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  1. So simply put, this thread will be the thread I'll update for any and all mods I create, it's purpose is to allow you guys to have a one-stop shopping area if you want anything Strangereal and beyond. As long as I'm playing the game I'll be updating these mods as soon as possible. Status: Flags of Strangereal and Nation Renamer Updated for 6.12 if you wanna know the exact details on the "holiday" there's a rant by me on page 5. Mod #1: Aircraft of Strangereal Description: This is an ongoing mod to change most aircraft to display the roundels of the Ace Combat world. Status: Most, if not all US, IJN, Soviet, and additionally the UK aircraft sport their Strangereal nation's roundel. 3 German scout planes plus Graf Zeppelin's aircraft also have their Strangereal Roundels now. Link: of Mod #2: Nations of Strangereal Description: a simple mod that changes the names of the nations to that of Ace Combat's world. so U.S.A. is Osea. U.S.S.R. is Yuktobania, and so on. it also changes the filter options, no longer will it say "Show USA ships", it now says "Show Osean ships". Status: Ship related mods that Strangerealed them have been moved to Ships of Strangereal. Link: Nation Mod #3: Flags of Strangereal Description: This mod changes most of the national flags to their Strangereal counterpart. Legendary squadrons have their emblems as some of the Ranked Battle flags. It'll also change the Battleship Missouri's and Cruiser Belfast's turret flags to that of their Strangereal national flag. Status: All currently modded ranked season and Enterprise flags now display a custom picture when looking at the "Flags" tab when selecting one. Link: of Mod #4: Arpeggio Smoke and Fire for All Ships Description: This mod changes all gun, stack, and deck fire smoke to be similar to that of the Arpeggio event ships (energy contrails not included). Status: the smoke effects have been fixed as best as I am able to in the quickest of fashions. the only "issue" I've encountered in tested is if a target is 1.5km or closer to you while using sniper mode will result in a loss of the target for a second due to the bright orange flash of gunfire. Since this mod has failed to work for some captains, here's a picture to show you where to install it, just change "5.7.0" to whatever version is the current version. Link: Smoke and Fire for Mod #5: Warships of Strangereal Description: This mod is where you'll find any and all special skins I've edited or created to make them fit in with all the other Strangereal mods I've created. Ships like Kaga have had her Rising Sun replaced with an Erusean Roundel, Missouri's flag is an Osean one, and fancy skins for your warships to wear, like giving Iowa/Missouri a black and white scheme, modernizing Midway, and eventually, a pretty little skin for Enterprise too. Status: Erusean Carrier Kaga is finally ready for naval combat proudly boasting her nationality with an Erusean Roundel on her flight deck. Belkan Carrier Graf Zeppelin has displays Belkan flags and roundels along her deck and bridge. Enterprise's skin has been touched up improving the look of her red underbelly. North Carolina has received a special skin similar to Battleships Iowa and Missouri. Link: of
  2. Just got a 'message.png' flag in my port, (descrition says that, allong with a bunch of jumbled numbers...) I guess it's for the halloween event? Didn't see anything about it on a news page, unless I just missed it...
  3. This list of mods is currently working with World of Warships client. Ship Icons (made by me) Original, Tic-Tac and Tic-Tac V.2 Crosshair (Made by Hootorez) Rainbow V.1-V.2 Crosshair (made by me) Rainbow Web V1-V2 (made by me) MLP Commanders (made by me) MLP Flag Mod(made by me) [Major] Pinkie and Trap Sense (Made by me) [MLP] consumables with Pinkie Sense & torpedo Warning No enemy Detected Voice mod (made by me) [Major] Torpedo Warning Voice Mod [Major][star Wars] Voice Mod [Major] My Little Pony Voice Mod Family Guy Voice Mod Duke Nukem Voice Mod Boink+Duck Kill sound mod (New) [Major] Star Wars Laser mod (new) [Major] Longer Version of Video Login [mod](Video Only) [V.1]Japan Rising Sun flag And [V.2]Japan+Germany Naval Flag (updated by me) (Chinese Server) Flag mod Clear Vision (made by me) [Major] Freedom Skin (Des Monies) (made by me) Both install guide works both way.Pick one and install Install guide #1: 1. Copy res_mods folder from the mods you have downloaded. 2. Paste res_mods directly into C:/Games/Worldofwarships Folder. 3. Open game and you're good to go View screenshot below where to place the files 0.6.x.x install guide#2: just simply place the new/old mods into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/0.6.x.x folder 1. Unzip your mod file. 2. in your unzipped mod folder. Go to res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder. 3. copy everything in res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder and paste it into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/0.6.x.x folder. 