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Found 42 results

  1. Kronshtadt Fix

    Hello everyone, I have this Soviet cruiser, it's not that bad, but if you need some improvements. 1- HYDRO: all cruiser URSS has Hydro is very essential to hunt destroyers, or detect torpedoes in time.... 2- the AA are Garbagein T9 vs the CV T8,9,10 the Kron is easy prey! the kron has a useless frames of 12MM that are adornment, and if it can be replaced by other more decent .. actually AA 12,7mm 6x2 useless improvements for 37mm singles. OR ITS is maybe help a little to kron vs planes 6x1 of 37mm ( REMBEMBER IS CHANGE MOUNTS 6X2 12.7MM FOR THE 6X1 37MM OR 6X2 37MM. SECUNDARIES VERY WEAK: has module 100% suviver AA&secondaries BUT.... practically all my defenses destroyed, talk secondaies guns 100mm & 150mm should have better shielding.
  2. Yeah might as well delete ur freakin tier 7 ops, start from scratch COMPLETELY unenjoyable had an awesome 2 star run and a few BIllion credit loss for trying. NOT FUN WG,they use to be enjoyable.
  3. You know its broken because a Tier 5 DD can citadel the thing. It has urine soaked toilet paper for armor and turning bow in and angling does nothing to save you. In the New Mex, your only hope for survival is to camp at the back of the map and pray your not spotted or you are lunch for EVERYTHING... #ThePowerCreepisReal
  4. Cosmetic Issue With the Iowa

    I have just noticed that the American Battleship Iowa's bridge is modeled incorrectly. In previous versions of the game the bridge seems to be fine (sort of a trapezoid of glass windows) but now it is just modeled as a large, armored, cylinder. Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know if it will be fixed? I'm not sure if many will care about it but being a history buff, this sort of bugs me. Thank you for any answers in advance!
  5. USS Dallas Inaccuracies

    I'm reposting this from Shipbucket.com. Someone I know drew the upcoming Dallas from a render. He addressed the errors regarding the design of based on the doctrine and practice of how American cruisers were made at the time. "I broke with tradition and drew a non-real life ship. Thanks to DeskJetser for the awesome render! This is the American light cruiser "Dallas" from World of Warships. As far as I can tell, this ship is not based on any particular "spring style" or preliminary design. Indeed I have had trouble figuring out just what exactly it's supposed to be. Main armament is ten 6"/47 rifles in twin and triple turrets (superfiring turrets are triples). WG seems to have invented a twin 6"/47 mount (of the same type used aboard the real life Brooklyn, Cleveland, and Fargo classes) specifically for this ship. Secondary armament are 5"/38 Mark 12 guns (in early twin Mark 29 mounts, a nice touch) and Mark 30 open mounts amidships. I have trouble believing the USN would choose to only mount two open mounts amidships - I suspect another pair would be mounted just forward of the catapult above the hull break. The bridge structure seems to be built around a large armored conning tower... certainly a departure for a ship of this size. The forward main battery Mark 34 director sits right on top of the conning tower, which is most likely just an error on the part of the designers as this director required one level of deck penetration, and I don't think the WG artists understood this when designing this ship. The aft Mark 34 has the same issue. There is a chance the structure around the Mark 34 director foundations are intended to "surround" the barbette, but this is contrary to USN design practice as I understand it and I think the placement of these directors is just an oversight. Mark 33 directors for 5" gunfire control sit on pedestals above the bridge. Their Mark 4 radars basically require the Mark 34 directors below them to be fitted with the oblong Mark 3 Mod.2 radar. The square Mod.1 radar would be a better choice here but the strange director positioning prohibits it. Early design practice dictated the main battery directors should be placed higher than the secondary battery/DP directors - this was found to be a mistake, as having the AA directors above the main battery directors gave better sky arcs. This problem persisted all the way to the Cleveland class, where it was resolved with the introduction of the "square bridge" Clevelands which mounted their Mark 37 DP directors above their Mark 34s. As this "Dallas" class cruiser is clearly meant to portray some sort of pre-war design, I think the director positioning WG has chosen is an error.The foremast has a small platform mounting an SA air search radar, and the mainmast (correctly) shows an SG surface search set. The SA air search radar was not fitted to combatant units larger than DDs (and usually only to DEs); a cruiser of the Dallas's importance would at least receive SC or SC-2. The small foretopmast supports a truck light; this is also erroneous, as the SA and SC radar sets could mount a truck light behind the reflector to reduce the need for lighting masts above the radar set. The amidships catapult is mounted on the centerline, and there is no aircraft hangar. I am highly skeptical of this as no USN cruiser after the Omaha class shipped aircraft without a hangar of some sort. Cruiser scouts (considered the eyes of the ship in the pre-radar days) were extremely valuable and the designers went to great lengths to make sure they were protected (not so with the BBs, where the aircraft were understood to be expendable gunfire spotters and were expected to be lost). A cruiser of this type does not fit USN doctrine or design practice without a hangar in my opinion.Finally, the ship is camouflaged in an adapted version of Measure 32/1D (the ship's "permacamo"). Based on the radar fit, gun mountings, and deck equipment, I've dated this design to a time range of late 1942-mid 1943. It's unlikely that this ship, were it real, would be painted in dazzle camouflage while remaining in this configuration, but WG is known for ignoring configuration when creating camouflages so I'm not surprised. A more correct camouflage for this ship would just be overall Navy Blue Measure 21.Here's the WG version in Measure 21 and the Measure 22 (perhaps it's serving in the Atlantic Fleet?): Finally, because I wanted to challenge myself and see if I was even capable of doing what everyone else here does so easily (draw a non real life ship), I made some edits to the Dallas to hopefully make it a bit more realistic. Adding a hangar was too much work so I didn't bother, but I did add a deck level to the forward superstructure, removed the ridiculous conning tower, added the usual open bridge, and swapped the gun directors to a more realistic (and time appropriate) arrangement. I removed the foremast radar platform and added an SC radar, giving this ship a radar fit comparable to Helena (CL-50) as lost, or the CLAAs through 1944. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on these."
  6. CV controls bug

