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Found 26 results

  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/ShySpunkyUdonVoteNay--yZMiv2WAxFGL7ki No comment.......
  2. Where can I buy flags and how can I mount more than 1 flag to my ships? I am not talking about signals. Can someone tell about the flags? I could not get any in the Armory.
  3. So, to the best of my knowledge, earning achievements will grant one some flags, right? But....strangely it is not accounted for in the post battle notifications dialog. Everything else we get, always appears there, in the form of 'additions" Am I missing something? Lately I earned some achievements and I wanted to see the quantity which I will be getting. And ....nothing zilch, nada. So, again, am I missing something?
  4. FirstDayAdmiral

    I'm a sucker for flags

    I can't help it. I am addicted to getting the event flags. I have several now including the easter rabbit, st Patrick, and Valentine flag. Anyone else enjoy collecting them?
  5. I kept wondering why no flags on the sterns and/or the bows of ships. I mean....there is a reason? I don't get it, why not?
  6. Saludos a los Marineros que navegan por el foro, Hoy como prometí les traigo un MOD de incorporación de nuestras queridas banderas nacionales de cada país. Ya podemos ondearlas en Nuestros Barcos. Mediante este mod. Las banderas solo las puedes ver el que las instala no son visibles por otros jugadores. Por favor pide aquí tu bandera a Wargaming para que las de forma oficial y todos podamos verlas sin necesidad de usar el MOD. Gracias a todos los que colaboraron con el proyecto. Espero del apoyo de todos. Muchas gracias saludos cordiales ¡Cualquier error reportamelo! *imagen de WoT Instalar y descargar para la Version Creditos del Mod: Idea original: @Talleyrand Asistencia tecnica: @BrunoSchezer Edición y montaje: @zproxy
  7. Here is something that would be insanely popular. Give us the chance to earn a customizable clan flag that we can design just like a patch utilizing the patch elements that all members of our clans may have the option to fly on their ships. This could be one of the coolest skin options we could possibly get in game.
  8. As the only perma camo for tier 10 I bought already was the Hindy, and I can't see myself spending that much for another tier 10... I can just lament that they're not making it available for the 3 new ships (the Odin, Sieg & Agir.) I'd definitely pick that up rather than the Norse camo. The Nordic is nice, but just not worth the 3K when I already have the same stats out of the default. But that Iron Cross, for 3K for the 9s (and 8k I guess for the Odin...) yeah, I'm pretty sure I would pull the trigger for that. I never understood why WG doesn't give more camo options in the game. Or flags for that matter. Want to really raise money for a good cause? Don't sell the Texas... make a -5% repair fee flag available (half as good as the one we can earn in ranked...) I wonder how much folks would pay for that?
  9. A semi-permanent signal would be be "permanent" unless the player doesn't fulfill the requirements needed to keep the signal/flag. Otherwise, he loses it. They could be auto-enabled for resupply. HOTEL QUEBEC Boosts the amount of XP earned in battle by 5% and the signal is permanent as long as the player does not damage an ally (player or bot) via artillery, torpedo, or ramming. Reasoning: this would encourage players to play a more careful, considered game, one with less team damage or team kills. WHISKEY WHISKEY By mounting this set of signals on your ship, your repair costs after the battle will be 3% lower, and the signal is permanent as long as the player is not sunk during battle. Reasoning: this would encourage players to win the battle through superior seamanship, and might reduce suicidal tactics and ramming attacks. X-RAY TANGO By mounting this set of signals on your ship, damage from allies is reduced by 1/2, and the signal is permanent as long as the player does not damage an ally (player or bot) via artillery, torpedo, or ramming. Reasoning: this would be a way players could avoid taking serious damage from allies, and it would encourage them to be careful not to damage their allies themselves. These are the only three I can think of at the moment; I'm sure there's more that could be invented/suggested. Just a thought...
