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Found 1 result

  1. Avenge_December_7

    A Couple Of Questions About Battleship Play

    After having one of my replays reviewed by Lord Zath, I am wondering if anyone could answer the following questions, mainly pertaining to target selection and the concept of flanking: I once read a battleship guide that stated that battleships should always shoot the target that's broadside, meaning ignoring the enemy Montana 7 km away that's bow-on and instead shooting the broadside North Carolina 13 km away. However, Lord Zath stated that I am doing the above (opportunistic broadsides) instead of, to paraphrase him, damaging and killing the ships that help the team win. What exactly does he mean by this, and how can I use this advice to improve my target selection? What exactly distinguishes "flanking" from "sailing uselessly away from the battle"? How can I ascertain when going off by myself to one side of the battle will help the team rather than hinder it? All advice is welcome.