4. You're good to go, start up your game View screenshot below where to place the files [Hootorez] Original Crosshair <Download size 327kb [Hootorez] Tic-Tac Crosshair <Download size 450kb [Hootorez] Tic-Tac V.2 Crosshair <Download size 800kb [Major] Rainbow Crosshair V.1 <Download size 325kb [Major] Rainbow Crosshair V.2 <Download size 325kb [Major] Rainbow Web V.1 <Download size 598kb [Major] Rainbow Web V.2 <Download size 551kb [Major][V.1] Ship Icons <Download size 1mb [Major][V.2] Ship Icons <Download size 1mb [Major][V.3] Ship Icons <Download size 1mb [Major][V.4] Ship Icons <Download size 1mb [Major][V.5] Ship Icons <Download size 1mb [Major][V.6] Ship Icons <Download size 1mb [Major][MLP] Commander Crew <Download Size 2mb [Major][MLP] Flag mod <Download size 2mb [Major]Torpedo Warning Voice Mod <Download Size 2mb No enemy Detected Voice mod <Download size 180kb [Major][MLP] Voice Mod <Download Size 27mb [Major][star Wars] Voice Mod < Download Size 17mb [Major] StarWars Laser gun mod <Download Size 4mb (unpacked size 264mb) [Major] StarWars Voice+Laser mod <Download Size 21mb (unpacked size 291mb) [Major]Family Guy Voice Mod <Download Size 31mb [Major]Duke Nukem Voice Mod < Download size 20mb [Major] Longer Version of Video Login (Video Only) <Download Size 332mb [Major][MLP] Pinkie Sense <Download Size 429kb [Major] Trap Sense <Download Size 425kb [Major][MLP] consumables & Torpedo Warning <Download Size 717kb [Major][MLP] User Interface Mod <Download Size 160mb [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag <Download Size 826kb [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag <Download Size 1mb (Chinese Server) Flag mod <Download Link 2mb [Major] Clear Vision <Download size 2kb [Major] Fog Remover <Download Size 103kb [Major] Freedom Skin (Des Monies) <Download size 5mb [Major] Old Ribbons Mod <Download Size 1mb [Major] Old HE + AP Shells <Download Size 700kb [Major] Old HE+AP Shells and Ribbons <Download Size 850kb [Major] Rainbow+Confetti Tracers <Download Size 12kb Stormy Wet Dock (Non-Premium port) <Download Size 880kb [Major] Colorized Rain drops <Download size 100kb Boink+Duck Kill sound mod <Download size 273kb For Voice mods best results, review settings in spoiler How to create your own video login screen guide How to create your own voice mod Change log
  4. Updated for! I changed the Alpha, Beta, and Beta Weekend flags to their equivalent Greek letters: α, β, and...with some artistic license for the Beta Weekend flag...βω ¹ There are two versions: "SD", using the same dimensions as the stock flags (2048x2048), and "HD", with four times the pixles (4096x4096). SD version: HD version: Soon ¹ The "w" in βω is actually the lowercase letter omega (Ω). The /w/ phoneme (technically, the voiced labio-velar approximant) used to be represented in Greek by the letter digamma (Ϝ, ϝ, ϛ), which was pronounced like "wau". In Greek, the letter (and the sound) went extinct something like 2500 years ago (6th-7th century B.C.,), although the glyph lives on as the Latin letter F. In modern Greek, the sound can be represented by the digraph οὐ or the trigraph οὐα
  5. Hey guys! So I've been working on a mod that replaces certain flags in game with my clan's emblem, or various other undecided things. At the moment I have a file that is from a previous version and created by someone else... The issue? Well I don't want to see the American flag with a nazi emblem in it (previous modder's content, you may know the mod). I'm not too good with modding but I know that the file used to be under "content" in the "res" folder. However, I've gotten a new computer and downloaded with the game center app since my last mod... Where do I find the file now? Or is it even still possible to do these kinds of mods anymore? Also, I am aware that there is a forum that tells of how to write your own file, but I don't have the software to perform that kind of editing / modding (it also takes quite a bit of time) and I would much rather take this approach. Thanks in advance! - BeastOfBoston3
  6. New flag: an economic flag (because a combat flag would force them to add a new row just for that while economic flag row can take a sixth flag). Just like First Blood which is common enough to occur in every match this flag is awarded x1 per achievement per 24 hours. It is also a very weak flag because Devastating Strike is so common. This flag reduces the cost of ammunition resupply by 20% or 25% or 33% or whatever percentage the devs consider to be fair. Why would this flag reduce ammo cost? So the player can keep pressing the fire button and keep on gaining more Devastating Strikes, of course! Just like Unsinkable gives flooding reduction flags and Die Hard gives ramming flags this flag would follow the theme of encouraging the player to repeat the same actions they did to earn the flag. I don't know what flag type it'll be but I'm sure at least a few naval nerds on the WG team will relish the thought of introducing a new signal flag to the game so figuring that part out shouldn't be a problem. In my mind, it's the Zulu, Jolly Roger, Trollface signal flag.
