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Found 6 results

  1. Two things but could be one. First - the flak in this game. The amount of graphics generated by the heavy AAA/flak is really excessive. I run an i7 MSI gaming laptop which is more than able to deal with the graphics. I think the issue is on "your side". Perhaps the servers can't keep up with the amount of data needed to fulfill the graphics related to flak/AAA? I've noticed when the AAA gets heavy, the game starts stuttering, skipping. It's not fun as a carrier. And really, all you CV haters, when you best us in a match, you want a fair match, don't you? Can't lay claim to any stern whoopin' if the game's half the battle. Second, along this same subject, flak/AAA. I'm not sure which is the black puffy clouds, but I'd think it was flak. Whatever it is, it completely obscures my vision. Completely. Totally. You got to "guess" when to pickle the ordnance and of course when you do, the game staggers like a drunk. Of course, the RETICULE IS TOO DARK TO SEE among all this wonderful flak/AAA so it's a double whammy. If you can't fix this, can you tell me exactly how I can turn it off, turn it down or can someone make a mod that removes 75 percent of it? If fellow players know how to turn this junk off, please to share? tia fyc
  2. I had a little bit of an idea for flak. What if we allowed players to manually aim their flak guns at aircraft by using 4 (or 5 if depth charges become a thing). This mechanic would work like this: Before 4 is pressed Flak behaves like it always has, its auto-targeting but it's not that accurate (For balance, sector reinforcement will not affect flak). However, once 4 is pressed and the player switches to flak, they can fire their flak batteries at the incoming planes. Although, like the main battery, they will have to lead the planes and account for shell flight time. Regular continuous AA damage will revert to a non-sector reinforcement state. Defensive Fire will have 2 effects, it will increase continuous damage by 50% for the duration of the consumable. The second effect is that for half the consumable duration time flak reload speed is reduced by 50% (like the main battery reload booster). For CVs, when their planes are within flak range and ship switches to manual control of flak, their attack reticle will no longer be affected by any maneuvers the planes make while under manual flak fire. However, if the Flak batteries are under auto-targeting the reticle for the attack squadron will behave like it always has. Some changes to AA modules and the captain skills will need to be made. I think giving it changes like 7% less dispersion on manual flak for the 3rd module slot and a choice between an upgrade to manual flak range or reload for the 6th slot would be appropriate. AFT and BFT will affect the range and reload respectively. Edit: instead of reload or range either BFT or AFT could effect the size of the flak burst The advantage to this setup it doesn't force players to use it so if they are in a tough spot between surface ships and planes come in, they can still have a little defense from planes while they engage the surface ships. However, the players now have a way to put their own skill into air defense outside of just choosing which 2 sectors to pick. They can put their own skill at aiming into it and predicting what the planes might do. Meanwhile, the CV can counter that aim by changing aircraft speed and direction without the worry of having horrible accuracy from dodging. It also keeps all the hard work Wargaming has already put into the AA mechanics This also puts the mechanics of planes into a similar setting as every ship in the game when they come under fire. They have to try and throw off the aim of whoever is targetting them. I would love if Wargaming would implement this as it gives players better ways to interact with air attacks and for CVs to figure out ways to counter player skill. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this idea? Edit: Another advantage is while planes have relatively low detectability a ship with a lot of flak mounts can now support longer flak ranges that they can use to defend a group of ships.
  3. During the recent change to Priority Sector, many Cruisers had their AA normalized. For instance, Minotaur AA was cut in half, both in Flak and in Continuous Damage. However, Defensive Fire was altered in a way that makes it EXTREMELY effective now. Defensive Fire increases your Continuous Damage by only 50%. It also increases the firing rate of your Flak by 300%. 