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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, WG.net, and particularly, the Austin, TX Office folks! This past year, some of our clan members were at the BB Texas event, and giventhe plethora of "Flags" we've seen awarded in the past few years in the game so far-- some of them quite esoteric...asked about the possibility of WG.net having award a Lone Star Flag as a "mini-event" task award, or some such, for the upcoming Texas Independence Day (March 2nd), or maybe "Fall Of The Alamo Day" (March 6th), "Battle Of San Jacinto" Day (April 21st, 1836, in which Texas became an indendent nation), or should getting such an event together takes a long time-- December 29th (Texas Statehood Day, in which the Republic Of Texas officially joined the United States)... Or, perhaps in conjuction with WG.net's next event held at/visit to the battleship USS TEXAS, which is moored at the San Jacinto Battlefield Park. A short "mini-event" with tasks like ""Destroy 100 ships using BB TEXAS", or "Achieve 50,000 XP" or "10,000 Base XP" using BB Texas (or Tier V(+) ships) over the course of a weekend might be appropriate. My informal "sampling" and chatting during matches and clan battles indicates that there is a lot more interest in a Lone Star Flag that one might, at first, think-- It turns out there are many Texas-meme and -themed clans and screennamed players, and a great many others that would like the Lone Star Flag, either just to have it, or because they are Texans, either by birth or "transplant". E.g., the bumper sticker y'all can often see while driving around Austin: "I WASN'T BORN IN TEXAS, BUT I GOT HERE AS FAST AS I COULD!" Anyway, all the various Texans, the world over, as well as friends of Texas, the BB TEXAS Association, etc., would very much enjoy flying the Lone Star Flag at the masthead-- Heck, a number of players I've chatted with over the past 3 years have said [gasp!!] -- They would even be willing to buy one with Gold Doubloons (...A portion of the proceeds of which might even go to the help preserve the BB Texas for future generations, just like the recent "Save The USS Batfish" campaign?) Anyway, we'd all appreciate it! Thanks!