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Found 17 results

  1. Sapper_in_Calantha

    Carrier Lost

    Every day that I play with aircraft carriers, I suffer from not being able to get close to the ships I attack. Anti-aircraft are very powerful, compared to very weak aircraft. To make matters worse, the latest modifications empowered antiaircraft in cruisers and destroyers, and impoverished fighter attacks. Regrettable.
  2. Even when they fly directly above. Your code which directs the fighters is broken in most cases. You should fix that instead of trying to sell me more trash clone ships. I'm a terrible player. But how torpedo planes can make two runs without the fighters engaging is absurd. 20210212_094553_PJSC009-Mogami-1935_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  3. Knowing of course those who hate CV will be sure to chime in with all type of chatty banter, seriously WG/WoWS - this thing is turning into a steaming pile. Let's talk about the interaction of planes to mouse control - or really, the lack thereof. Let me first qualify myself though. Average player sometimes gets lucky. Have ground my way through IJN, USN, RN carriers to include all tiers including T10. Played a few games in them. Nothing spectacular but I do get lucky sometimes. Now back to the Rhein If she is an example of just how borked the planes will perform at T6, 8 and 10 then you aren't gonna draw many folks to them. IMO. The planes fly as if every pilot is drunk, not allowing for any precise control a "real" aircraft would allow, let alone compared to other national ships. Rocket planes - yuck. I want to point out I CANNOT SEE THE ***N RETICLE PLASTERED ON THE OCEAN IN ALMOST ANY LIGHTING CONDITIONS. IT'S HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I've asked and asked and asked some more for the ability to chose our Carriers' reticle color and brightness (BOLD). Nothing. IMO the more you "upgrade" your wonderous lighting effects, the worse it has become. Have I ranted enough about those two things? Let me TL;DR. Fix Rhein's flight controls and the reticle. tia
  4. Admiral_Bingo

    So fighter planes...