    Hello there. I just had a game in the Lex where I couldn't move my planes after setting them to rotate around a ship. Landing them seemed to fix it but when I tried to drop I could not adjust the circle after setting it the first time. Just wanting to know if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks
  7. I recently got the Ranger at T7 and the game has just about become unplayable. If you're playing another Ranger it's just good old-fashioned CV play. But if I'm playing against a Kaga or Saipan, they just CV snipe one game after another. It's not even fun to play at this point. I recognize it's a legitimate strategy to take out the enemy CV but that's ALL they do, even avoiding isolated BBs. The broken factor is that there is no punishment if they fail. The last game I played I leveled TWO FULL WAVES of fighters, bombers, and torps when they tried sniping and they STILL came back a third time in the late game with full squadrons. Seriously? Is this all it's come to? I recognize that US fighters are better so a change of tactics is in order but this has gotten ridiculous. Simple solution: give US CVs (or maybe all CVs) T7 and up AA defensive fire. If nothing else, it will be a deterrent and make sloppy players learn real tactics.
  8. After having played the new French Scenario a few times, a new idea came to mind. Since the Thunderstorm anomaly bubble can move and it has stat reduction characteristics, could the same accuracy reduction mechanic be applied to destroyers that are hiding in smoke? there is nothing more irritating to most players than being blasted by a DD with 50 HP just lobbing shells out of smoke and getting tons of damage. smoke is NOT meant to be a mobile fortress and this has been stated many times, but WG has yet to come up with a viable solution to prevent smoke from being a completely broken mechanic. if we could apply a hefty accuracy nerf to DD accuracy when smoke has been deployed, it would go a long way to balance a necessary but unbalanced mechanic. when in smoke you have ZERO direct line of sight, so why are DDs allowed to relentlessly make 100% accurate shots out of smoke, when all they "theoretically" have to rely on are radio transmissions of coordinates? DDs are not the only problem though, Battleships are still able to stay completely hidden in smoke even after the smoke nerfs, so an accuracy nerf across the board would not nerf any one ship, or any one line and tick off prem ship purchasers. If WG can make a thunderstorm reduce accuracy and move across a screen, then there should be no reason that the same mechanic can't be applied inside the borders of smoke clouds. just a though. fire away
  9. Musashi Gun Audio