  7. Greetings. I was thinking a bit about the reward for First Blood, and it occurred to me that rewarding First Blood better is another way to promote more aggressive play. Think about it a little. Instead of a single Zulu flag, which is a rather small reward, how about 10 Zulu flags or 10 of some other flag, like most of the other medal-rewards? You could take it a step further too, of course, and make the reward even more attractive. It would doubtlessly spur the eager among us to spearhead suicidal charges and whatnot. What are your thoughts on this?
  8. The rearrangement of the flags in the groups is great. Suggestion - change the selection process of flags to single clicks for each flag and then a "Mount" button to finalize. Instead of click each flag and have to confirm each one separately, have it click all you want and *then* confirm all. This might be better as an "option" so as to not confuse the crap out of people...
  9. If you complete the Dunquerque mission for the camo and the nice flags, and then complete the other mission which also includes a Dunk camo, Flower of Steel, which requires 15 torp hits, 90K damage in a single game, 1000 ribbons, etc, the second time you get the camo, it appears you get 3 million credits instead. Just a PSA. And thanks WG, that's very kind of you.
  10. So easy, a caveman can do it.
  11. I did several searches and didnt see anything about this so I figured I would share. I just received the "Transatlantic Commemorative Flag" I dont know anything about it (or how I got it) other than what is listed in the description in game. The description states "For those who have participated in our community and made it more awesome" The WOWS wiki lists it as a NA & EU community flag but no details. Anyway, pretty cool flag! I just wanted to say thank you for the new eye candy!
  12. an answer to my question, I cant find. can you get flags in co-op battle. ? where can I find the answer
  13. I have a suggestion for WoWS or developers...concerning flags... I have collected a ton of flags , and you know what? I don't fly any of them...except the US triangle.. because they don't mean anything.. they have no reward, so why would I fly them? You guys should have rewards on ALL of them like on the US one...maybe more concealment on one, better secondary range on another, more hit points on another, less fire risk on another, less flooding time on another , and so on, and so on... otherwise they'll sit and collect dust in my inventory.... just a suggestion
  14. Saludos a los Marineros que navegan por el foro, Hoy como prometí les traigo un MOD de incorporación de nuestras queridas banderas nacionales de cada país. Ya podemos ondearlas en Nuestros Barcos. Mediante este mod. Las banderas solo las puedes ver el que las instala no son visibles por otros jugadores. Por favor pide aquí tu bandera a Wargaming para que las de forma oficial y todos podamos verlas sin necesidad de usar el MOD. Gracias a todos los que colaboraron con el proyecto. Espero del apoyo de todos. Muchas gracias saludos cordiales ¡Cualquier error reportamelo! *imagen referencial faltan algunas. Instalar y descargar para la Version