    Just popped into Ranked Sprint with my Implacable after getting the hang of it in randoms. I found out to my horror that whenever it comes to facing a CV with more planes per squadron (Enterprise for example), their fighters usually render my efforts to support friendly ships useless. Here's how it usually goes. 1. Enemy CV is approaching friendly DD with rocket planes. 2. I quickly drop fighters to support friendly BB/DD before the rocket planes arrive. 3. Rocket planes drop off a fighter and go away for a while. 4. Enemy fighter planes wipe out mine because it has a larger squadron. 5. Enemy CV then feasts on the DD/BB without any additional aa assistance from my fighters. This seems really frustrating to me because it basically makes my efforts to support my friendlies totally useless. At the end of the game, I had a bunch of angry players complaining that I didn't give aa support even though all aa support I was able to give by fighters was being blown out of the air by enemy fighters. I'm not sure if this is an issue with my tactics/gameplay or a flaw with the game mechanic with fighters in general but I like to hear what thoughts you guys might have. I feel that its quite unfair that just because a CV has a larger squadron, it will definitely blow yours out of the sky. Again I'm not sure this is some balance issue or its just me doing it wrong.
  5. While, yes, it's speed, as I'm sure many of you expected, it's how you can leverage that speed. You see, the faster you go, the easier it is to get from place to place. And what place needs a timely arrival more than defending your allies? One can thus get there significantly faster than others might, allowing one's bubble of protection to be bigger as well. There's a case for Indomitable to be better at this, and there's also a case for GZ. You see, Indomitable has 4 fighters per plane set. GZ has 3. This means Indomitable has an advantage, if only due to 3 charges being on GZ's slower rocket planes. However, at the same time, GZ has an advantage as well. Because her speed is on everything but her rockets, she has a super long boost time on ultra fast planes. This means she will be able to leverage that speed for longer. That said, I'm no expert, as I've barely used GZ outside of co-op and don't own Indomitable, so I was wondering what those that call either their favorite think. Enterprise obviously also has a case for best fighter use, but she's more reactive than active.
  6. Do you think carrier fighters need a buff? In regards to intercepting enemy aircraft and being a real good deterrent instead of being either a mild inconvenience, or straight up just wasted buggy mess? Seriously, the other day I saw a carrier fighter patrol, attempt to engage some other patrol fighters that were being shot at by a friendly cruiser, and by the time they got to them, all the fighters were shot down, so they just left. Fighters: "Welp our job is done here boys!" Friendly DD: "...But you didn't do anything!" Fighters: *fly away as a hostile squadron of rocket fighters approaches the DD* Combine that with how you have to manually plop them down directly on top of the ship you want to defend, makes it a inconvenience for the CV player if they want to take on an active role in fleet defense. You also have a massive red circle telling the opposing CV player "DO NOT FLY HERE" sign on top of it. Seriously, I fear catapult fighters more than CV patrols because I cannot avoid them if I don't get out of their aggro range in time since they can be deployed on demand and orbit the ship they were launched from. I dare say that they are better for shooting down planes that defensive fire since they're practically guaranteed airplane kills if they aggro. I understand the old system had the skill floor way up in the stratosphere, and the people experienced enough to strafe practically won the match for their team. But now, CVs role in fleet air defense is practically not even there anymore. It's more of a damage race if anything anymore; that or spotting/attacking a ship that is out of position. I feel like people would be able to tolerate CVs a little more if their role for Fleet Air Defense was expanded upon instead of being almost entirely gutted as it is now. Instead of just relying on just the chance the CV is flying over your side of the map, or relying on really good AA to hope to defend yourself.
  7. Hi all, it's 2019 and by now we all know that DFAA doesn't have a real visible impact on plane strikes. I propose that we can make a simple change that will make it so DFAA is actually worth using. Not only would it make the AA stronger, activating it would "panic" the planes so that the aiming reticle would no longer shrink, but it also wouldn't grow (unless the planes made a sharp turn). This will make """well prepared""" strikes be mostly unaffected by this. For example, a torpedo squadron starts making its attack 5 km away and is fully aimed by the time its 3 km away. The target activates DFAA when the planes are 3 km away, but the bombers are still accurate because they're already fully aimed. In the next scenario, a cruiser sees a torpedo squadron 6 km out and activates DFAA. The squadron starts to make its attack 4 km away. However, because it's inside the range of the cruisers DFAA, it's aiming reticle will not shrink at all. This will most likely affect DBs and rockets far more than torpedo squadrons. I think this would be fairly balance from both perspectives, as it would give DFAA DDs the ability to protect itself and others from rockets and stop AP DBs from manhandling cruisers. From a CV perspective, well, DFAA has a cool down. Actually, now that I think about it, fighters should work like this as well. Instead of launching 3-4 planes from a catapult, it should just be 1, that is pretty tough, has a large radius around the ship, lasts a while (1.5 - 2 min) and locks on the enemies in the area almost immediately. The catch is, its potential to kill is fairly limited (though it will if enemy planes loiter), with its purpose mainly being to panic planes, and it won't be able to spot. CV fighters will also work this way, except they have higher chances to kill, being that there are multiple planes. They will also be pretty tough, but also won't be able to spot. Tldr, DFAA and fighters should panic squadrons
  8. Why do we not get damage credit from our fighters shooting down enemy Aircraft Plain and simple fighters and ships, for that matter, should receive damage credit for damage done to enemy aircraft
  9. lonesome45

    When to launch fighters

    When do you launch fighters? I have been waiting until I know my ship is the target of the bombers, but that means at least one drop before the fighters can engage. However, it usually completely blunts the second drop. If I launch when the bombers are in the area, I often end up wasting the launch and its a long time for a reload. I just don't have a good feel for when to launch.
  10. Can someone tell me if this one point captain skill, which gives you an extra fighter, also gives you an extra fighter for the patrols that you drop around the map area? The Wiki entry is not clear and does not say whether it does or not, only that squadrons launched from the CV will have one more fighter, but this could just mean the automatic air defense patrol launched around the CV. Does anyone know for sure if it would add one more fighter to patrols dropped by bomber squadrons around the battle map? Thanks!
  11. skull_122_steel

    An Idea For CVs

    So I think we can all agree the CV rework was handled poorly, But from what I've seen the main issue people have is that CVs have no direct involvement in shooting down enemy planes. All they can do is pop a fighter and hope the planes fly through it. So I have an Idea, Does anyone remember the old strafe mechanic that fighter squadrons could do. Well my Idea is this, Instead of making attack run you could choose to strafe, Rocket planes would do the most damage while Torp bombers will do the least and when the DB and TB are the same plane the difference in the length of time the strafe last
  12. Destroyers versus Carrier Aircraft need help. This proposal in aimed to do exactly that: save the Destroyer from Carriers, but within REASON. Goal of the proposed change: Give all Destroyers a dedicated defensive "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable that remains active for X minutes and respawns destroyed "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" during that time frame. This will enable Destroyers to capture a zone at game start and fully protect themselves from enemy Aircraft Carriers for a limited amount of time. Reason for the proposed change: Destroyers are the ships that normally capture zones and they need special protection to at least enable them to capture ONE zone, especially when their fleet does not protect them from enemy Aircraft. If the Destroyers of a fleet fail to capture a zone at the start of the match due to enemy Aircraft, then that usually also decides the outcome of the match. That is very bad for game play. The proposed Consumable should allow every Destroyer to capture at least one zone even when facing an enemy Aircraft Carrier. This is to be a new and a unique "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable, for Destroyers ONLY, that works very different from the "Fighter Squadron" Consumable that currently exists in the game. The Characteristics of the proposed "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable change: It is a consumable that is only available to all Destroyers at all Tiers that face a Carrier and the Consumable is only available to a Destroyer when they are in a match with enemy Carriers (if not then it is hidden). It can only be used once per match for X amount of minutes. The "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable consists of two parts: one on-map, one off-map. The on-map part of the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable consists of a single Fighter Patrol Squadron, consisting of X Fighter Aircraft, that flies at low altitude above the Destroyer in a circle pattern (like the existing "Fighter Squadron" Consumable does). The on-map part "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" can be spotted, damaged and destroyed by enemy Aircraft and enemy AA/Flak because they fly at low altitude. The off-map (very high altitude) part of the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" consists of an unlimited number of Fighter Patrol Squadrons that will replace the on-map (low altitude) Fighter Patrol Squadron if it is destroyed. This replacing takes place X seconds after the on-map Fighter Patrol Squadron is destroyed. The off-map (high altitude) part of the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable consists of an unlimited number of Fighter Patrol Squadrons that fly at very high altitude above a Destroyer and thus above the range of enemy Anti-Aircraft Artillery/Flak/Fighters. They are not visually represented on the map and mini map, they cannot spot and they cannot be attacked nor can they attack. The "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable has a radius that is 25% LARGER that than of the current best Fighter Squadron in the game. When enemy Aircraft enter the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" circle, the on-map part of the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" will move in to attack them, like the current "Fighter Squadron" Consumable does. If the on-map Fighter Patrol Squadron of the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable is destroyed it will be replaced by a full Hit Point Fighter Patrol Squadron that travels down from very high altitude to low altitude within X seconds after the last on-map Fighter Patrol aircraft was destroyed. The on-map and off-map part of the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable cannot spot. That simulates that there is no direct communication between the Destroyer and the Fighter Patrol Squadrons, like usually was the case in real life in WW2. The on-map part of the "Fighter Patrol Squadrons" Consumable can spot only for itself, but cannot share data on what it spots with the Destroyer and the fleet. It is advisable to combine this "Fighter Patrol Squadron Consumable proposal" with the "AA/Flak and Carrier Aircraft proposal for Tier 8-10" that is described in another topic.
  13. StevebDancer

    CV Rework needed.

    I will break this down in to B# for bugs, P# for problems, S# for possible solutions.. These are all for CVs, here we go. -B1 CVs and planes do not reduce viability in cyclones. they stay the same.. (you know how to fix this). -B2 CVs can not tell when a ship hits AA consumable.. we just loose our planes.. -S1 a green area shows up for the ships AA range when they hit their AA consumable. -P1 CVs are dropping fighters everywhere, let me explain I had a CV drop a fighter squadron inside my CV's detection but out side my AA just to spot me, they do that for BBs too, and DDs.. 2nd they drop fighters right in front of my squadron or just out side my fighter squadron to kill my fighters or planes I am flying. This is very annoying.. -S1 when a CV player fly's with in 2-3km of a ally ship and is pointed at the ally. they press fighter squadron key and those fighters act like a catapult fighter for that ship. no dropping out side of that. so they can only be dropped on ally ships. If key is pressed outside of that a error message in chat shows up "must be with in 3 km and pointing at ally to use fighter squadron" -S2 fighter squadron can not spot ships.. -P2 CV being up tiered.. as you can tell by your data those CV run out of planes quick and don't do much damage at all. this must be balanced out some how.. -P3 What is the % of ships that are AA spec'ed. this means you do not have good skills that are used instead of AA skills.. please replace give good skills at tier 3 and 4. -P4 What is the purpose of giving a CV better maneuverability for hall upgrade, it is useless. give it something it can use. -S1 when hall is upgraded make CVs detection drop a bit instead of rudder shift. -S2 give CVs 1 extra plane for each type of squadron instead of rudder shift. -S3 slightly faster replenish of planes of each type of squadron, instead of rudder shift. -B3 Sling shot attacks that by pass most of the damage of ships AA.. where they time when to drop 1 set of bomb then use the invalienability to get close to a ship with good AA to drop on them with out loosing planes. -S1 increase time before ship can go back into a attack run after dropping ordinance would fix this.. -S2 take away the Invalienabiiity after the drop.. -P5 Flack clouds do tons of damage to all planes.. and makes complete walls of flack Which you can't avoid.. Flack clouds either land in front or on your planes.. -S1 all flack clouds explode randomly with in their range.. NOT JUST IN FRONT. -S2 shrink flack clouds so they are smaller then they could be easier to dodge and randomly in range of shell.
  14. Ok, WG I see you are trying to balance CVs but I feel you are not doing a good job.. I think you have to be more extreme. Here are a few ideas and will make a poll on it.. - 1st fighter squadrons dropped off of planes in flight have to be on ships and they follow that ship for their duration. (fixes issue of planes dropping on enemy DDs like radar.) - 2nd take that old skill you had about planes HP changes per tier of enemy CV. this is how it works: - Option 1 - Takes average tier of ships in match and if it is .75 to 1.24 tier more then CV's tier, the planes get a 10% bonus to health. if more then 1.25 higher then CV's tier it get a 18-22% boost to health. for slower speed and higher AA damages by ships. - Option 2 - Takes average tier of all ships in match and take # - CV tier then multiply it by .165. That number would be bonus health to all planes on CV.. if average is below CV's teir no change. - Option 3 - CV planes or ships in game DPS changes to what planes it is shooting at.. so a T7 ship shoot at a T6 would shoot at a penalty. and a T5 ship shooting at a T6 CV would get a boost.. the farther the tiers away from CV the more penalty or boost. this balances the planes and the ships.. - 3rd reduce number of attacks per squadron to 2 from 3 and take 3rd squardon of HP and add it to the planes of the 1st and 2nd.. - 4th reduce spotting distance of DDs by another 20-30% and no fighter spotting except by ship fighter (meaning no dropping fighters on a spot to continue spotting) - 5th This should be a given if planes are over a person concealed in smoke then the undetected planes can still be heard over the smoke. so they know the planes are waiting for the DD.... - 6th when AA consumable it hit the circle that where the drop will happen will double. this is a benefit for ships with AA and also tells CV driver AA was hit and need to back off or not do as much damage and loose more planes... Because we can not tell when AA is hit or not. also the ship should be green as if the ship dropped a fighter.. - 7th when a plane is shot down in a run to drop bombs/ missles/ torps. That plane is NOT replaced... it is a bonus to the ship for shooting down the plane.. so it might be 1 less bomb/ torp/ rocket or more but for someone who put in the captain skill and/or consumable. it would pay off. - 8th when a plane drops its load then view point slides right up to planes flying over head and that fixes slight shot of invulnerability. - 9th AA Flack puffs are shot in the sectors you have it but they need to explode at different ranges NOT ALWAYS IN FRONT.. as they fly through that zone they explode randomly in the front/ middle/ and far part of zone.. so flack clouds will have depth.. including direct hits on planes(like ships have detonations). will make it easier but detonations of planes can happen.. if you have ideas please type them down and work this out..