    Does anyone have an update on if WG is going to fix the main gun battery sounds on the Musashi? or maybe if there is a mod to replace the sound with Yamato's?
  10. finnished

    looks like to me the game has become unplayable and unenjoyable at best, unless you at a magician and can spot the invisible enemy sometimes as close as 3 klm's away . I have had the spotting and targeting explained to me, however that is for the normal gameplay. this game is not behaving like normal at the moment and people refuse to accept this, I have had no response to why ships at this close range vanish and are able to shell or torpedo you at will while you can do nothing about it
  11. For players who have dl'd the new STEAM wows client and were unable to log in with their existing account, here is a fast and easy solution. 1. dl the STEAM World of warships client. http://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/ 2. run the application once, when you get to the login screen...DO NOTHING! exit the application completely by hitting the little "X" in the top right hand corner of the window. 3. go to your WoWs folder in STEAM. Example: local disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>STEAM>steamapps>common>World of Warships 4. In that folder, there will be an application extension file that should be called "steam_api.dll". Right click on that file, click "rename", and put a "2" in front of the name (2steam_api.dll) press "enter. 5. Close folder. Restart your game from STEAM. And now you should have the option to log in with your existing account. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU WHO HAVE HAD PROBLEMS. DISCLAIMER: THIS MAY NEED TO BE REPEATED AFTER PATCHES. ALSO, if you do not want to bother with the client through steam, but would like to add your game to steam, just use the "add non steam game" option on the steam client. Use the path to your existing world of warships .exe file to add it.
  12. When I hit battle, and I immediately end up in something like this: It makes me want to do things like manual drop myself out of games. Why would you even let this happen? What possible explanation could there be for punishing me with games like this because somebody else sat in queue for too long? Why would you not just kick people out of queue who have waited too long instead?
  13. Here's how we should fix the passive meta in tiers 8 through 10: Buff the CVs (specifically USN ones) to make BBs scared of them again. Give Midway her jets back
  14. Hey everyone, this is my first time writing in the forum. So I'm sorry if this is not the place to make a feedback on the Graf Zeppelin. Now I'm not really an expert on this, so instead I'm going to link to a video that I think makes a good fix for the Graf Zeppelin. Hope you all have a nice day.
  15. With update 0.6.9, the game crashes when using the old camouflage remover which was basically an empty file. The game didn't like that, but I looked into how the file worked and I basically modified the values of each new camo group to be 0. Now the game is happy that it has data to load, and won't crash anymore. Replace the current camouflages.xml in /res_mods/0.6.9/ with this new one and your skins will be good to go again camouflages.xml
  16. Big In game issue

    For a while now the ring in game is very bad. I have been watching a youtuber who streams with his friends and are very very good a world of Warships. They have been starting to notice that the rng with every ship (most of them) have not been doing damage, especially the Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Friedrich and Kurfürst. They also mentioned the Yamato is having the same problems. And they are saying this is why world of Warships is dying, and I agree with that. He is playing the game correctly and he is doing nothing wrong and he is not doing that much to enemy ships in game. He also is pointing out that the match making is very bad now. If he is a tier 7 he will always get games with a lot of tier 10's and 9's. I think match making needs to go like this. If you are a tier 6 yo should be only playing with tier 5's and 7's. Back in 0.5.8. That was the best match making ever in my opinion. And again this youtuber is not bad at the game. He aims well, he uses camo, and flags. And yet he isn't doing well. This problem needs to be fixed.
  17. Game Center is Borked

