but quickly drop off after 7 or 8 kilometers. That’s not to say that Fletcher has bad artillery firepower or anything, however. If given a chance to sit and farm from her smoke ( which is extremely good, by the way, more on that later ), she can quite comfortably whittle down enemy destroyers that stray too close to her guns, as well as rake the superstructures of enemy cruisers and Battleships with constant High Explosive and Armor Piercing fire. She also has rather comfortable firing arcs on her guns, and a very rapid turret traverse only matched by her American Destroyer peers. That all said, it’s not her guns that are the star of the show... More peedz! These are well ranged and hit quite hard, as well as being fast. And yes, I know it says Mark 17. I meant to write Mark 16 Mod.1, but I was playing Gearing beforehand, so eh. Layout: 2 x 5 Centerline Reload: 122 seconds, upgrade to 106 seconds Traverse Speed: 25.0 degrees per second Torpedo: Mark 15 Mod.3, upgrade to Mark 16 Mod.1 Range: 9.15km, upgrade to 10.50km Speed: 55 knots, upgrade to 66 knots Alpha: 16,633, upgrade to 19,033 Detection / Reaction Time: 1.1 km / 7.7 seconds, upgrade to 1.4km / 8.2 seconds Flood Chance: 279%, upgrade to 323% Fletcher’s torpedo armament is the star of the show. Her stock torpedo armament consists of the same Mark 15 Mod.3 torpedoes found on a fully upgraded Benson, with their relatively low top speed of 55 knots and a decent range of 9.2 kilometers. However, once upgraded, Fletcher switches over to the Mark 16 Mod. 1 torpedo. This torpedo armament gains an extra 1.3 kilometers of range over the stock torpedoes, but more importantly, they also gain an extra 11 knots of speed, turning the American Torpedoes from sea mines into actual torpedoes, with the high speed of the fish allowing the Fletcher to easily target and eliminate even rapidly moving targets like cruisers and Fast battleships, as well as making lower tier Battleships even easier targets than before. In addition to the bonuses of range and speed, with an extra 2.5k Alpha damage over the previous torpedoes. Still, more importantly, they reload 16 seconds faster than the stock torpedoes, meaning that the Fletcher can launch fish at more regular intervals, which gives her fairly good torpedo damage output if she can land multiple fish per game, and trust me, you will land multiple fish per game with this ship. The Mark 16 torpedoes do have some competition at this tier, however. There are torpedo boats like the Yugumo and Benham that have incredible torpedo power to speak of, with Yugumo having longer-ranged, slightly faster-moving, and harder-hitting Japanese torpedoes. At the same time, the Benham throws out so many torpedoes, it’s just plain hilarious. Ignore those two, however, and Fletcher has some of the best Torpedo Power of any Tier IX Destroyer, far outstripping most others with regards to their capacity. Verdict: Her Artillery isn’t what it used to be, but her torpedoes still shine for being versatile, fast loading, hard-hitting, and long-ranged. AA Defenses Fletcher’s AA Power is decent enough for a Tier IX DD, but it’s not enough to help her fend off against enemy CV strikes. Long Range AA: 5 x 1 127mm/38 Mk.21 Mod.0 Range: 5.8km DPS: 77.0 Flak: 3+1 with 1,540 damage apiece Mid Range AA: 5 x 2 40mm Bofors Range: 3.5km DPS: 112.0 Flak: 0 Short Range AA: 7 x 2 20mm Oerlikion Range: 2.0km DPS: 101.5 Flak: 0 Access to Defensive AA Fire: Yes, it can be swapped with Engine Boost Fletcher’s AA Defenses are solid for a Tier IX DD, but truthfully speaking, they don’t win any prizes for being remarkable. They have long-range and fairly good damage against Tier VIII Aircraft ( and will even shred the occasionally misfortuned Tier VI CV that happens to fail division into a Tier IX Game ). That being said, her overall DPS is quite low, and that combined with her obvious fragility for a Destroyer makes her a choice target for High Explosive Dive Bombers from American Aircraft Carriers, as well as a target for rocket attack aircraft if the Carrier Player knows what they are doing and the Fletcher captain leaves his AA Defenses on ( Hopefully, no one actually does that...that would be embarrassing ) Verdict: It’s there, and it’s good if added on to other Air Defenses, but it’s still AA, so it’s pointless like most Destroyer AA outside of the Halland and a few others Maneuverability Thank you once again, Miss Mouse Top Speed: 36.5 knots / 38.3 knots w/ Sierra Mike Turning Radius: 560 Meters Rudder Shift: 3.0 seconds Turning Speed: 30 knots Fletcher’s handling is some of the best in the game for a Destroyer and a Tier IX Destroyer at that. Yes, some Destroyers move faster, and that would certainly help them turn, but they’re saddled to 600 meter plus size turning radii, and that really doesn’t help when you have to throw your ship around in tight situations. On the other hand, Fletcher has a 560-meter turning radius, and that combined with a 3-second rudder shift makes her the second most agile Destroyer at Tier IX, only behind the Benham. ( Why the Benham turns at 8.6 degrees per second compared to the Fletcher and the Black’s 8.4 degrees per second is something I will never understand as long as I live ) The only true downside to Fletcher is that her top speed is only 36.5 knots. While she has an Engine Boost consumable, most other Destroyers at this tier boast a higher top speed. The only ones truly lagging being Jutland, Felix Schultz, and Ostergotland are slower. Only the Ostergotland getting an Engine Boost. Still, she’s decently quick, and her agility isn’t affected by her low top speed, thanks to her tight turning radius and her fast rudder shift. Verdict: It’s great. She doesn’t even need an extra half knot of speed or something to keep up as long as she’s still a twirly whirly compared to other Tier IX Destroyers. Stealth Base / Minimum Surface Concealment: 7.16km / 5.80km Base / Minimum Aerial Concealment: 3.24km / 2.62km Assured Detection Range: 2.0km Smoke Firing Penalty: 2.75km When it comes to Stealth, Fletcher is towards the top of the pack at Tier IX. Her minimum concealment rating of 5.8km is only 300 meters behind the Yugumo, only 200 meters behind the Neustrashimy, only 100 meters behind the Chung Mu, and on par with her sister ship, the USS Black, with all others having either 100m extra or worse concealment over her, with some ships even losing a whole kilometer or more in terms of stealth, such as the Paolo Emilio, Udaloi, Tashkent, and Mogador, which all have over 7-kilometer detection radii even when fully built for concealment. Verdict: Great, just plain great. Fletcher is special because she isn’t special. You’re probably wondering what that means...I’ll explain. In short, Fletcher is special because of what I stated at the start: she isn’t saddled with any strange gimmicks or built-in bonuses that make her play differently from other Destroyers at this tier. She’s a vanilla-flavored lolibote that’s good at everything and can specialize in anything without sacrificing much in the other direction, whether it be for her guns or her torpedoes. She doesn’t need a Hydroacoustic Search consumable to work well when brawling other Destroyers, nor does she need any special long-range super-fast torpedoes to be a good torpedo boat, and nor does she need any special High Explosive Penetration to deal with Battleships and Cruisers. She’s just a good ship, and for that, I love her to bits, and for that, she gets my Gudbote Stamp. That will be all for now, folks. Next week will be the French Tier X Destroyer, the Kleber. Potato, out!
  2. warheart1992

    Meta enduring ships

    So recently I decided to make a return to Fletcher and finally complete my grind through the USN DD line, one of my favourites. What struck me was that even after loads of changes in the meta in recent years, she is still a very good and reliable ship, still capable of being a very strong torpedo boat and a decent knifefighter. From there a few other ships sprung to mind, some that with few changes have stayed relevant in the ever changing meta of the game even after years have passed; thought about hearing other opinions of ships that remain relevant after quite some time. Another example would be Atago; still a reliable ship and a safe choice for a tier VIII premium CA, with heal, accurate and strong main battery, concealment and torpedoes. From the middle tiers Fuso and Warspite spring to mind. They still are good ships regardless of various changes in how the game plays. Looking forward to hearing and finding out about other ships falling in that category .