  10. Is there a special (something) you have to do, to get the special flags to work? I'm having an issue getting the special flags to apply their bonus. No, I have no mods installed. Any idea why are the special flags (Papa Papa and Ourboros specifically) not providing the bonus xp as indicated? I fought a battle in the Omaha at 1:44am on Aug 15 2020. - I received 641 base xp. - I received 641 extra base xp for the Regia Marina flag. - I received 20 xp as a clan bonus (+3%). For a total of 1302 free xp. The ship started with 8,317 ship xp. The ship ended with 9,169 ship xp. (only +1302). I had equipped the Papa Papa special flag which supposed to provide +200% free xp. It did not. Any idea why it didn't? Can you only use one bonus per battle? I tried using the Ouroboros several other battles (supposed to provide +777% free xp) and failed to receive that bonus xp as well. Do flags and special flags override each other so that only one provides a bonus? Or are some flags limited by ship tier? Thank you.
  11. WG, why are you always enabling the auto-resupply when I disabled them 1 by 1 before for camo and flags. Is the game not getting the message or just like I supposed, it's a way to get us to spend doublons before we realize we did not check it in the last update. If I want to spend doubloons in-game let me do it on my own terms. This is borderline sleazy what you do. By the way, I have 154 ships.... so give us the option to disable the feature for all ships or just ask a programmer to turn off the switch in updates. This feature is similar to when you turn off the radio in a car before turning off the engine, it will not be on when you start it again for example. If you want my money I will do it by Paypal so I control it not by you taking it away from me. You look like pickpockets.
  12. Is there a maximum number of signals, camos and flags you ccan have at one time? I ask because I am grinding low tiers and not using the camo, signals or flags yet. I just want to make sure they will just get stored and not lost when i win more of them.
  13. Hi, I'm not sure where to post this, so I apologize if this is the wrong place. I'm looking for directions or someone to mod a few of the flags in game to three custom ones I have along with Nation renaming. USA, French, UK, Commonwealth, Italy - Democratic-Republic of Tarakia (Blue Flag) Germany, USSR, Pan-European - Republic of Morskoj (Red Flag) Japan, Pan-Asia - Kingdom of Sal Kar (Green Flag) Please, if anyone can help direct me on what to do or even make this mod for me, I'd be grateful. I really don't know how to mod things but I m willing to learn.
  14. Why does WG not place the Kaiserliche Marine flag ??? What's wrong with that ??? It is okay that the Nazi flag is censored, but the German imperial flag is not. It is also part of the history of history, it is not fiction, like the ARP. Kaiserliche Marine flags should be used by WW1 ships such as Dresden, Emden, Nassau, Kaiser (Hull A) Konig (Hull A) Konig Albert, Prince Eitel, Karlsruhe, Kolber, (V25, G101, V170 destroyers). even WG should make a collection of the Kaiserliche Marine, In this way we learn from the uniforms that you dressed the German sailors, their ships, their ports, their distinctive medals. that's learning from history.
  15. Its funny I never use the "Use in game currency to purchase flags" that you are out of option I make a point of unchecking that box on every ship I have. But then we have the newest update and MAGICALLY that box is checked on every ship I have. I think that is kind of a low rent move. Yes I probably only lost 200 or less Dubs before I noticed what was going on. But shouldnt something like that stay unchecked once you choose to do that. Like I said kind of low rent move to skim off dubs off of players who dont notice it was turned back on.
  16. Any one having the issues with not getting flags from double strikes in Italian cruisers? It was my first double strike of the day and I did not get any flags.
  17. Do you think that WarGaming should allow you to have the option to sell unwanted permanent camo/flags in your inventory? I do... don't you?
  18. Lestat_VG