    If you've started having lag issues recently, try completely exiting WarGaming's Game Center. I was having a lag spike every ten seconds for about two seconds. Closed the game center and now my game is running smoothly.
  18. Unable to install updates Aug 2017

    hi i have thir error, if somebody can help me im so grateful Critical Error Unable to install updates The application cant continue For details, see log file. help me pls, parlay WG D: _____________________________________________________________________ hola tengo este error, me salio hoy, si alguien pudiera ayudarme se los agradeceria muchisimo: Error Critico No se pueden instalar las actualizaciones. La aplicacion no puede continuar. Para detalles, revisa el archivo de registro me salio despues de actualizar 4.9gb -_- gracias de antemano
  19. The current form of Radar is what it is. And among other things I think most people can at least agree that it's not ideal and not really suitable to how the ships in these eras were equipped. It also does not function the way radar should. I think there's a way to improve its functionality, give it more flexibility, but also actually decrease its ridiculous traits. Under my proposal, Radar undergoes 2 key changes. The first change is to give it to every ship from tier 5 and up that mounted a radar set. Everything from Furutaka to Moskva to Montana. Yes, even Khabarovsk. However, the second change is what balances this proliferation. Radar is split into two forms: Search Radar (PASSIVE) A sweep is conducted every 10 seconds, revealing nearby vessels on the minimap as active, unlabeled red outlines. These contacts are not rendered in the game, only on the minimap, and disappear after 1 second. The exact same symbol is used regardless of what is detected, including unspotted aircraft. The exact range of this sweeping effect can vary based on nation, but not really by tier. For instance, USN might go out to 9km, while Japan would go out to 8km, and German out to 8.5km (or something like that). Search Radar is active at all times. It cannot be used to target things as it doesn't render them in the game screen. Search Radar contacts are only announced to you. Allies do not see it unless they are also in range and their own Search Radar detects it. Search Radar does not work through landmasses. I had a neat concept of the minimap being slightly darkened except for where your radar is, which would be a lighter circle. Landmasses would "break in" on this circle, casting shadows behind them and keeping ships behind them from being detected. This permits stealth gameplay via use of cover. However, even being detected on open water isn't an immediate death sentence. Fire Control Radar (ACTIVE) Fire Control Radar acts like the current Radar consumable, a cooldown that is activated which auto-exposes enemy vessels regardless of cover or concealment rating. The only limitation is landmasses. Penetrates smokescreens. Has a slightly shorter range than the passive Search Radar. Also exposes in a cone, not 360 degrees. This cone is completely dictated by what way your guns are facing. The duration can be longer to make up for the narrower focus. This is a realism-inspired version of radar pulled from the way fire control radars work, while still giving ships a counter against smoke. This must have a shorter range than any guns, and the torpedoes of torpedo-focused lines, in order to allow counterplay. I would wager at most, any nation's FC Radar would reach out to 9km, and it will always have a shorter range than the corresponding nation's passive Search Radar. And naturally, an unrelated change to Situational Awareness to alert ships of when they are passively detected vs actively radar'd. All ships get this, except carriers since there's no main battery for them to 'aim' the cone with. Carriers do, however, still get the passive Search Radar. That's right. A destroyer main is offering a reasonable way to fix radar that actually makes it a more powerful and more widespread tool. Thoughts?
  20. Fix CV economy please! please! please!

    As a dedicated cv player, I started my US cv line since beta test. I must say the way to play cv is impressive in a good way. HOWEVER! As I might complained before in this form, cv economy in this game is the worst! I ran into this situation every day: I deal 15k damage with my midway, which is normal, and I won the game without being sunk. guess what, I earned only 30000 credit at the end of the game (with premium and without premium camo). Way to go WG! At least I know I shouldn't start IJN cv line.

