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Found 11 results

  1. A semi-permanent signal would be be "permanent" unless the player doesn't fulfill the requirements needed to keep the signal/flag. Otherwise, he loses it. They could be auto-enabled for resupply. HOTEL QUEBEC Boosts the amount of XP earned in battle by 5% and the signal is permanent as long as the player does not damage an ally (player or bot) via artillery, torpedo, or ramming. Reasoning: this would encourage players to play a more careful, considered game, one with less team damage or team kills. WHISKEY WHISKEY By mounting this set of signals on your ship, your repair costs after the battle will be 3% lower, and the signal is permanent as long as the player is not sunk during battle. Reasoning: this would encourage players to win the battle through superior seamanship, and might reduce suicidal tactics and ramming attacks. X-RAY TANGO By mounting this set of signals on your ship, damage from allies is reduced by 1/2, and the signal is permanent as long as the player does not damage an ally (player or bot) via artillery, torpedo, or ramming. Reasoning: this would be a way players could avoid taking serious damage from allies, and it would encourage them to be careful not to damage their allies themselves. These are the only three I can think of at the moment; I'm sure there's more that could be invented/suggested. Just a thought...
  2. SeaShadowAR

    Atención argentos!

    Estimados comandantes, Hice un par de mods para mejorar un poco nuestra representación. Fíjense y comenten qué les parece! Buen viento y buena mar!
  3. Isoroku Yamamoto Flag WOWS First Year Anniversary Flag Halloween Pumpkin Flag
  4. A lendária bandeira de Gadsden, feita em 1775 por Christopher Gadsden.
  5. SatansOilcan

    Happy Shipsmas?

    I was wondering if Wargaming was ever going to do a really fun Xmas flag again like they did on the first year they offered Santa crates? The little fishy with a Santa hat is my favorite flag. I have read through their announcements and don't see anything...
  6. So in the patch notes they say they have added a flag for the premium USS Atlanta. First thought... "Cool, they are making up for earlier ships that didn't get commemorative flags when they were made. Pretty boring flag otherwise... Wait, didn't Atlanta sink at Guadalcanal? 1944 seems a bit later than that...." Congratulations, WG, you have given Atlanta class CL51 a commemorative flag for Cleveland class CL104. Great research and quality control. Top notch!! SMH
  7. Have I missed a Promo Code for NA? EU received a Promo Code today that gave them the following:- 1 x Anniversary Container -> 10 x Camos – 30 x Signals – 1 x Anniversary Collectable.and an Anniversary Flag. Lets hope WG-NA have 1 for us soon.
  8. Tigerspook

    flags and camo

    Just started playing. I seem to have a lot of flags and camos. Is this because WOWS gives beginners a lot, or is it because they are generally easy to earn? I ask because I don't know if I should use them (at tier 3 and 4) or hoard then to use later.
  9. Thanks for the flag WG. That was a fun event.
  10. Quick question - multiple flags provide different credit value for additional XP based on the flag. If two flags are mounted that provide additional XP for a Commander, example: The Hydra Flag provides +150% of the battle experience and Leviathan Flag gives +100% from the battle. If the Commander XP was 2,300 for a battle - is that 150% x 2,300 = 3,450 then + 100% of 2,300 or 3,450 / or is it calculated as 250% of 2,300 which equals 5,750?
  11. pestilence66

    flag confussion

    so i mseeign a flag in games ive never seen red flag with i think a sheild with what looks like an american flag inside the sheild im seeing it on alot of ships and i cant fidn it and i collect flags so really want to get if possible if anyone can help me id really appreciate it if it was one or two people id let it go but its alot so i feel like im missing a flag that i can get which i dont want to happen any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance