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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not sure where in the forum to ask this question, but since the last update I have noticed that the bombs on the bombers of Furious, which have about a 30% chance of causing a fire, no longer cause fires even when you rake an entire battleship from stern to stem. I have hit ships with 8 or more bombs consistently and there are simply no fires started. Zero! Contrast this with Lightening or some other DD that has a 10% chance of causing a fire with signal flags added and the difference becomes staggering. Ship shells with 30 to 35% fire chance almost always cause a fire when they land on another ship, especially with multiple hits, yet the bombs from Furious' bombers do NOTHING. They cannot penetrate or do more damage than rockets, and always over penetrate a cruiser. Even DD's suffer more damage from rockets now than a bomb hit. What happened since the last update to destroy the ability of these bombs to start fires on large ships? What point is there to having a starting fire chance set at 29% and have no fires started? That's idiotic. This needs to be fixed and restored to its former capacity to start fires on ships, otherwise, the bombers on Furious are absolutely worthless. Thanks.