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Found 3 results

  1. Captaindouglaschase01

    purple frog globle fleet NA server

    https://discord.gg/KEvwU4v is our discord we seek new members on world of warships NA server if u want to join us we will happy to talk with u we also have facebook group if u want to join it https://www.facebook.com/groups/2401044883272518 new fleet/clan on NA serve
  2. (Disclaimer - this is meant as humor, lets please keep it that way, Please) Attention: Grand Eagle Fleet Commander Dasha Cc: @Radar_X, @Gneisenau013 Subject: The Battle Fleet Commander Dasha, while the mighty Grand Eagle Fleet still fights the lowly, backstabbing Shark Fleet still pulls ahead, While we battle them on all fronts their less than Honorable tactics has seem to keep them ahead during these terrible times. I would suggest deploying all reserve forces from the Reserve Eagle Fleet as soon as possible, I would also suggest (if I maybe so bold), that you would send out a video memo of encouragement to the fleet to continue to help build the Fleet's Morale, during these dark days. Also I would urge all Eagle Fleet Commanders to continue to fight, until the last person, the last shell and the last ship has been spent. We can overcome these dastardly Shark Fleets, as long as we fight with the honor that all Eagles have! Sincerely, Lieutenant Commander Chaos_EN2 - Eagle Fleet Buckeye GO EAGLES!!! (Disclaimer - this is meant as humor, lets please keep it that way, Please)
  3. ThatOddMan

    Is camping normal?

    Maybe I am not correct but I have thought of cruisers and destroyers as part of an escort fleet for battleships and aircraft carriers. At least that is what I know out of the game. As a battleship, do I position her at the back where most cruisers and destroyers are? Duplicate Post. Sorry..