  15. I'm trying to edit the, but when I convert it from .png to .dds and load the game, I get this: any suggestions???
  16. Heyho! Sharing = Caring and thats why I wanna tell you something that I learned some time ago. This should be a tutorial on the topic of creating flag mods. I've seen quite some people only replacing current flags and always going with the order from WG. This tutorial will show you how to create a file like this one (size decreased to 25% of the original size, which was 2048 times 2048 for demonstration purposes) which also works ingame in combination with a new flags.atlas file. Positive side effect: Updating your files will most probably take less time than before because you don't have to edit every flag again and the mod doesn't break so fast and gives you some time to react. Non existing flags in the atlas file just don't get displayed at all on a ship and the rest of the flag shows up wihtout any errors and problems because you changed the position values in the flags.atlas file which overwrites the original WG values which change every time. (so no longer changing national flags, only some missing commorative flags like a new oscar award flag and they do not show up most of the time anyway before you could update the mod) It also requires quite a lot work for the first time but it is worth it. Requirements: Already exisitng new file Knowledge in Photoshop (or similar programs which support DDS) Knowledge in Excel (or similar programs) Time The flags.atlas file Let's start with investigating a standard flags.atlas file from WG. The beginning of the atlas file will always look like this: page "" 2048 1024 This basically tells the game about the owner of this atlas file. In this case it is a file with a size of 2048px times 1024px. An important note would be that the numbers here are very important. They have to be the same size as the DDS file. Otherwise it won't work. Also very important: The numbers should always be 2x where X can be any number at all. so it can be: 2 (21) 4 (22) 8 (23) 16 (24) 32 (25) 64 (26) 128 (27) 256 (28) 512 (29) 1024 (210) 2048 (211) and so on Now let us inspect a "flag element" in the list. Let us just start with "poland" right away "poland" { 0.000000 0.000000 0.098145 0.100586 } But what does each value mean? They basically mean this: "flag name" { positionX positionY positionX positionY } But why do we have 2 postition numbers? Well, the first 2 positions (X & Y) are pointing to the top left corner of the flag and the second X & Y position point to the bottom right corner of the flag. What does this mean for us? This basically means that we can create a simple calculation in Excel or similar programs to create the arrays for us just by providing the top left corner position, the width and the height of an flag which is very easy to do if you have photoshop. I sadly can't offer information on other programs though. The Excel Table: So we create an excel sheet and in my case i created different tabs which consists always only one kind of flag so that it is easier for me to read it. You might use it in the future if you want to sort it a bit. (Like: Signal flags, Ship Flags [which are only obtainable via buying the most expensive bundels], nation flags and so on]) Here an example of how it looks like on my end: Important here: You will enter values at the A,B, C and D colum. The K colum is basically only here to adjust the size if necesarry in the future. That would automatically update the J colum which gives us the necesary arrays for the flags.atlas file. So for now only enter your size into the K colum. K1 = width and K2 = height. Let's begin with the calculations The F colum gets the following calculation in the first row: =($A1/$K$1) The $ means basically that it will always stay like that. In other words: Always use the A colum (absolute) and change the row (relative) if it gets copied downwards the A colum. and divide this value against the value in K1 (this will never change because both are made static via the $ sign, in other words K1 is an absolute reference for the colum and the row) We press enter and see a 0 there. We click on F1 again and see that there is a box at the right bottom corner. We use this box, press and hold the left mouse button and drag it downwards the F row. This will copy the function from above and will only change the row. We repeat this with the following three calculations as well: Enter at G1 the following calculation:=($B1/$K$2)drag and drop it to your desired row. Enter at H1 the following calculation: =(($A1+$C1)/$K$1) drag and drop it again Enter at I1 the follwing calculation: =(($B1+$D1)/$K$2) drag and drop it again. It should look now similar to this table here: Now let us enter the formula for the J row: ="{ " & TEXT($F1;"0,000000") & " " & TEXT($G1;"0,000000") & " " & TEXT($H1;"0,000000") & " " & TEXT($I1;"0,000000") & " }" This will create the text automatically which we need for the flags.atlas file. Drag and drop it again and we are nearly finished now. Using Photoshop to fill the Excel table Open up Photoshop, open up your file and choose your rule/ruler tool. This tool is the only thing we need now. So zoom into your flags file and draw a line form the top left corner to the bottom right corner The ruler tool will show some values now (kinda like those) Now we have the X value, the Y value, the Width (B) and the Height (H) [German localization on my pc] We enter the X value in the A colum, the Y value in the B colum, the width in the C colum and the height in the D colum. the result in the J line after doing this will look similar: { 0,484375 0,000000 0,552246 0,050293 } The final thing we need to do is exchanging the "," with a "." and the array is finished for the alpha flag. (if you have a diffrent character than "," exchange it with "." It has to be a "." otherwise your game will crash) We now have basically everything that we need to create our own flags.atlas file which enables us to create our own way of sorting the flags and adding one new flag is now just copy paste into the flag file (adding the correct alpha mask) looking up the 4 values, entering them in Excel and adding them in the flags.atlas file with the correct name and the benefits are in my eyes bigger which justify the work for it. Using the values in the atlas file To use the values we need basically the name of the flag first. for that we open up the atlas and the dds file. We should basiclaly notice that they are kinda sorted. It always goes from top to bottom. Only on the right side it gets a bit confusing with those signal flags. So you shouldn't have any problems at all finding the name of the flag. The alpha flag for example has the name: "tester_alpha" so we add the following line in the flags.atlas file: "tester_alpha" { 0.484375 0.000000 0.552246 0.050293 } and we have the alpha tester flag always on this position now. No changes needed for this flag anymore. Our flags.atlas file should look like this now: Repeat the steps from above, insert all values into the Excel file, copy the values in the J colum, insert it in the flags.atlas file with the correct flag name, exchange the "," with ".", and you will have less problems in the future. And don't forget to always save the excel file. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you need an example you can always download the latest version from my flag mod here (Pls do not simply reuse my atlas file though) One last thing: I recommend putting the signal flags to the complete left side (like i did in the first picture). They will hardly ever change (except they add one which is hardly ever the case).