    This is beginning to be a god damn joke. This has been going on for MONTHS AND MONTHS and you cant fix such a simple issue? It will literally disappear for hours then magically reappear then disappear in another few hours. How can you all allow this to continue? Please FIX THIS. I know the devs dont care because this has been an issue for multiple patches now!
  22. Well with the new patch out now, I will rewrite my ideas for fixes to the IJN DD lines using the new stats. Isokaze Type 6 torpedo ​Speed increased from 57 knots to 62 knots Torpedo detection range increased from 1.2 km to 1.3 km 120mm/40 41st Year Type Reload time decreased from 12 seconds to 10 seconds Mutsuki Type 8 mod. 3 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.6 km to 1.4 km 120mm/45 3rd Year Type Stock reload time decreased from 12 seconds to 10 seconds Upgraded reload time remains at 5.5 seconds Fubuki 127mm/50 3rd Year Type Turret rotation speed increased from 6 deg/second to 7 deg/second 180 degree rotation time decreased from 30 seconds to 25.7 seconds Type 8 mod. 1 torpedo Replaced with Type 8 mod. 3 torpedo as found on Mutuski Akatsuki Type 90 mod. 1 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.6 km to 1.5 km 127mm/50 3rd Year Type Turret rotation speed increased from 6 deg/second to 7 deg/second 180 degree rotation time decreased from 30 seconds to 25.7 seconds Kagerou ​Type 90 mod. 1 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.6 km to 1.5 km Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 101 seconds to 87 seconds Type 93 mod. 2 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.7 km to 1.6 km Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 112 seconds to 98 seconds 127mm/50 3rd Year Type 127mm HE Type 1 Damage increased from 1800 to 2000 Fire chance increased from 7% to 8% Stock firing range increased from 8.6 km to 9.2 km Upgraded firing range increased from 9.4 km to 10.1 km Torpedo Reload Booster Torpedo tube reload set time Decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds Yuugumo Type 93 mod. 2 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.7 km to 1.6 km Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 112 seconds to 98 seconds Type 93 mod. 3 torpedo Added as an upgrade from Type 93 mod. 2 Type F3 torpedo follows Type 93 mod. 3 127mm/50 3rd Year Type 127mm HE Type 1 Damage increased from 1800 to 2000 Fire chance increased from 7% to 8% Torpedo Reload Booster Torpedo tube reload set time Decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds Shimakaze Type 93 torpedo Removed Type 93 mod. 3 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.9 km to 1.7 km Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 153 seconds to 140 seconds 127mm/50 3rd Year Type 127mm HE Type 1 Damage increased from 1800 to 2000 Fire chance increased from 7% to 8% Rate of fire increased from 10 RPM to 10.5 RPM Reload time decreased from 6 seconds to 5.7 seconds Firing range increased from 9.8 km to 10.8 km Ship speed increased from 39 knots to 40 knots Addition of Torpedo Reload Booster Torpedo tube reload set time 45 seconds Occupies own slot 127mm/50 3rd Year Type turrets on Kagerou, Yuugumo, and Shimakaze are returned to dual purpose status. In essence, the Tier VIII-X ships would partially recieve the pre-nerf 127mm HE shell (still less 100 damage and 1% fire chance) but retain the RoF buff. Shimakaze's RoF would be set to Yuugumo's RoF of 10.5 RPM for consistency. Type 93 and Type F3 torpedo removed from all Japanese destroyers. Minekaze Type 6 torpedo ​Speed increased from 57 knots to 62 knots Torpedo detection range increased from 1.2 km to 1.3 km 120mm/40 3rd Year Type Stock reload time decreased from 10.9 seconds to 10 seconds Upgraded reload time decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds Turret rotation speed increased from 6 deg/second to 7 deg/second 180 degree turn time decreased from 30 seconds to 25.7 seconds Hatsuharu 127mm/50 3rd Year Type 127mm HE Type 1 Damage increased from 1800 to 2000 Fire chance increased from 7% to 8% Type 8 mod. 1 torpedo Replaced with Type 8 mod. 3 torpedo as found on Mutuski Shiratsuyu 127mm/50 3rd Year Type 127mm HE Type 1 Damage increased from 1800 to 2000 Fire chance increased from 7% to 8% Type 8 mod. 2 torpedo Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 94 seconds to 85 seconds Type 90 mod.1 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.6 km to 1.5 km Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 101 seconds to 92 seconds Torpedo Reload Booster Torpedo tube reload set time Increased from 5 seconds to 20 seconds Akizuki Type 90 mod.1 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.6 km to 1.5 km Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 101 seconds to 87 seconds Type 93 mod. 2 torpedo Torpedo detection range decreased from 1.7 km to 1.6 km Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 112 seconds to 98 seconds 100mm/65 Type 98 100mm HE Type 98 Damage increased from 1200 to 1500 Fire chance remains unchanged at 5% Torpedo Reload Booster Torpedo tube reload set time Remains at 5 seconds [EDIT: 12/3/2016 15:21] - Added Type F3 back in, removed idea of Shimakaze TRB, added Type 93 mod. 3 to Yuugumo [EDIT: 12/3/2016 15:27] - Replaced type 8 mod. 1 torpedo on Fubuki and Hatsuharu with the Type 8 mod. 3 torpedo as found on Mutsuki
  23. Smoke Mechanic Fix

