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Found 1 result

  1. From wikipedia: "Swing You Sinners! is a 1930 animated cartoon short, directed by the Fleischer Brothers. The cartoon is notable for its surreal, dark and sometimes even abstract content." To give a basic summary, it's about a cartoon mink that tries to steal a chicken but ends up trapped in a graveyard filled with vengeful supernatural entities that haunt him for his sins. It's also where quite a few of the characters from the video game "Cuphead" came from. Quite dark for a cartoon, no? Also, here's an adaptation of the song for WoWs, which I name "Sink You Potatoes". You potatoes, stop floundering, Let the ship bells ring, Up the masts and sing, Sink you potatoes! Just swing your guns all about, Let your foes hear them shout. Send them all in a rout, Sink you potatoes! The wrecks all sit in piles, Davy Jones smiles. No ship afloat for miles Under sea exiles. No angling or tactics And no strategic kiting If you wanna get good Sink you potatoes! Farewell, this is your wreck site, captain. You cannot stop that DOT Oh no! Wilco! You’ll never flash another broadside Your citadel is dead and gone Oh no. Wilco. We're going to dev-strike you, captain. (Ya deserved it!) And blast your ship out of the seas. Broadsides you used to show— I don’t show no more! Friends you used to torp— I ain't pink no more! Straight you used to sail— I straight-line no more. Map borders, captain, can't save you now! Come up you potato We’ve got you at last. You can't hide in smoke, there’re no islands here. Your hull's not gonna last. Unicums and seal clubbers Free kill for you We’ll incap your main batteries And jam your rudder to hard right — Man, you sure are gonna eat those air-dropped torps! — And some AP bombs too! — What were you really thinking? — Thinking? Huh? I doubt he was thinking! Your tactics machine broke, So now you're stuck in your smoke Radar'll make that a joke, Sink you potatoes! This sailing makes us snort, Your voyage we'll abort, A shortcut back to port, Sink you potatoes! We’ll shell you into pieces, Torpedo run for fun, Just to farm some damage, Sink you potatoes!