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Found 4 results

  1. Her guns are quite good, I must say. The dispersion isn't great, but she'll wreck targets if given the chance with that high shell velocity. I even got a citadel against an angled Kronshtadt because of that. I'll probably never like her as much as I did the NC, but she seems decent enough.
  2. First the Nagato, now this little beast. I just got her today from a Santa Crate and, to quote Humphrey Bogart, "I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
  3. My very first game in the Anshan after I got her in a Santa Crate. We were down pretty far on points at one point, but then I kind of went on a rampage and shredded most of what was left of the enemy team, including doing a torpedo drive-by on that Colorado at point-blank range. As well, this is the first time since I had the Aoba that I've gotten two Krakens in one day.
  4. Suffice to say, I think she might be pretty good. I can only imagine what she'll be like when my captain is leveled up.