  3. Now I know a lot of people who love the Fletcher as it is a great tier 9 DD and I even know some who would rather play the Fletcher over the Gearing. I love the Fletcher historically and my favorite naval story is the heroic action at Leyte Gulf by USS Johnston and USS Samuel B Roberts. I propose USS Johnston as a tier 10 USN Steel or Coal DD. Here are the Stats I would like to see Hp 19,000 - Slight increase from 17,100 Reload 2.8s buffed from 3.34s Range, Velocity, Dispersion - Same as Fletcher Speed 36.5 Knots Rudder shift 2.5s - Slight buff from 3s Surface detection 7.3km Turning circle - 550 M AA - Same as Standard Fletcher Torpedoes - Same as Standard Fletcher As you can see not a huge difference in stats from the Fletcher but where I would want the Johnson to accel is in utility. Consumables Main selling point: A damage con that last for 20 seconds as opposed to the standard 5 seconds of other destroyers. - This is due to her crews exceptional ability to repair her damaged guns and engine I personally feel it fits the ship. No Defensive AA: Johnston was not known for fighting aircraft and because of this I would not give the ship Defensive AA. Hydro: No American DD I'm aware of has access to Hydro and in exchange for Defensive AA Johnston would have Hydro. The historical reference would be Johnston's ability to avoid enemy crusier and destroyer torpedo attack. Short Duration smoke (30 seconds): Smoke and repair party with hydro could be a little too strong, due to this her smoke would only last 30 seconds. Repair Party: I want Johnston to have access to repair party to help her out with being a gunboat as at the battle of Leyte Gulf Johnston fired hundreds of shells at enemy cruisers. Conclusion: Johnston would play like the current Fletcher except you would keep your guns firing throughout the game instead of the standard gameplay of the fletcher which is more of a torpedo boat nowadays. I feel this would be a joy to play for lovers of the fletcher out there and would be usable in clan battles. This is just my idea and any suggestion are welcome. If the ship seems too powerful as is I was considering a torpedo reload nerf.
  4. Was wondering how the community feels about RL as a Captain's skill in T8-10 USN dds. I initially had my Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing captains with RL after watching some videos and reading some posts. I agree that it helps with situational awareness, but I am now questioning if it is worth the cost. 4 points is a LOT when you only have 17-19 to distribute. I recently dropped RL for TAE in my Gearing (plus a few other tweaks) making her a torp first, guns second dd. I am doing much better in Random these days. I'm thinking of dropping RL in my Fletcher to pick up DE and PM, making her a better guns first, torps second boat. My Benson still has RL, not sure what to do with her captain yet. My focus is on Random play first, with Clan second. I really appreciate having that Radio Locator info, but it hurts to give up so many points for information. Please let me know what you think.
