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Found 108 results

  1. Thank you for the flag WG, its a good commemoration for the naval battle. I completed the tasks easily enough, though I was wondering for a flag that depicts the greatest carrier to carrier battle, why the missions were kill vessels as cruisers and then as battleships or DDs. One would presume that these would have been CV orientated, i.e. get ten kills as a CV (even T5 +) and then shoot down 10-20 planes? even for co-op as well as random to make it less salt worthy. Its just interesting for the battle that it portrayed and the flag itself, did not include any of the things that it stands for, that being planes, CVs and the AA.
  2. Build your own flag packages

    Just a suggestion for the devs. Why not make a build your own flag package in the premium shop? Allowing the customer to select any flag, in lots of 10 to build a bundle?
  3. Rank Flags & low level premium missions

    Why doesn't WoW put on at no extra cost rank flags for the commander of that ship? If I have a Commodore why can't I fly a Broad Pennant? It's only a few pixels and if we have slogged a few commanders up to 14 points or more let us show them off! Also, why not some low level premium missions? I think it would be fun to take out my Albany or Mikasa and have some specific mission for us as a reward for having bought/earned these ships which only collect dust.
  4. figure lets just make people really frusrerated so they don't play ops used to be a place to calm down a bit from the [edited] MM for random FIGURES........
  5. Doubloons for flags

    I may be a little late on this, but why now do I have to use doubloons to fly my economic flags that I already paid you for? Now I have to pay you again to use something I bought from you. I'm all for you guys making money but this is over the top. If the flags were given to me I would understand that. I may not be a big wallet player like other guys, but I can use my little funds elsewhere. 07Beast109
  6. I bought flags online and then putting them on my ships uses 8 gold etc..am I missing something here...is this right?
  7. Flags Request

    Dear WoWs/WG, I would like to ask for a "demount all" button option for the flags. the reason is that the tediousness of demounting the flags 1 by 1. Please help and thank you. Your humble Player, Volkswagenenthusiast63
  8. This mission giving 5 special flags each, oroboros etc., for first battle in a clan war seems worth of doing. Anyway to be a "mercenary" and joining a clan wars battle?
  9. Container Contents

    Regarding Container contents, is there a container choice that rewards port slots more than any other? Im trying to save doubloons for more important purchases ie: converting free exp, emergency captain re-training, possible ships. ect ect. Thanks for replies.
  10. What is the best strategy to defeat a Farragut (or other Tier VI gunboat dd) with the Nicholas? I have both, so I've picked on my fair share of Nick captains in the past. I've been seeing more Tier VI gunboats in games with my Nicholas lately and I haven't found a good way to confront them. I've tried ambushing from behind islands (too smart to fall for it), gunning from smoke (they torp spam my smoke and push me out of it). My last game, there was a Farragut, and when she capped, I would reverse the cap when she left. We eventually won the game, but that darned Farragut basically pushed us around the map and was still alive at the end of the game. Is that the answer, avoid a cap fight if a higher tiered dd gunboat is in it? Sometimes in a game, you have to wrestle a cap or two back from the red team or you lose on points. On another thought, what combat flags do you guys use on your Tier V-VII USN dds? Is Sierra Mike useful (they are already fast)? How about Juliet Whiskey, Victor Lima, and/or India Xray?
  11. Yamato vs Musashi Flag.

    Why is Yamato's ensign flown from a different position than Musashi? I really like the higher more prominent Musashi position as it allows the national flag to be seen without being obscured by the other two surrounding flags Yamato: Musashi:
  12. Question. @LittleWhiteMouse @Lert & anybody else with the answer. Let's say I am running the "HOTEL YANKEE" flag. -20% damage received to my ship. +50% damage dealt to the opposing ship. I have read various threads that states "the damage dealt / received" the numbers pertain are to the (2) ship's hit points that are involved. Other than this, no other clarification. Does this mean, at the time of the RAM, the -20 / +50 pertain the SHIP'S health that are currently at the point of the ram, or the SHIP'S health, from the start of the battle? Example: Let's say I am running the flag on my Colorado and I ram another Colorado. Both ships have at the start of the battle, 59,300. At the time of the ram, I am at 5,000 hit points. or health. The ship I ram is at full health. 59,300. What would the outcome be? note: I am still trying to understand all the mechanics.
  13. Flags not crediting to score