    Long story short, the smoke mechanic is broken in low tiers. Once popped it allows a DD or Cruiser or any other ship that is sitting with in those circles the ability to fire, torpedo and see out of the smoke with impunity. This needs to change, because it allows ships in low tiers to wreak without having to worry about playing with any skill. Now, I know people are going to come on here and say, "Well there is hydroacoustic search which is able to handle people sitting in smoke." and fair point, yes it has the chance to, but lets take a look at a couple of numbers first. Tier 4 Cruisers (United States, Japan, British, and Russian): Hydroacoustic Search: Max ship spotting range: 3.48 km Max Torpedo Spotting Range: 2.52 km Tier 4 Cruiser (Germany) Hydroacoustic Search: Max ship spotting range: 4.92 km Max Torpedo Spotting Range: 3.48 km Tier 4 Destroyer ( Isokaze) Torpedo Firing Range: 7 km. Detection Range: 6.1 km Tier 4 Destroyer (Clemson): Torpedo Firing Range: 5 km. Detection Range: 7 km Tier 4 Destroy (Izyaslav) Torpedo Firing Range: 4 km. Detection Range: 6.7 km So with those numbers out there, mind you these are base numbers, no camo, no skills, nothing like that. Ships sitting in smoke, are invisible unless someone can close into range and use a Hydroacoustic Search, which means they are closing to within 3.4 to 4.9 km of a ships that can't be seen, that has torpedoes that have longer range the Hydroacoustic search. If a cruiser wants to get in close to a smoke cloud they either have to move in slowly being careful of torpedoes, or use their Hyrdoacoustic search early to spot the torpedoes in time to avoid, and have it be worthless once they get in range of the smoke, as it will end up on cool down. So my fix for the smoke mechanic is simple. Remove the ability for ships outside of smoke to radio in locations and spot for ships that are camping in smoke clouds. The reason for this is, it would turn smoke back into what is was suppose to be, a way for DD's to have the ability to hit a panic button, slow down and get away from a surprise threat. Allowing ships out side of smoke to spot for ships in smoke promotes this camping style of play which is hurting low tier matches. You remove that incentive to camp, and games become more fluid as smoke will be used as a panic button and to screen areas of the map to allow for ships like Carriers and Battleships to move around without getting harassed unless spotted via someone on the other side of the smoke screen or via aircraft. Another idea is to counter the ease of hiding in smoke with greatly increased dispersion, as firing at a target that cannot be physically seen, would lead to issues where rounds would be falling too short, too long, or not be given enough lead. If you can't see where your shells are landing, thus if you want to camp inside your smoke, you get hit with a 40% to 60% increase in dispersion when firing at targets when in smoke, 40% at targets within the first 1/3 of your max range to 60% when firing at the max range of your guns. TL;DR: Fix smoke by removing the ability for out of smoke spotting and discourage camping in smoke. Turn smoke back into the panic button / team screening mechanic that it was meant to be.
  24. **FIX** OK, this seemed to make the download page accessible. I was able to download the installer/launcher for world of warships, and I am in the process of downloading the game now. This video will show you how to change your dns, and I suggest you use the one it gives you. I have been using the google 8888-8844, and that will not work for me. The video gives you Those are working for me. This may not work for everyone, but I am sure it will clear up this issue for some. Good luck and fair seas mateys.
  25. If you take a look at concealment bonus that type 1, 5 and 6 provide it states you get a 3% reduction on all of them to detect-ability by sea. However this is not the case, here is an example (using my pensacola for this): Type 1: 14.7 km detect-ability, concealment rating of 44 Type 5: 15.2 km detect-ability, concealment rating of 42 Type 6: 14.7 km detect-ability, concealment rating of 44 As you can see, unless the values are supposed to be different, type 5 camouflage is not providing the correct concealment modifier and needs to be fixed.