  5. Ship Torpedo Tubes Layout Torpedo Reload (Base Value) Damage Tashkent 3 x 3 53-36 mod. 2 69s 15,100 Z-46 2 x 4 G7 Wolfsbarsch 90s 14,400 Chung Mu 2 x 5 Mk16 mod. 1 (DW) 106s 19,033 Fletcher 2 x 5 Mk16 mod. 1 106s 19,033 Yuugumo 2 x 4 Type93 mod. 3 114s 23,766 Jutland 2 x 5 533 mm Mk IX 120s 15,533 Udaloi 3 x 5 53-49M 129s 14,600 Kitakaze 1 x 6 Type93 mod. 3 171s 23,766 (The table uses the top torpedo upgrade, or the torpedo most commonly used in the case of the IJN DDs. The table only considers tech-tree DDs) The thing I've noticed with the Fletcher (and Chung Mu by extension, since Chung Mu is basically a Fletcher-class, and is almost identical to Fletcher in the game save for a couple of stat differences and deepwater variant of the torps) is that they defy WG's standard of torpedo reload. As one goes up the tech tree, it can be seen that there is a correlation between torpedo layout and torpedo reload i.e. the more torpedoes a launcher has, the longer the reload is. This trend is noticeable starting Tier 6, where DDs with three torps per launcher has a shorter cooldown (ex. Fubuki, 3x3 torp layout, 76s base cooldown) compared to DDs with five torps per launcher(ex. Icarus, 2x5 torp layout, 120s cooldown). The observed baseline for torpedo reload is that three torps per launcher has 76s cooldown, four torps per launcher has 90s cooldown, and 5 torps per launcher has 120s cooldown, with variations in cooldown depending on tier. This trend continues to be followed until Tier 10, with some exceptions. Fletcher's and Chung Mu's Mk16 mod1 torps reload too fast at 106s, considering both have five torpedoes per launcher setup. The reason why I picked these DDs is that their torpedoes are "too good". Fletcher and Chung Mu are DD platforms that has good speed, good rudder shift and turning cicles, and armed with the famous USN DD guns that has fast reload and rotation that are lethal anti-DD weapons. Both DDs also have utilities in the form of DFAA for Fletcher and Radar for Chung Mu, making them incredibly rounded DDs that will sometimes overshadow the Japanese DDs in the "torpedoboat" role, since they output more damage in a single salvo at 190,330 dmg from 10 torpedoes than the 190, 128 dmg from 8 torpedoes than the Yuugumo (Yuugumo could mount TRB and double its output, but TRB will cooldown after Yuugumo launches around two salvoes, giving the faster-reloading Fletcher and Chung Mu an edge in outputting torpedoes). There is actually one more DD that has a discrepancy, and that is Ognevoi with 2x5 torpedo layout that deals 15,100dmg and reloads at 92s, which is even faster than the Fletcher and Chung Mu. But this is balanced due to the fact that unlike all the other Russian DDs that emphasize on guns and speed, Ognevoi has few guns (only 2x2 layout compared to the 3x2 or 4x2 layout of the other Russian DDs) and slower speed (only 37knots compared to the usual base 40knot speed of the Russian DDs). In exchange, Ognevoi has the faster torpedo reload along with better stealth (7.74km base stealth compared to the usual 9km stealth of the other Russian tech-tree DDs). Considering that the American DDs (along with the Russian and Japanese DDs) are the first DD lines in the game, these values could have been the result of balancing between these three DD lines with regards to torps. But with the introduction of newer DD lines, and the line splits for the Japanese and Russian DD lines, WG has been adhering to its "torpedo reload standard". As a result, Fletcher and Chung Mu torpedo reload sticks out like sore thumb. So how do we bring these DDs in line with the "torpedo reload standard"? This is my idea: Change Fletcher's and Chung Mu's base torpedo reload from 106s to 116 seconds (or 112 seconds at most). The baseline for five-torps-per-launcher reload is 120 seconds starting Tier 6 with Icarus. Since Fletcher and Chung Mu mounts submarine torpedoes, cutting a few seconds off the baseline reload is considered. Also, the new reload is only plus-minus 2 seconds difference to the Japanese mainline DD Yuugumo's torpedo reload, giving the Japanese the edge in torpedoboating more while still making a torpedo-focused build viable. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. Having trouble getting hits on the Des Moines and Worcester in my T8-10 USN dds, especially when they are paired up with another radar cruiser. The 9.9 km radar range is beyond the 9.2 km Benson torps and just a little below the 10.5 km range of the Fletcher/Gearing torps. I throw out torps at max range, but they don't hit very often unless the cruiser driver gets cocky. I've tried baiting them into firing off their radar by firing my guns at about 9.5 km and kiting away, but that only works if they are by themselves. Other than spotting them and calling down fire, I don't seem to be able to hurt them much. Any ideas/tricks/suggestions?
