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Found 6 results

  1. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Hello Captains! Some of the more astute of you will notice an interesting thingy in the patch notes. What's this thing on top of Enterprise? It's my personal flag in the game, "The Coo of Boom". So the question is for most players is, "how do I get it?" Simple. - I'll be giving them out randomly when I stream. - Be a Wiki Editor - A piece of Feedback in The Feedback Thread that helps change the game for the better gets the flag - Being an exceptional player in a match I'm in, showing the community good skill, communication, and generally being a great person! - I'm bored and hand to to you Now, this will be a purposefully rare flag. I will use this thread to keep a count of exactly how many are on the server. Currently, there is only 28 on the server including on my account. Only I can hand them out, I look forward to handing out more! Recipients Thus so Far
  2. Tigerspook

    flags and camo

    Just started playing. I seem to have a lot of flags and camos. Is this because WOWS gives beginners a lot, or is it because they are generally easy to earn? I ask because I don't know if I should use them (at tier 3 and 4) or hoard then to use later.
  3. Thanks for the flag WG. That was a fun event.
  4. Laddie_McCabe


    Quick question - multiple flags provide different credit value for additional XP based on the flag. If two flags are mounted that provide additional XP for a Commander, example: The Hydra Flag provides +150% of the battle experience and Leviathan Flag gives +100% from the battle. If the Commander XP was 2,300 for a battle - is that 150% x 2,300 = 3,450 then + 100% of 2,300 or 3,450 / or is it calculated as 250% of 2,300 which equals 5,750?
  5. From someone who has played multiple seasons of ranked and never made it to rank one, I'm sad by this and I'm sure others as well. I really like and I want it. If I were to make it to rank one this season, I think that the Jolly Roger flag that's being awarded isn't as nice looking as the original one from the past seasons in my opinion. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not one of the players who keep complaining every day, demand a full refund, and rage quit WOWs completely. However, I do wish that WG would have kept it as an award combined with the new ones, or at least making a new way for me and other to get the flag. I don't see anything wrong with doing that. Nothing against the new awards but If you ask me, nothing could replace the classic Jolly Roger flag. Also, before someone brings it up, flag mods don't make the cut for me(maybe for others). sorry.
  6. pestilence66

    flag confussion

    so i mseeign a flag in games ive never seen red flag with i think a sheild with what looks like an american flag inside the sheild im seeing it on alot of ships and i cant fidn it and i collect flags so really want to get if possible if anyone can help me id really appreciate it if it was one or two people id let it go but its alot so i feel like im missing a flag that i can get which i dont want to happen any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance