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Found 6 results

  1. Sure seems like it. https://youtu.be/3yFvJD7SQrQ
  2. I didn't see anyone post this yet. This is a Flamu video going over the stats for the new test ships, including the Russian CVs. In the video there is a replay of someone playing against the new T10 Russian CV. It's interesting. Here's the video time stamped to the replay. The video has a lot of other stuff, and as usual Flamu is being Flamu. You can mute the sound if you don't want to hear him. If the time stamp isn't working jump to 1:22:18 for the replay. https://youtu.be/a_QLr4fwQCk?t=4938
  3. I know that "Short range" AA also has an "accuracy" stat but I also know that Flamu is never wrong so I don't know what to think anymore... Somebody in the comments wrote this: ...what development blog?
  4. Seriously take a second in between your howlings of treachery and pain to think of those who made videos, wrote extensive reviews and spent time on the Wiki. Almost all now is worthless. My favorite YouTube warrior Flamu now has to redo his entire collection of videos. The video is of essentially an old ship. The Captain perks, recommendations for consumables and even whether it is a good ship or a bad boat may have changed. A sizable slice of income is now doubtful. Update 8.0 may annoy you. But at least your business did not just tank! Also, FLAMU, Little White Mouse, Notser, Soup Nazi, I Chase Banking.... GET TO WORK....I got a limited time for free Captain respec and I don’t know what to do!!!! o
  5. We all know that Naysayers say nay, ice cream melts and DD players cry (...okay, all WoWS classes cry) - but since the dawn of radar we have heard the sorrowful cries to repent b/c the end was near..., and here we are. Let's all give a big thumbs up and hearty backslapping to anyone willing to count how many times Flamu uses the word 'radar': Happy hunting season, I dreamt Ranked would be T9 some day!