  7. My tactics are mostly developed for IJN Destroyers but they may work for Destroyers with similar stats. A lot of what I say intertwine with each other. I don't believe I have much proof in my videos because battle conditions constantly change. I am using Asashio has my main video because all she has are her deep-water torpedoes and her stealth. She is weak so I have to be significantly more careful with her compared to my other ships. Concealment is all a Destroyer has, more so for a IJN Destroyer. You have to make full use of this while at the same time being effective in battle I will not discuss torpedoes (other than when to shoot) because everyone has their own way of aiming and launching torpedoes. Pre-game Learn what you will be facing so that you can plan on how far you are willing to go\ Learn the map Fear all Destroyers and Cruisers Communication Communicate and explain what you are doing Let your allies know: When your smoke will reload "Smoke, 60 seconds" or "55... 30... 10... smoking now" Do not stop in your smoke "DO NOT STOP IN MY SMOKE" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Let your allies know where you are launching and where they will be going, this way you have done everything in your power to not team kill Smoke Provide smoke walls to cover your allies when they are fired upon Be willing to scrap the side of an ally if you can provide them with smoke Do not provide smoke if the ally is in close proximity to the enemy, this will negate its usefulness Almost never stop in smoke, move slowly Use your smoke to runaway from difficult sitations Scouting After providing a smoke wall, stay outside of it if you can to provide targets for your allies Be near a cap but don't take it If you take it, it tells the enemy you are close You can always take a cap back when it is safe Before proceeding with anything, let the enemy get themselves exposed Be willing to get spotted Either facing towards the enemy or away from the enemy, shoot your gun once and see who and how many ships look at you If they shoot, they expose themselves If they shoot, don't shoot you have 20 seconds until your concealment comes back If they are able to get within your concealment, shoot because you are unlikely gonna make it back to safety unless you have smoke Speed Take your time when going towards a cap Sometimes slowing down when running away from the enemy can be beneficial in dodging shells Don't be afraid to beach yourself (bow on) on an island if it can make you stop faster as long as you are not in enemy firing view Main Guns Do not be afraid to fire your main guns at a Battleship with low health unless it has support Do not be afraid to distract the enemy with your guns while running away If you can prevent the enemy from shooting one salvo at an ally, it gives you ally an extra chance of surviving Use your gun as "radar", what I mean by this is that you intentionally make yourself so that the enemy fires upon you They will expose themselves if they fire This will tell you how many ships are on that side After an enemy used Repair Party, set them on fire again and switch to AP (dependent on where you are shooting) AP can do surprising damage on any ship when aimed right Do not be afraid fire your main guns at solo warships from range every twenty seconds By doing this, you can distract them from firing on your own allies They will typically not know what to do when this happens Torpedoes Confirm visual contact Look at what is around you Hold your fire because there will always be a better position to fire from Check what is around you again If you can, get within concealment range before launching (be as close as possible) Don't launch torpedoes when the enemy is moving in the opposite direction It is always easier to dodge torpedoes when they are "chasing" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Hold your fire as long as you can and communicate to your allies on where your torpedoes will be going Anti-Air AA should almost always stay off AA can stay off if AA Range is less than .5km Do not be afraid to turn on AA if an enemy CV constantly spots you and you have no smoke If you are gonna be constantly spotted, why not shoot? If you are gonna be attacked by bombers, why not shoot? Do not be afraid to turn on AA and turn around to support your allies if enemy bombers spotted you and bombs your ally instead If you can shoot down just one enemy plane, that will help your ally You have already been spotted, so the enemy already knows where to expect you Ways of dealing with radar "Wild Weasel" Entice the enemy by exposing yourself Be in a position to dodge and to run from radar range Fire a few shells By exposing yourself, the enemy is most likely to use radar Dodge enemy fire for twenty seconds Count to twenty while dodging enemy fire If you have Priority Target, count the amount of players looking at you to determine how many players are in that area If you have allies, hopefully they sink the radar ships Fubuki/Asashio Skills & Upgrades