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Found 2 results

  1. *pictured - USS Nevada (BB-36) departing Hampton Roads en route to the Mediterranean Sea on September 17, 1944* Which battleship in your fleet do you rely on for getting the job done? Not dependent on ship tier, your top battleship is the one you take to battle with pride and confidence. In addition, the capabilities of this battlewagon complimented with a skillful crew and good seamanship are what sets your top battleship above the rest in your homeport. When your battlewagon gets the call from the old man, which one in your flotilla gets under weigh into harm's way? "If you're not making waves, you're not under weigh." - Chester Nimitz, U.S. Navy #fightingshipfriday #anchorsaweigh Ready for Anchors Away?
  2. Which destroyer in your fleet is your best and contesting and challenging other DDs for an objective? Securing the objective is one of the primary missions of a destroyer. A sure bet is when capping an objective, it will be challenged by the enemy's destroyer(s) and you will have to fight it out. When doing the destroyer dance of death, which DD gives you the best chance to win the knife fight and continue to battle the enemy fleet? "Never fear your enemy but always respect them." - John Basilone, US Marine Corps #fightingfriday #anchorsaweigh