  15. So, one of the complaints of the community is that the re-work removed the CV vs CV feature, I as a CV main of old and new can also see that because CVs have too much AA and any attack on them is just a waste, before the rework we could deplane and bait DFAA to make deadly strikes, where right now the only way to damage one would be USN Midway Tiny Tims and RN perfect carpet bombs, while for deplaning the enemy you need to count on your teammates' AA and your ambushes with fighter planes (such as deploying them behind a mountain to hide them from the enemy...yes, this is a thing). So, here is a suggestion to fix at least one of the CV vs CV problems. A new consumable for your attacker planes, "Engage Air to Air Combat", where the attacker drops all the payload and proceeds to hunt down the enemy plane on a bigger area, prioritizing: Fighters engaging your squad (If the enemy pops their fighter consumable while yours is chasing the enemy, it'll target the fighters instead). Enemy bombers Enemy fighters Enemy Scouts If no enemy present, return to the CV This way we can add to the AA defense of our teammate's, increasing our support to repel air attacks while at the same time, easily deplaning the enemy CV since an attack squad has more planes than the usual consumable fighters so it'll usually mean a total wipe. This consumable would: Lock into your attackers that will make a climb for 3 seconds after dropping the payload and proceed to engage an enemy, if no enemy present at the end of the climb, return to the CV and re-enable the option to launch another squad. If the attackers lock onto an enemy, the player will be locked for the whole duration of the engagement until the target or your attackers get removed from play. When activated, the attackers will climb towards higher altitude but will receive 300% more damage from AA during the 3 seconds climb, after that they'll be unable to spot ships but will also be invulnerable to AA and able to spot enemy planes within their action range. The increase in damage received is to kill any possibility of exploiting this consumable to return the planes to the CV faster since returning them normally would take 4 seconds. When locked on an enemy, engages at full boost speed + 10% for the whole duration of the chase. The enemy will only receive a warning that he's being chased by attackers at the detection range detailed in the consumable. The attackers WILL BE DETECTED and receive AA damage at 50% effectiveness if they're detected by ship's radar until it reaches the target, when reaching the target they'll be treated as "not detected by radar". The attackers that aren't detected by radar will only become detected and receive 300% AA damage when reaching the detection range detailed in the consumable to their target. It's this way so that if a player fears that he's being targetted but doesn't know yet, he can fly closer to friendly ships, if the attackers appear they'll take a lot of damage and will be disposed of quickly but at the same time there is no way to know unless a radar ship detects it first. The data of the consumable will vary for nation to nation but with those as base: Charges: 3 (increased with commander skill) Charges here are limited in order to not have matches where one CV can do nothing because the other is spamming this consumable without risking much. Cooldown: No cooldown Payload drop time: 2 seconds. Action range: 8km Detection range for the enemy: 3km Attack range: 0.500m (or the usual fighter attack range). Damage: 1 for 1 Each nation will then receive the following changes with their attacker consumable: USN: Charges changed to 4. (Featuring USN air supremacy over the course of the war). IJN: Damage changed to 2 planes per attacker. (Featuring IJN deadly fighters before USN took over the air). RN: Payload drop time changed to 0 second. (Featuring...pilots readiness? Sorry, I don't have an explanation here). German: Action range increased to 12km. Detection range for the enemy decreased to 1.5km. (Featuring...engines? And ambushes from high altitude) ----------------- This suggestion would bring one more variable to AA defense on the table, another role for attacker planes, one of the weakest attack types of every nation, while at the same time providing somewhat like the return of the CV to CV combat of the pre-rework, just to a lesser degree. Do you think this suggestion would help out with the current situation with CVs? If this was implemented, would you remove "Reworked CV lacks CV-to-CV engagements" from the arguments against CVs? Do you think it would actually help the game?
  16. OK, so this has bothered me for a while since I am a student of history. So I did some research on cruise speed, top speed of the fighters listed for Japan and the U.S. What I found confirmed my suspicion. The U.S. fighters are given a 28% boost in speed, while the Japanese were given a 13% penalty. This results in a whopping 41% difference from reality. I know it's just a game and maybe it's compensated on the damage and HP. But when one pass from the 5 American fighters can down 18 Japanese fighters, something is off.
  17. Sir_Pengu1n

    The Great Gorgon

    So I recently got a 5 star match on the second Halloween mission and got the really awesome Great Gorgon camo. I already have an almost max upgraded Shokaku and read somewhere that the Gorgon camo equipped all the planes with the bat skin. However, when I went to put on the camo, the planes did not have the bat camo. Is this right? Or am I wrong that the planes get the bat camo?