  17. Hello everyone! So after envying the fact that I wanted to make a mod for a game for a really long time, I never had the ability to until this game rolled around. I am excited to release my first mod ever! 1984 flags for World of Warships! How it started is that in my senior english class, we read 1984. The story made me wish that I could fly the flags in game because of plot elements of the story that I knew meant they had navies. Because of this, I asked RazgrizRaptor to make a flag mod for 1984. She made a few versions and sent them to me. However, I got inspired to take her work to the next level and make my own fully built out flag mod for 1984. She did test it and gave me some pointers on it. Anyway, if you are not familiar with 1984, the premise is that after WW2, world powers break down, but then merge into Super-states, each controlling vast areas and following different flavors of what is the exact same political belief, just changed ever so slightly. For those who may wonder what nations are changed, here are a list: Oceania - USA, England (and Commonwealth by flag association, but in the story there part of IGNOSEC so it's all good) Eurasia - France, Poland, Italy (Pre-did the flag in the file because why not), Russia, Germany. Eastasia- Pan-Asian (Taiwan and China) and Japan. (There are also a few easter eggs on certain other flags that you earn and acquire in-game. See if you can identify the meaning behind each one.) If you have any comments/critiques for me on this, or ideas on how it can be improved, please let me know! Download link is below: Enjoy!
  18. The preliminary patch notes aren't quite clear on the matter, but to me it seems that signal flags might be purchasable for in game currency next patch. Interesting of note is the Dragon Flags listed price of 75,000. Has this been confirmed or denied by the devs?
  19. Do these stack? "Earn more credits and XP each battle." This is what both the premium ships and premium accounts state in the description as a bonus. The Confederate flag gives "Equal Speed Charlie London" for the 50% XP bonus. And the First Blood flag gives "Zulu" adding 20% to credits earned. Is there a limit and a better question is which to activate first if the order effects each other's multiplier.
  20. So I loged on today, got my free container from WG, and man was I disappointed. 250 Victor Lima flags. Meanwhile people are getting doubloons, ships, and other neat prizes. But nope, I get a crap load of flags that give a 1% increase of fire for +161mm shells, 0.5% increase of fire for everything below 160mm, and 4% chance of flooding. To me this is borderline useless and just plain annoying. Meanwhile in WoT we get a new tank as usual. In WoWs however, its up to RANDOM CHANCE if you get something good or not. This isn't funny WG, this is just annoying.
  21. fiquei sabendo hj q o WoT tem esse esquema de bandeiras nacionais para identificar o país dos players . e q esse assunto so foi comentado pelos gringos LA no Alpha (ha muitos seculos) eu msm ja mudei a bandeira da MAY MARATHON para ser a do Brasil... compartilhem sua opiniao sobre isso quem sabe essa ideia n vai parar nos ouvidos de um DEVELOPER ou sei la
  22. So, I see a lot of people flying the Memorial Flag that was given out for participating the the Military Appreciation month event a few months ago, are there benefits for flying this flag? I am just curious because so many people seem to be flying one and I wasn't able to pick one up.
  23. So.... Why is it when I go to demount an equipment upgrade or camo the game flashes up and warns me it will be destroyed upon removal, but the signal flags happily say "Demount" without warning of any kind. The game makes it like it's no problem to take them off when you don't want to lose them in the next battle if they were automatically reloaded... ...but wait a minute, you Demount them and they seem to go anywhere but your stockpile! I honestly thought that you could remove and put these things on at will until just a bit ago, when I took off a flag and noticed the number of flags of that type did not increase in my list. Not sure how many people have noticed this, but I'd like to see a warning for this in game so people know, or, give me my flags back I've lost after all this time not realizing when I demount them they were destroyed.
  24. Thank you for all the great stuff for the Halloween Event. Loads of fun has been had this weekend! Had a great time with the event ships..(wish we could keep 'em!)