    Flint, Black y banderas

    Hola buenas, y de antemano gracias por corregir si me equivoco. Cuando empece a jugar WoWs una de las cosas que mas me gusto fue participar en las temporadas de batallas por rango por dos motivos, el primero; era desafiante y entretenido y el segundo por las recompensas. Las recompensas mas "destacadas" eran poder conseguir el Crucero Flint (logrando llegar 3 veces a rango 1 en distintas temporadas) y el Destructor Black (llegar a rango 1 en 5 temporadas distintas). También estaban las banderas por alcanzar el rango 1: Jolly Roger, Jolly Roger II, III y IV. mas las banderas conmemorativas por alcanzar rango 15 en cada temporada. Lo cual me daba un objetivo, una meta, la razón por la cual jugar batallas "ranked" Mi problema ahora es el siguiente: he conseguido llegar 3 veces a rango 1 (9°, 10° y 11° temporada) y para mi sorpresa no he desbloqueado el crucero Flint ni las banderas Jolly Roger II y III lo cual me hace suponer lo obvio, de alcanzar rango 1 dos veces mas, tampoco obtendré el destructor Black ni la bandera Jolly roger IV. Así que la conclusión mas lógica; wargaming elimino estas recompensas por que........porque si? sin avisar y aunque avisaran que clase de recompensa es esa hacia los jugadores que llevan mas tiempo y que han buscado lo mismo que yo. Por mi parte me retiro del juego hasta saber si esto es un problema temporal o si es definitivo. Y de ser así pues me retiro definitivamente, porque a mi y a cualquiera, creo, no ha de gustarle que te quiten cosas o contenido cuando uno espera lo contrario.
  19. When game started there were only 5 economic flags besides the combat flags. Now with the special flags there are a total of 13 economic flags, but slots for flags remain at 8. WG should increase the slots, like 8 for combat and 8 for economics. Also implement a way to select the flags, and then mount the selected ones using a mount button (and also a demount all flags button) . Clicking and mounting/demounting, clicking and mounting/demounting... one flag at a time is ridiculous.
  20. DarkFireWolfe57


    Small thing I've noticed with the Super Containers that I thought I might mention. With all the events and missions that have been happening and with the availability of flags through the Arsenal the Super Containers no longer feel worth their rarity. I understand having to have something more common in them but only receiving 100 flags that can be obtained with relative ease counteracts the purpose of having a rare and special container.
  21. Hey guys so I have been playing this game since the BETA and over the years i have actually accumulated a large number of flags (like seriously i have 38 flags) and while i do think it is a cool reward only being able to mount one flag on each ship (or two now on the US branches if you completed the collection) really feels like a waste to me. I really wish i could equip a bunch of them so that i could enjoy them (and show off, not that anyone pays to much attention to them anyway). I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts on this or if there is some reason why we can only have 1 (or 2) mounted instead of being able to use most of them. PS Im not sure if there is a thread about this already or not but if there is it would be great if someone could send a link to it.
  22. _Sang

    Clan Flags

    I couldn't find any info, but was clan flags discussed at all? To be able to put your clan flag on your ship and come up with your own design. As long as it is not offensive.
  23. Tigerspook

    flags and camo

    Just started playing. I seem to have a lot of flags and camos. Is this because WOWS gives beginners a lot, or is it because they are generally easy to earn? I ask because I don't know if I should use them (at tier 3 and 4) or hoard then to use later.
  24. Nothing new and the some of the same old critique and old question regarding combat signals - with the new Arsonal it's getting unbalanced to secure combat flags - I don't care for this new system at all and it's even harder now to secure combat flags with the unbalanced payouts and the new arsenal system. My coal is gone and coming off CLAN battles and now RANKED it's even more evident. Even if you elect to use Signals and Camo when opening your crates it is even more un-balanced than previously in the old setup. How about listening to your users and do the right thing? Let us get combat signals somehow besides the luck of the draw when opening crates and depleting coal. It's only the right thing to do.... Oh - and I get that part that everyone says if they are available easily then it defeats the purpose - figure it out - the balance is wrong now - please fix it. Thank you
  25. You have to be logged in and click the Check button to get anything. I.e. even if you played during the event you have to opt in to claim the flags and camos.