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Found 4 results

  1. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Fiji for my birthday ride.

    Yep, 45 years old today. I unlocked her yesterday, but waited till today. Now, I liked the Leander, but this feels like a very different beast to me. Game was running like crap, but this is my second game in her: Can't buy a win, but its not her fault. God save the Queen! I've wanted this one since I got the Belfast. I might like her more? Is that wrong?
  2. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Get down Mr.President!

    Shoutout to @speedee_bob for the save.
  3. No...I still hate the Greyjoys... This one came out NOWHERE. The game was lagging like mad...we were losing 3 caps to zero...and things started to happen. I ended up taking on several ships at once...my smoke got rushed by a DD and an Omaha... while a KGV tried to sneak up on the other side of the island I was using as cover... I lost count of the torps I dodged... Next thing I know I got 4 kills... And its down to one red BB vs 5 of us... and I'm on the other side of the map... no way right...I charge over while typing mineminemine... nobody listens of course...the red Normandie tried to hide behind an island...with very little health..our fuso took at shot...and hit the island...I took my shot and I got the kill... Whew!!! Oh and the best part? I was one the phone with my 8 year old daughter who was trying to talk me into bringing a stray cat home...LOL.. Edit..hope its not another 1500 game till I get another...
  4. VonSmallHausenn

    fellow Fiji drivers

    Anyone else having problems with hitting targets since the patch ?? Started Wednesday ,,most of my shells are all around the targets at mid to far range..... And even a closer range,,used to easily citadel Atlantas,and other light cruisers,,,but not lately.. Did they change something to the ship?