300% is a lot. 300% hurts. Why is this useful? Can't CVs just dodge all the Flak? Normally, yes... but when the game has to spawn so much Flak that it runs out of room to put it, it becomes a wall that cannot be dodged. Example: * A Des Moines makes 5 bursts of Flak every 2 seconds. * The Des Moines takes the +2 Flak bursts for a new total of 7 bursts every 2 seconds. * The Des Moines activates Defensive Fire and now generates 28 Flak bursts every 2 seconds. * The Des Moines activates Priority Sector, which ramps up to an additional +35% output of 37 Flak bursts every 2 seconds. As a CV player, you go from clear skies... to a demonic landscape of fire... and everything is dead. 12 planes? Dead. In under a second some times. --- PSA --- This is not a complaint. Defensive Fire is a cooldown and has every right to be powerful during its uptime. This is a Public Service Announcement about why Defensive Fire may not feel strong. If you activate Defensive Fire after planes are too close for Flak cannons... you wasted the cooldown. If you activate Defensive Fire while islands block your Flak from seeing planes, you've wasted the cooldown. If you activate Defensive Fire while not having the +2 Flak mod, you've nerfed the cooldown's effectiveness. If you activate Defensive Fire while ignoring Priority Sector, you've nerfed the cooldown's effectiveness. Note: For the people that use full AA Commander Skills, I'm not sure if that further increases firing rate of Flak or increases the damage done by the explosion (I think it's damage, personally). So no tricked out 19 point anti-plane build are required for this.
  4. I know that "Short range" AA also has an "accuracy" stat but I also know that Flamu is never wrong so I don't know what to think anymore... Somebody in the comments wrote this: ...what development blog?
  5. Goal of the proposed change: Create a manageable balance between the Tier 8 and 10 Carrier Aircraft and the AA/Flak at Tier 8, 9 and 10. Make it easier to balance the Aircraft and AA/Flak at Tier 8, 9 and 10 by limiting the variations. Reason for the proposed change: Tier 10 Carrier Aircraft to a degree seem to be still able to inflict crippling damage to Tier 8, Tier 9 and 10 ships, even those that have some of the best AA/Flak in the game. At the same time Tier 8 Carriers mostly play between 55 to 70% of their matches at Tier 10. The AA/Flak concentrations of Tier 9 and 10 ships can be so severe that playing at Tier 9 and 10 is too player unfriendly for Tier 8 Carriers. This proposal is meant to address both issues, in other words to equally help Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Carriers at Tier 8, 9 and 10. Proposed change: Decrease the effectiveness of all Tier 10 Carrier Aircraft by lowering the BASE Hit Points of all Tier 10 Aircraft to a maximum of 1200 for Rocket Bombers and 1400 for Torpedo and Dive Bombers. That lowering would include Tier 10 Aircraft on Tier 8 Carriers (including Premium Carriers). These maximum numbers can be raised by Commander Skills and Upgrades like is now also the case but they would still remain CONSIDERABLY below the current Tier 10 Aircraft base Hit Point levels. Introduce a NOMINAL and EFFECTIVE AA/Flak Damage Per Second and Damage CEILING level for Tier 9 and 10 ships. The NOMINAL AA/Flak DPS and Damage CEILING level for Tier 9 and 10 ships indicates the theoretical maximum values the ship has. The NOMINAL AA/Flak DPS and Damage CEILING CAN BE RAISED by Commander Skills and Upgrades. The EFFECTIVE AA/Flak DPS and Damage CEILING level for Tier 9 and 10 ships indicates what effective maximum values the ship can use in combat. The EFFECTIVE AA/Flak DPS and Damage CEILING CANNOT BE RAISED by Commander Skills and Upgrades. The EFFECTIVE AA/Flak DPS and Damage CEILING for Tier 9 and 10 ships would be equal to the NOMINAL AA/Flak DPS and Damage CEILING of the highest base AA/Flak rated Tier 8 ship (for example the Tier 8 Battleship MASSACHUSETTS). The EFFECTIVE AA/Flak DPS and Damage ceiling would be used by all Tier 9 and 10 ships till the point is reached where so many AA/Flak mounts of a Tier 9 or 10 ship are destroyed that the NOMINAL CEILING is lower than the EFFECTIVE CEILING. In that case the EFFECTIVE CEILING is no longer used, but the damage reduced NOMINAL CEILING is used instead. It all sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. Here are two examples of how this works out: For the Tier 10 Carrier MIDWAY: the F8F Bearcat Rocket Fighter (Tiny Tims) HP would be lowered from 1660 HP to 1200 HP, the BTD Destroyer Torpedo Bomber HP would be lowered from 2050 HP to 1400 HP, the BTD Destroyer Dive Bomber HP would be from 2160 HP to 1400 HP. A Tier 10 MINOTAUR with Commander Skills and Upgrades has a NOMINAL AA/Flak DPS and Damage ceiling of 100. The EFFECTIVE AA/Flak DPS and Damage ceiling of that MINOTAUR would be only 77 (equal to base of MASSACHUSETTS). So the AA/Flak DPS and Damage would be EFFECTIVELY only at 77 and not at 100. The MINOTAUR would keep that 77 EFFECTIVE ceiling until her AA/Flak mounts would be destroyed to a point where the NOMINAL AA/Flak DPS would be below 77. When the NOMINAL CEILING due to damage drops below the EFFECTIVE CEILING the NOMINAL CEILING is used instead. So if the MINOTAUR loses so many AA/Flak mounts that her NOMINAL CEILING drops from 100 to 56, then the EFFECTIVE CEILING would also drop to 56. It is advisable to combine this "AA/Flak and Carrier Aircraft proposal for Tier 8-10" with the "Fighter Patrol Squadron Consumable proposal" that is described in another topic.
  6. sulghunter331

    AA/Flak Fire Graphics

    Just watched a recent Flamu video on the boat game made by Gaijin, and in several parts, I saw how the AA guns were going off, sending off storms of tracers and flak shells. This really drove home, for me at least, just how pedestrian WoWS's AA graphics are. I've been playing since CBT and I feel as if AA graphics have fallen since then to what it is now. Does anyone else feel as if the AA graphics are too tame now, and that CBT era AA was better? Does anyone know any mods that makes AA look more interesting?