    My scores were dropping and now I just noticed that since the update, the flags aren't providing the bonuses they used to. not showing up at all. There was even a bonus flag called Ouroboros that was supposed to provide 777% free XP, and nothing shows up at all. That games was :"Trap 18.01,2018.09:49", later noticed the papa papa's and other flags not showing up in credit section at all. Just had a few spectacular games, and the credits were meager.
  14. Custom Flag Mods

    I see Aslain has added two flag mods: Chinese server and Pan-Asia to Taiwan. Maybe this will help ease some of the Asian flags conflict. The Chinese server mod converts national flags into generic versions. I know we're getting a flags option in the game later. Personally I don't pay much attention to the national flags. It might be better if WG left this in the mods realm.
  15. Thank You WG

    Just logged into game and received a notification for flag addition "Armada Action". Bought the big premium bundle last Christmas, no flag, no problem. Saw the flag for the current bundle "oh well, guess that's one I won't get" Didn't expect it, wouldn't have asked for it. Thanks, its the little things...
  16. too many flags

    Not that I expect anything to change, but having 37 "look cool" flags is a bit much.
  17. I have a few flags, but I know there are alot of you with different flags or more of them, show us your....flags.
  18. 50 Flags and 1 Flag

    I got my 50th Flag today and on all of my 181 ships I fly only 1. Seems like such a waste. It is kind of a unique one though, being the only triangular one and Stars and Stripes and all.
  19. Do you think that WarGaming should allow you to have the option to sell unwanted permanent camo/flags in your inventory? I do... don't you?
  20. Flags and Camo

    Hi all, I'm new to online games less that 6 months total. I recently started WOWS (43 battles). I have unlocked a couple of containers that have flags or camo paint. How do I use these? I'm mostly playing Co-Op battles to learn the game and not have to wait 5 minutes to get into battle. I only have tier one, two cruisers and one IJN DD. Nick_Mikado in WOT & WOWS Graf Alaric in The Division PS say hi if you see me. i hope to find friends in the games
  21. 'Eye of Sauron' flag for Halloween?

    Just got a 'message.png' flag in my port, (descrition says that, allong with a bunch of jumbled numbers...) I guess it's for the halloween event? Didn't see anything about it on a news page, unless I just missed it...
  22. Hey guys! So I've been working on a mod that replaces certain flags in game with my clan's emblem, or various other undecided things. At the moment I have a flags.dds file that is from a previous version and created by someone else... The issue? Well I don't want to see the American flag with a nazi emblem in it (previous modder's content, you may know the mod). I'm not too good with modding but I know that the flags.dds file used to be under "content" in the "res" folder. However, I've gotten a new computer and downloaded with the game center app since my last mod... Where do I find the file now? Or is it even still possible to do these kinds of mods anymore? Also, I am aware that there is a forum that tells of how to write your own file, but I don't have the software to perform that kind of editing / modding (it also takes quite a bit of time) and I would much rather take this approach. Thanks in advance! - BeastOfBoston3
  23. New flag: an economic flag (because a combat flag would force them to add a new row just for that while economic flag row can take a sixth flag). Just like First Blood which is common enough to occur in every match this flag is awarded x1 per achievement per 24 hours. It is also a very weak flag because Devastating Strike is so common. This flag reduces the cost of ammunition resupply by 20% or 25% or 33% or whatever percentage the devs consider to be fair. Why would this flag reduce ammo cost? So the player can keep pressing the fire button and keep on gaining more Devastating Strikes, of course! Just like Unsinkable gives flooding reduction flags and Die Hard gives ramming flags this flag would follow the theme of encouraging the player to repeat the same actions they did to earn the flag. I don't know what flag type it'll be but I'm sure at least a few naval nerds on the WG team will relish the thought of introducing a new signal flag to the game so figuring that part out shouldn't be a problem. In my mind, it's the Zulu, Jolly Roger, Trollface signal flag.
  24. Flag Reward for First Blood

    Greetings. I was thinking a bit about the reward for First Blood, and it occurred to me that rewarding First Blood better is another way to promote more aggressive play. Think about it a little. Instead of a single Zulu flag, which is a rather small reward, how about 10 Zulu flags or 10 of some other flag, like most of the other medal-rewards? You could take it a step further too, of course, and make the reward even more attractive. It would doubtlessly spur the eager among us to spearhead suicidal charges and whatnot. What are your thoughts on this?